Sex With My Neighborhood Marwadi Aunty

Hi everyone I’m from Bangalore this is my first story. I wanted to share with you all that happened between me and my neighbor Marwari aunty one and half-year back. Let me introduce myself. I’m Rohan having an athletic type body with a broad chest and fair complexion. I completed degree.

A few years back, a Rajasthani family came to the next house on rent. We all stay in the apartment. We got to know that they were around four in the family. And my dream lady’s name is Leela and her age is 27 years. Just like her name, she is a bomb.

She used to wear sarees and chudidar and lehenga sometimes. Her height matches mine. She’s having huge boobs and big ass wide apart which attracts many in our apartment. She is having two children. The boy is five years and the girl is around seven years.

And her husband has a fancy store. He usually leaves for work around seven in the morning and returns after nine at night. I think her husband satisfies her by sex and she is open-minded. But not willing to have extra-marital affairs. But I made up the mind to fuck her.

At that time I was a last year degree student. As days passed, our families become friends. Her children used to visit our home as soon as they came from school. A few months later, I got attracted to Leela’s beauty. A couple of months later for three days, everyone in my house went to the native place.

I didn’t go because I was busy with studies. Then I decided to take the chance of this precious moment. That evening, her children came to our house to play games on our PC. It was around four in the evening they were playing for an hour. My sexy woman Leela entered my house to take them to the tuition.

I told her that at least for this day leave them alone. I was alone in my house. She didn’t agree to this and took them to tuition. Around six in the evening, I went to her house and asked her if she can help me make chapatis. She agreed to this and told me to bring all the items for chapatis to her home.

But I asked her to help me in my house. She agreed and came to our house. She was wearing petticoat and lehenga at that time. It was making my penis hard while making chapatis. I asked her about her life in Bangalore because they were originally from Rajasthan.

She told that she was happier in Rajasthan than in Bangalore. After some time, I asked her number for chit-chat. But she refused to give and went home. The next day I again went to her house and asked her to make tea. She agreed because my family was not here.

I wanted someone to cook or help me to do so. She prepared tea and gave it. When we were having a casual talk, I asked her number. This time luck was with me. She gave her number. I asked her should I save her number as aunty. She told to save in her name as Leela.

As Leela is bold and open-minded, I thought her mindset like this is the key to my sexual pleasure with her. On the same night, I texted her around nine. Her reply came after 20 minutes. I asked whether she is free? She refused and told to chat in the morning.

I felt sad, but the next morning I texted her again. She replied within a minute and we texted for 15 minutes. She told me to help her children with homework. I agreed and in the evening I helped them. I thought she is open to me now, and I can play. But I was wrong.

We become good friends because of WhatsApp. She shared her hidden desires that she likes wearing a modern dress with a skirt but her husband won’t agree with it. I thought at least after sharing her secrets she will be open to having sex. But all she wanted is to become friends. I wanted to have sex with her.

One day I asked her for lunch. So we both can have a good conversation along with the lunch. She said ok and cooked fried rice. A few minutes later I went to her house. While having lunch she asked me, “Why you are so fond and attracted to me?”

I replied, “Aunty I’m attracted to you from day one.” I also told her that it’s a common thing in this age of mine. She was laughing and told it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with it. I was bold and asked her to do you wear a navel chain? She said only sometimes when her husband asks.

I told her she is having a sharp beautiful nose which attracts me a lot. She asked me only this much you like about me or something else? After hearing this I was in a mood. I took courage and said, “Leela you are beautiful. But what can I do? I’m not the same as your age to have affairs.”

She got angry and told me she will tell everything to my mom. I was shivering after hearing this. But after a few minutes, she was laughing and told she was joking. And informed me to relax, she asked whether I’m ready to play now? I agreed and pulled her towards me.

I made her sit on my lap. I gently kissed her forehead and lips. I stood up and took her in my arms to the room and threw her over the bed. I brought ice cubes from the fridge and placed one ice cube over her navel. I held her hands and legs so strongly that she was unable to move.

After that, I started blowing her on the navel. She was feeling horny and unable to resist it. After this I licked her body removed her lehenga. She was wearing a greenish color panty which was wet by the act. I started fondling her thighs softly which was making her scream loudly and teased her for 15 minutes.

After a few minutes, I freed her boobs which has big areolas pink in color. Her boobs size is 36 D. Imagine people its beautiful to see such big boobs. All I wanted is first to make her achieve orgasms as much as possible. So it will be easy for me to insert my hard hot penis.

And to see my beautiful lady’s happiness, there was time and we were feeling hungry. I took her to the kitchen helped her to cook dal roti. She was wearing only a panty and I was in underwear. Her hips and ass are so wide just by looking at her assets you’ll cum.

I was pressing her boobs from back she again got aroused by this. I poured cold honey on her back and licked. She just turned and kissed me. After this, I was fondling her thighs, boobs, and navel.  This time I removed her panty. It was hairy.

I really tell you that a married lady with a hairy pussy is the best combo you’ll ever get. Her arms are unshaven I can see her cum around the hairy vagina. OMG, I was in heaven.  I removed my underwear and started licking her clitoris and inserting two fingers in and out of her pussy.

I can smell her cum, after 15 minutes she reached orgasms. And she cummed in my mouth. As it was my first time, I hesitated to drink. But did it for her, and to see her happiness I can do everything. She made me sleep and came over me to suck the dick.

She started feeling the dick with nails, which was making me cum. But I controlled. Also, she was playing with her tongue. She is married and knows how to play with men’s dick. A few minutes later I made her sleep on the bed and went down.

I started fondling her clitoris. After 20 minutes she cummed. I took and spat all cum in her mouth by kissing. I tongue kissed her. People, please try this tongue kiss with your loved ones you’ll come to know how pleasurable the act is. I took ice cubes and inserted them in her pussy.

She was screaming and told me not to do that. But I didn’t agree and inserted two ice cubes along with my penis. I can guess that she was in pain due to ice cubes. After inserting my penis I could feel the ice cubes inside her deep hot pussy. I was fucking her like a dog.

She was screaming. I removed dick and made her lick it. She did so well, and this time I want to fuck her ass. I made her turn and sleep on the stomach and inserted ice cube again in her ass. I applied some coconut oil on my dick. In the first stroke, it didn’t go.

But with a strong stroke, my dick went inside. I fucked her ass in the doggy style, pressing her boobs, and asked her where to cum. She told me to cum in her ass. After a few minutes, I cummed in her ass. She was feeling good. I took her to the bathroom.

Her house has a western-style commode in the bathroom. I sat on it and she sat on my lap taking my dick in her pussy. We fucked there for nearly one hour watching porn and trying to do the same as in the video. I bit her nipples so hard and gave love bites between boobs.

After a few minutes, I cummed on her face. The cum on her face made her look like a slut. We bathed together for a few minutes after this wore our dress. It was around three in the afternoon. So I came back to my house. She went to school to pick up her kids.

Our sessions continued whenever there was time and we feel like doing so. So ladies comment and like the story, and message me on my mail id about the story. And any married woman from Bangalore looking for hangout can mail me on [email protected]

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