First Make Out Session

Hello guys. This is Mohit. I had completed my B.Sc and started working with a reputed MNC in Hyderabad. When I was in the second year of college I had made a met a 1st-year junior girl Sujata and we became good friends. We used to hang out in college. Like in the library, canteen and go to movies sometimes.

In my final year, I proposed to her. She accepted the proposal. Then everything changed. I used to visit her class whenever I could. We used to bunk classes together and spend time in the library.

Sujata is fair. About 5.4 h and 38kgs. She has a round face. Her nose was straight out of the eyebrows. She had good eyes. Her lips were perfect. It was like heart shape and she always used a light color lip balms. She had a very good volume of hair. It was silky and it was long till her waist.

She always used to tie her hair in pony style and mostly wore churidars to college. I am about 5.8 h with good physic. I am a fair toned guy as well. Most of them call me cute more than handsome.

We hardly used to get privacy in college and in public places. We had kissed a couple of times we badly wanted to get intimate. We had mutually decided not to have sex. But to explore each other’s body to the core. One fine Saturday we got lucky as there was no one in my home. It was around 10 am.

I called Sujata and asked her to come to my home. She reached in 30 minutes. I had asked her to carry a sari along with her. As I wanted to see her in a sari. She wore a red colour sleeveless churidar. As soon as she entered the room I hugged her from the back. She turned back and hugged me tightly.

We hugged for 3-5 minutes very tight. Since it was our first time I wanted to take it slowly. As slowly as possible. We released each other. I looked into her eyes. She looked into mine. I wrapped my left hand around her waist.  I pulled her near to me I could smell her fragrance.

It was making me more sensuous. I brushed her hair back to her ear with my right and. Leaned towards her lips. She had light pink coloured lip balm applied. I put my lips on her. She opened her mouth a little my lips slid into her mouth. I started sucking her lower lip.

She suddenly aroused and started sucking my mouth. I kissed her both lips. We were so much involved in kissing our salvia was coming out of mouth. We stopped after 10-15 minutes of continuous kissing. She had brought in a fancy black color sari with a golden blouse.

I asked her to use my parents’ room to change it and get ready. Meanwhile, I sprayed some room freshener and turned on the ac in my room. She came out of the room wearing a sari. Her blouse was sleeveless and had almost bareback only with laces. Her silky hair was left open.

I could see her navel from the sari. Somehow I controlled my self as I wanted to make it slow. Sujata was in my parents room adjusting her sari looking at the mirror. I just walked to her. Wrapped her from behind her hair spray was smelling amazing. I kept my hands on her navel and was smelling her hair.

I just wanted to smell her hair for my life. My bulge was pressing against her and it was hard to control. I slowly started rubbing on her back and moved my left hand towards her right chest. With my right hand put her hair on her left shoulder and started tickling her left ear lob with my lips.

She started breathing heavily. My right hand was tightly wrapped on her navel to make sure she does not get out of my grip. Then I just dragged my lips from ear lobs to her shoulder. She jerked a bit and her body vibrated. I removed her blouse. Now I held her with my left hand.

I put her hair to the left side and started tickling the right ear lobs. My right and easily went into her black bra and I placed my hand on her left boob. It felt very warm and soft. I slowly started pressing it and kissing her shoulder. Every time my nose was anywhere near her hair.

It would smell so good that it arouses me more. I just wanted to kiss each and every part of her body. I started dragging my lips from her shoulder to her waist on the backside. She was moaning heavily. Sometimes she jerks her body.

I removed her bra as well. She was all naked on the top. I removed my t-shirt. Her boobs were small in size. But it was firm and round. Her nipples were very soft. I could not control my self and started pressing both her boobs very hard. She just hugged me tightly.

Then I started kissing her neck. I made sure I kiss with the feel and kiss slowly. As I kept on kissing from her neck to her chest I had one hand squeezing her butts and one hand her waist. I had lost control and I was squeezing like a mad. She was shouting very hard with pleasure.

Then I went on my knees and removed all her sari and other cloths. As she was standing completely naked in front of me. I just stared and admired it for 2 minutes. Then I held her buts sitting on my knees and started kissing her round navel. Her moans and her body smell was making me crazy.

I got up and become naked completely and hugged her naked. I pushed her to the wall. I wrapped her hair in my left and started squeezing it while rubbing my cock on her buts and another hand pressing whatever body part I could. I was unable to control for long and jerked off all my cum on her buts.

Probably the best jerk I ever had. I cleaned all the cum with a tissue and lied on the bed. She told me she had jerked off and lot of cum was flowing in her thighs. She cleaned herself and lay beside me on the bed. After 90 minutes of deep sleep. I opened my eyes. Sujata was sleeping on my arm naked.

I could smell her body aroma. She looked sleepy. So I did not want to disturb her sleep. I took a fist of her hair in my hand and put it on my full face to smell it. I just loved smelling her long silky hair. It was amazing. I had started getting the bulge.

She woke up and put all her hair on my face and held my cock in her hand. I just loved the feel of it. I wanted to ask her to stroke it. However, I was afraid of cumming early. So I just woke up and hugged her tight then slowly started kissing her neck. She started her moans light moans.

I wanted to kiss on every part of her body and squeeze out her buts and boobs very hard. I asked her to tie her hair in a bun. As she lifted her arms. I could see her clean armpits. I started kissing the left armpit. Initially, it was a bit weird. However, I moved my lips towards her upper chest and then slowly dragged to the left boob.

I took the left boob in my mouth and started fondling the left one very hard. She was in cloud 9 and started shouting hard again. That made me to suck her nipples hard. Then I took her right boob in my mouth and fondled the left one. Then she made me sleep flat on the bed and she started kissing me from the top.

As she was kissing my neck. I held her butts with both hands and squeezed them very hard. I just loved the feeling of squeezing her butts. As she completed kissing me. I turned her around made her sleep flat on the bed. I started rubbing my cock on her buts and opened her hair bun to feel the hair again.

I released all the cum between her butts and slept over her hair.

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