The View From My Bedroom Window – Part 2

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Hello everyone, Fahad here again. I was really happy to get a good response from all of you.

Coming back to my story, Sunday night, Neha and I had a very long sex chat. We discussed her favorite position. What she likes, what she dislikes. And all the kinky stuff we would do once we meet. We did not share each other with our photos, making it more and more desperate.

Monday – I searched for her from my window. She was there smiling at me while making an omelet. She texted and said, “Come at 10 am!” The first thing I did was I took leave from my office and waited for 10 am. I noticed her husband leaving.

I texted her, “Shall I?” She sent me a smiley. I then casually walked down the street and climbed her building and entered her house. She started laughing at me seeing the tension I had while coming to her house. I was mesmerized by her sari. This time was in sky blue.

Women especially look amazing in a simple color sari.  I asked her for a glass of water. The walk from the hall to the kitchen just gave me arousal immediately. This time her sari was tied in a much more revealing way. Her navel and hips were visible. The blouse from behind just had two knots.

She had a small mole in her back which made it sexier. Seeing her swing smoothly made me follow her immediately. I went to the kitchen to hug her from behind. She resisted and said, “Not here, your room is easily visible from here.” I immediately grabbed her and took her to her bedroom.

I sat on the bed and she stood in front of me. I faced her and was kissing her navel. I kissed and licked all around her navel. I put my hands at her back and pulled the knots and immediately her blouse fell in front of me. That sight of breasts was amazing. She wore a lace bra.

I just buried my face in her boobs and kept licking her cleavage. She pulled my face and we kissed crazily. She was pulling my hair and I was holding her head hard. We just kissed and kissed more. While kissing I started to press her boobs. Slowly her nipples were erect and I grabbed it hard.

I pulled the bra down and buried my face in her boobs. Sucking them softly and tongued her nipples. She had dark brown nipples and when erect it was close to an inch. I just took my chances all over her breasts. One by one I sucked them plentifully.

She said, “Fahad, keep sucking, don’t stop.” I kept on sucking them. I made her sit on the bed and I lay on her lap like a small baby, telling her, “Feed me, Neha, feed me like how a woman feeds her baby.” She held one of her breasts and placed it in my mouth. I looked at her eyes and kept sucking it.

For the next 15 minutes, it was only the boobs. She felt ticklish sometimes, and said, “Slow, baby.” I had no mood to remove her sari. So I just lifted her sari, placed my hands over her panties and started rubbing them. She had less hair, which I love it. Looks very raw. It was wet.

I pushed her down and removed her panty and just put my face on her pussy. The fragrance was amazing and licked the opening thoroughly. All the liquid was in my mouth. She smiled at me and said, “You sucked me really well.” I pulled my t-shirt and pants down.

I told her to come to me and suck my cock. She obliged. She took in her mouth softly and rolled her tongue all over. I told her, “Look at me and suck, baby.” She immediately looked and didn’t blink for the next 15 minutes while sucking me. I was on cloud nine. I too moaned, “Yes babe, you are crazy.”

It was hard to the extreme. I made her widen her legs and wore the condom. I slowly placed my cock on top of her pussy. I asked her, “Can I?” she said, “Yes immediately.” I thrust her hard, back and forth. Looking at her eyes I winked and again thrust.

“Yes baby, fuck me harder.” Listening to this, I was faster. I put my finger inside her mouth and asked her to lick. She deep throat my fingers too. Then I asked her to sit over and ride me. She looked like a goddess. She immediately sat on me with her hair open, covering her boobs.

She understood that I am not liking it. So then she started making a bun while riding me.  Her hands were behind and tying the hair bun it looked so amazing. I could see her armpit and it was cleaned really well. She rode with the same position. I was about to cum at that view.

I told her to lie down again in missionary position and then I lifted her legs to fuck smoothly. In the next 5 minutes, I released and she moaned too. It was amazing to see her eyes close and biting her lips with her every moan. I just laid over her for some time and kissed her ears saying, “Thank you.”

We went to the washroom and fucked again in the washroom. We soaped each other and again fucked coming back out of the washroom. We were just in our towel and couldn’t let go of each other. We also faced the mirror. That particular moment is so amazing that you watch porn of your own.

I would spank her ass while looking at the mirror and she would moan. That day was amazing.

Then for the next 6-7 months, we fucked every free time we got. We tried the doggy style and also fucked on the 3rd-floor terrace space.  After that, she moved to Bangalore city with her husband. We have promised to meet if I come to Bangalore.

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