Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 9

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Hi friends, Your friend Rohit again. I got so many messages from you after my story. But still, I didn’t receive any single response from Ranjana, for whom I wrote that story. I hope I will get her reply very soon. Anyway, let’s go back to the story.

The next day morning I waked up around 6 in the morning. I opened my eyes and saw we were sleeping facing each other under the blanket. We both were completely nude. But we were wrapped the blanket up to our neck so I only could see her face.

I removed her hair from her face with my finger softly. I was looking at her face. She was looking like an innocent girl. I could see her natural beauty without any makeup. I never thought that one day it will happen in my life. That I wake up from my sleep and when I opened my eyes, I see her beautiful face.

I softly kissed on her forehead and then on her lips. Her beautiful innocent face didn’t make me horny or lusty. But I felt how much I loved her. I was sleeping like that and looking at her face. I was kissing her face very softly so that her sleep shouldn’t be disturbed.

I kissed on her forehead, cheek, chin, nose, and lips, everywhere. I was not aroused but felt good, because I was with Ranjana. Her lovely face was in front of my eyes just an inch away. After a few minutes, my princess opened her eyes. She looked at me and said, “Good morning.”

Me: Good morning love.
Ranjana wrapped her hand around my neck and placed her lips on mine. I wrapped my hand around her neck and pressed my lips too. We were smooching with each other.

Ranjana: Now get up and wear your dress and go to your room. I will also wear my dress. If Labu wakes up and sees us in this birth suit, it will not good for us.

Ranjana pecked on my cheek and smiled. She removed the blanket and got down from the bed. She was completely nude, not a single robe was there on her body. I was looking at her. Her fair and sexy body made me aroused. She looked at my eyes and understood my mind.

She blushed and said, “Don’t look at me like this, you monster.” She turned toward the wall. I saw her back. Her round ass and bareback made me hornier. I got down from the bed and hugged her tightly from back. I cupped her both the boobs in my hands.

My erect dick poked her ass. She tried to remove my hands, “No, not now. Labu will wake up at any moment. Please Rohit leave me.”

I didn’t listen but turned her toward me. She was trying to protest and pushed. I held her tightly. She tried to free herself. But due to her movement, her boobs were pressing and moving on my chest. I took her on my shoulder and moved to my room.

Ranjana tried to get down from my shoulder but she was not so strong. I entered my room and placed her on the bed. She was laid on her back. I held her hand and pinned down on the bed above her head. I was standing on the floor and looking at her face. She closed her eyes.

I bent down and kissed her lips. She opened her eyes and said, “From last 2 days you are fucking me but still you are not satisfied.”
Me: I will never be satisfied.
Ranjana: You are a real monster. Now, what are you waiting for?

Ranjana blushed. Her face became red with shame. I didn’t want any more invitation. I placed my hard dick on her pussy hole and pushed. But it went only half because she was dry inside. I understood that she was still not ready. She screamed with pain. “Rohit it was paining a lot. Please remove your monster.”

I pulled out my hard dick. I saw tremendous pain on her face. She bit her lips to control her pain. I knew how to changed the pain into pleasure. I knew how to make her wet down there. I bent down and took her lips in mine and softly sucked. I took out my tongue and licked her lips and made it wetter.

Ranjana closed her eyes and felt my love in my touch. I moved down further and licked and kissed her neck. I was continuously kissing, licking, and sucking her neck. Slowly she was getting horny. After a few minutes later, I moved down further and kissed the valley between her two lovely mountains.

She gasped. I moved my lips and took her right nipples in between my lips and tickled with my tongue. Her body jerked for a moment. I left her hands and held her one boob with my left hand and put my right hand on her pussy. Then my two hands and my lips were making her crazy at the same time.

With my left hand, I was fondling her right boob, and softly pinching her right nipple. With my lips, I was kissing, licking, and sucking her left boobs and left nipples. My right hand was placed on her mound and tickled her clit. Ranjana wrapped her hands around my head and pressed on her boobs.

I heard her soft moaning. Her breast was moving up and down. I bit her nipples one by one alternatively. I massaged her clit. She was moaning. I held her clit with my fingers and tickled. She was now gasping. Suddenly I pushed my middle finger in her pussy and started finger fuck. It was all wet down there.

Me: You are also releasing.
Ranjana: How can a woman control her juices in front of a monster like you?

I looked at her and laughed. She held my hair tightly and pulled my face near her and placed my lips on her. She was hungrily biting my lips. I took her lips in between mine and suck them. Ranjana screamed but only muffled sound came out. I moved my face a little up and looked into her eyes.

I saw her eyes, which were asking me to go into her. I held my hard dick in my hand and placed it on her pussy entrance. Ranjana closed her eyes and held the bedsheet tightly. I took her legs on my shoulder and pushed my dick inside her glory hole. This time it went easily because she was completely wet down there.

I started humping her wet pussy. I was sucking her leg’s finger one by one and humping her pussy with full speed. Ranjana was moving her head right and left and held the bedsheet tightly. The room was filling with our grunting and moaning.

It was one of my fantasies that I fucked Ranjana in the early morning, morning wake up sex. I was very happy. Ranjana and I went into a state of pleasure. After around half an hour I was reaching my climax. I asked Ranjana, “Jaan, are you happy?”

Ranjana: Yes, don’t stop I am cumming.

I didn’t stop. Within five minis, I reached my climax and released my hot thick juices inside her vagina. Her vaginal wall also constricted after my release and she chummed with a loud grunt. I collapsed on her. She wrapped her hands around me and hugged me tightly.

I kept my head on her soft juicy boobs and gathered my breath. A few minutes later, Ranjana loosened her grip and whispered in my ear, “Now move, and let me get up before Labu wake up.” I kissed her lips for the final time and moved from her. I was lying naked on the bed.

Ranjana got up and hurriedly went to her bedroom. A few minutes later she came back. Already she wore her nightgown. Ranjana gave me my short pants and said, “Now wear your pants and take some rest.”

I woke up when Labu called me. I took her in my lap and went out of the room. I saw Ranjana was standing in the kitchen and preparing breakfast for us. She smiled at me and said, “You woke up? Now go to the washroom and freshen up yourself. Then we will have our breakfast.”

After breakfast, Labu held my hand and said, “Uncle, we will watch our favorite cartoon.”I went with Labu and we both sat in the sitting room and watched her favorite cartoon. A few minutes later, I got up and slowly came to the kitchen.

I stood behind Ranjana. She didn’t know about that. I hugged her from behind. Before she could understand and react I held her waist and pushed my hand inside her nightgown. I held her boob inside her bra. She jumped with my sudden attack. She tried to stop me. But I wanted to tease her.

I held her waist tightly and bit the back of her neck and fondled her left boob. I tickled her left nipple with my fingernails. Within 2 to 3 minutes, I completed my teasing and came back to the sitting room. I waited for a few minutes and again went to the kitchen.

I held her waist with my left hand and pulled her gown above her waist. I pulled down her panty and held her pussy with my right hand. I was rubbing her pussy lips and clit. She was trying to free herself from my grip. I continued for 2 to 3 minutes. When I felt that her pussy became wet, I went into the sitting room.

Ranjana followed me. She held my hair tightly and pulled with full force.
I screamed with pain. Labu looked at me and said, “Uncle, what happened? Why are you screaming?”
Me: Nothing, beta, a mosquito.

Ranjana laughed and went from there. A few minutes later again I went to the kitchen. Ranjana was not there. I turned and saw Ranjana was standing behind me. She was waiting for me. She punched on my belly and said, “You monster, can’t wait for some time? You were coming and arousing me!”

I held her head and placed my lips on her lips. First, she tried to escape from my grip but then she reciprocated back. We held each other face and hungrily eating each other’s lips. I pushed her to the kitchen wall and opened her front open nightgown. She was wearing a set of black panties and bra.

I pulled her bra down and took out her boobs from the bra cage. In that semi-nude situation of Ranjana made me more aroused. I placed my lips on her again and hungrily sucking her lips. She pushed her hand inside my pants and held my hard rod. I held her both the boobs with my hands and sucked them one by one.

I didn’t waste any more time and pulled her panty down. Ranjana pulled down my pants chain and suddenly we heard that Labu was coming. We left each other. I pulled up my chain and came out of the kitchen. I stopped her so that she couldn’t go into the kitchen.

Labu: Rohit uncle what are you doing here? Why don’t you watch a cartoon with me?
Me: I came here to have some water. Let’s go.

We were going to the sitting room. I looked back and saw Ranjana was standing on the kitchen door. She already wore her dresses back. She was panting for breath. I knew she was completely aroused and needed a good fuck but due to Labu that was not possible. I winked at her and smiled.

She blushed and moved down her head with shame. We came into the sitting room and watching the cartoon. I didn’t go again because if I went again we couldn’t control ourselves and might be caught by Labu. After around one hour Ranjana completed her cooking and came to the sitting room. She sat beside us.

I leaned towards her and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She pinched on my thigh and showed that Labu was there. Then Ranjana took Labu with her and bathed her. Labu again came to the sitting room.

Ranjana: Labu you sit here I am going to take a bath.
Me: Yes Labu you sit here and watch your cartoon I am also going to take a bath.

I looked at Ranjana. She understood that today again I wanted to make love with her in the bathroom. She blushed. But Labu held my hand tightly and said, “First Mama come back then you go.” Ranjana smiled at me silently and went to the bathroom.

I was sitting with Labu and feeling bad that I couldn’t join Ranjana in the bathroom. But we had to accept. After Ranjana, I took a bath and we three had our lunch. After lunch, Ranjana took Labu and went to their bedroom. She whispered, “I will come to you when Labu is asleep.”

I went to my room and lay on the bed. I closed my eyes and was waiting for Ranjana.

In the next part, I will tell what happened after that. You can mail me or send a hangout message on my email id. My email id is [email protected] my telegram id is rohit_for_u. Thank you.

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