The One With Priyanka From The Pub

It was my birthday and my treat. A celebratory night for us. Due to holidays most of my friends had gone home. However, I was stuck with my roommate. With my best friend who is also my roommate. We decided to for a night out at a local club to celebrate.

But then my day just went down the drain. My roomie got a call from his girlfriend that she was alone in the flat. She would love his visit. They were gonna hook up. He apologized to me. He told me they want to spend some quality time together and he left.

I didn’t want to discourage it. I wished him luck for the night and stayed back in the club. I was then standing in the club, while my roomie was on his way to some hot ride all night. I sat on the bar chair finishing my beer. There was a pretty girl in the distance at a table, bidding her friend.

It seemed like the friend was living while she was staying back. The girl seemed upset. I checked her out for some time. Damn, she was hot in that one piece. I was attracted to her chubby body. I didn’t stare rather waited to see. She then finished her drink and came to the bar counter beside me.

I saw her up close now. She was fair, wheatish tone skin with chubby cheeks, with killer eyes. She looked so hot in that black dress. I knew she was way out of my league. I then wished for a miracle on my birthday and started a dumb conversation.

Me:- Rough day huh?
Leaning towards her with that question. She then turned towards me, with a frown face and started to talk.
She:- Yea, got myself fired by my bitch boss. I found that my boyfriend was sleeping with her.

Me:- Oh, I am sorry. It sounds like he was a bastard, and your boss probably was jealous of you.
She:- (a slight smile in her face) Maybe.
Me:- I think that’s why she fired you. She didn’t want a hotter girl than her roaming her office.

She was laughing.
She:- If only I had a penny for every time I heard that. I would be a billionaire.
Me:- Then your boss would envy you for firing you. And I would be charmed that I am talking to billionaire up close at a bar.

She:- Do these lines work for you? (With a small smile)
Me:- I don’t know. I never met a pretty woman like you before. Besides the line got you to smile. So I think it hit the target.

She then started laughing. And her frown face was gone. I then introduced myself as Andrews. She as Priyanka. We talked some over some vodka shots. I had to cheer her up most of the time during the conversation. But it was going quite well. Then the dance floor became heavy.

I asked whether wanted to dance. She was reluctant at first and pulled her into the floor telling her to live a little. Within no time she was putting out great moves on the floor, moving her curves. The sight of her bouncing boobs, her sweet curves, made me quite hard.

Then after some time, we again came to the counter, ordered in one more beer. We then started making plans for bar hopping all night. Then the drinks continued. We both were pretty shaken up by the drinks. It was time to leave the place. She asked me whether I could drop her to her place.

I gladly agreed with an innocent smile. She then gave me a naughty smile too as she knew what the answer was going to be. We tried to book an Uber, but it was not working. We decided to stroll to the main road to get a better chance at atleast rickshaws. I walked with her.

During the walk, we talked. I was moving intentionally towards her by the side. Our hands brushed against each other. Then as we crossed the road. I held her hand by the wrist, then we responded with holding my hand more tightly. We both knew the heat we had inside, the lust that we needed to quench.

So I decided to make a few moves. I then booked an Uber. My flat was just at a distance of 10 minutes to walk from her place. I also got in. During the trip, I placed my hand around her waist, rubbing her right thighs. While her hands were caressing my lap rubbing it and my crotch area.

I made sure our body was close enough to exchange the heat. In between, we would look at each other. As we reached the destination, I turned to her earlobe and kissed it. I told, “Let’s go.” She looked me in the eyes and winked. We got down and paid the driver.

We hugged each other and bid our goodbyes. She then kissed me on my cheeks. We didn’t move apart. I was still rubbing her arms and her back. She told me that she had a great night. I smiled and thanked the wonderful night for me too. She then asked me whether I want to sober up at her flat and then leave.

I replied, “Sure, it’s better that way.” I was already in heaven looking at her. Priyanka was a curvy, fair skin toned girl. She was about 5 ft 6 in, beautiful with sexy juicy red lips on her face. She was a sex bomb. She had soft and smooth creamy little fat at her thighs.

She was curvy at the belly with a little fat. With 36 b round milky white breasts, the hot light pink nipples. She had a medium white ass, which swayed in that tight dress. Then went to the lift, as we were in the lift, we kept on staring at each other.

I was holding her by the waist and then we got out of the lift. She opened the door. As soon as we entered the flat, we slammed the door shut, and started to kiss. I put my hands around her and pushed to the wall. I took down her zipper and through her dress on the floor.

She tore my shirt, two or three buttons broke and she helped remove my pants. We then again kissed. I raised her legs and she crossed them across my waist. I carried her to the bedroom. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck, her earlobes, she gasped and moaned.

My hard dick was rubbing over her panties. I then moved onto rubbing her back removing her bra. Her boobs fell out. Wow! There came 2 lovely boobs. I pinned her to the wall and started to kiss her again. I pressed my body into hers and her boobs crushed on my chest.

She felt my body, my chest and put her hands around as she sucked my neck. I kissed her all over the neck, while she held a grip on my back. I removed my boxers and kept on rubbing my dick over her pussy in panties. I then whispered in her ear, kissing her neck and licking down to cleavage.

She was too wild and pulled me closer. She moaned more and more as I continued. I then started to go down on her. I then took her boobs in my hands fondle them, like they were mine. She was moaning and gasping. I laid her on the bed and sucked her boobs.

I fondled them, pinched those nipples and bit her neck. She was moaned loudly and told me to love her more. I moved down to her pussy. I came upon the waist. I licked her belly and pressed her fat on the belly. She was getting wet. I could feel it as I rubbed her panties.

I then lowered my hands to her panties rubbing over those wet spots. And then removed them. Her wet aroma was so great. I then lowered myself to her pussy as her hands were carressing my hair. I then rubbed her pussy over pussy lips. Then slowly inserted in my finger over her pussy.

I felt a tremble, a shiver in her body. I moved my fingers to her clit, rubbed over it and pinched her. Then I went into her pink pussy, while tongue did its work on her clit. I put in two fingers into her pussy and started to finger in with great thrust. While my other hands played with her boobs.

She was crawling in pleasure in bed and moaning. She started to moan as I pushed my tongue in and out, licked in it circular way all over her pussy. She pushed my head more deeply in. It went on for some time until she came to bed.
I then rose and took out my trousers.

And she loved my thick dick. She wanted it inside and I put on a condom. I then pushed her on the bed and pinned her hands on the bed. I started to kiss her from toe to thighs, then from neck to her boobs. She then took her hands to hug me. I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. It was tight and wet like an ocean.

I then gave a hard push as my dick went in. She gave a loud moan. She then caught her breath. I spread her legs. As I pumped her with great thrust, I then took her boobs and started to suck on it. After some time she rolled over and started ro ride me fast.

I then put my hips into it and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. The room was filled with the sound of strokes and her moaning. I then kept on stroking faster. She was shivering and getting tighter. She laid on me as she came. I then turned her again to missionary style

She crossed her legs around my waist. My ramming speed increased. I slowly went down at the end and started to give hard pushes. With each hard push, she would give out a slutty moan. I then fucked her like that, till I came. We then lay around, had another session in the bathroom. Then we slept on the bed.

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