From College To Facebook To Bus Sex

Hi, everyone, I’m Shanu, and this is my first story ever. To tell about myself, I m 22 completed my graduation and currently preparing for further exams. I’m 163 cms in length with the average built-up body. Presently staying in Chennai.

To begin with, let me start by giving a short brief about the background. During college days I was kind of a decent type of child having countable friends. But after completing college I got many friend requests. One among then was Binny(name changed). She was 2 years junior to me.

After getting connected on Facebook we started having chats. I came to know that she liked me during college days but never approached because of fear. And these talks slowly went to kind of liking each other. Since we were staying in different it was difficult for us to meet.

To tell about Binny she is 19 slim and fair, with 30-28-32. Good looking with a sweet smile and too caring nature. She was already in a relationship but still wanted to meet me for some chemistry to build up. And this made me clear that she just wants her old crush to get fulfilled. But anyhow benefit was to me.

Finally, after a year of chat, we were able to make a plan to meet. She used to stay in Patna. From Patna, we had to board a night bus for our home town. And since we’re from the same town we thought this would be a good chance to meet without difficulty.

I told her to book a ticket for me too just beside her sleeper coach so that we could be side by side (dual sleeper). And she did it. Finally, the day arrived, I arrived in Patna at around 3 in the evening and had my bus at 6 pm. It was the month of December it was already dark and got chilly.

I saw her at the bus stand. But as planned we didn’t respond just to be safe. She went inside the bus and texted me to come a few minutes later until she will arrange the curtain. I went later inside. Now, the real story begins.

She was on my right side towards the window and we both were leaning on the deck and looking at each other.
Me- Hi!
Benny- Hi!

Me- Give me someplace to sit comfortably. I brought this for you- a box of homemade chocolates.
Benny- Come sit close to me. Thank you, even I brought you something.
Me – What’s that?

Benny-Wait, I will show.
She took out a small parcel which had good lines.
Me- Thank you.

The bus had started moving and the lights were turned off. She told me to remove my jacket and keep it in the corner. Then to come inside the blanket. Now the present scenario was, I was leaning on deck. She was lying on my chest making eye contact with me.

Me – What you are seeing?
Benny-Trying to figure out what is there in you that girls liked you from college.
Me- Find out in a flirty manner?

Benny- I will, want to have chocolate?
Me- Okay.
She opened a 5-star bar and gave it to me. I put that bar in my mouth and indicated her to eat it from mine.

Benny- Romantic.
Now you all can imagine guys. A small bar of candy with two lusty lips just hungry to finish this bar and eat the following lips. This is what exactly happens.

We started kissing each other there. Her lip was juicy with added chocolate flavor made me kiss her deeper and deeper. She sat on my stomach with her hairs all over my face and kissing me deeply. We were totally lost. Her hands were holding my hair and sometimes digging my neck.

Now I thought to take charge of her. I made her sit straight on me with continuing to smooch her. Slowly inserting my hands in her trousers and pulling it a little down. She adjusted her body to help me out in opening out her trousers. Now she started moving away from my shirt.

Within seconds I was naked in my upper body. She was in her panty sitting on my belly. I could feel the warmness of her pussy. Slowly I started removing her top, and she allowed me to do so. Now Benny was sitting on me smooching me hard with just a bra, panty and socks.

She looked super horny. Meanwhile, I was rubbing my hands all over her back to warm her. Then I just lifted her slowly and laid her down, and started to shift from her lips to earlobes and neck region(my favorite). She started to get full pleasure and moaning and scratching my back.

I kissed her all for 5-6 minutes in her neck and upper chest. She became restless and pushed my head towards her boobs. Slowly I removed her bra, she had round soft pair of boobs with small nipples. I started eating the left one and crushing the other.

She wanted it harder. She held my hands and moaned. This made me more horny and excited. And in excitement, we went wild. My teeth were on her boobs giving marks everywhere possible. My hands were rubbing her wet panty from the top. She completely lost herself and went with the flow.

After 10 minutes she started scratching my back and pulling me close to her and biting my neck. I understood she is going to have an orgasm. Finally, with a soft moan, she made my hands full wet with hot juices. Now, she moved me back and leaned over me and said.

Benny- Your kiss was amazing, you made me nude and finally gave me orgasm and I didn’t know when u did all this.
Me- It’s just starting we have got a whole night.

Then she started kissing me again. Moving towards my chest kissing my nipples and rubbing her hands on my bare body. She realized that I had abs.
Benny- Oh, trying for abs?
Me- Not dedicated, just got as a by-product.

She started kissing those abs lines and went to my jeans and buckle off. I understood what was in her mind. She started giving me a good blowjob. I was still a virgin and this was completely new to me. I had just seen these in videos. but it felt highly amazing.

In no time I just cummed in her mouth and she drank it all.
Benny- Have you brought condoms?
Me- No.
Benny- Okay, it doesn’t matter. I’ll have tablets.

Me- So, should we do without condoms?
Benny- Don’t think much just fuck me.

Now she was facing the window, and raised her one leg and tried to enter her from behind. It was so wet and slippery. Just at 2-3 push, it went inside and she started moaning. It pains a little. But I was in no mood to go slow. I knew she was already experienced as she has slept with boyfriends many times.

I just started fucking her from the back and pressing her boobs hard. She moaned in low sound and moving her body in that motion. This went on for 5 minutes and then we changed our position. I made her sit on her knees and started fucking her in the doggy position.

But due to the moving bus, it was difficult to get going in the position. So we shifted to missionary position and went on for 12-15 minutes. Finally, I ejaculated inside her. She too felt satisfied. The journey of 8 hours had 32 sessions of sex which were enjoying. I got real exposure to sex.

Hope you all liked the story, please comment and leave feedback. I’ll be waiting for your approaches. Any young ladies or girls in Chennai want to build a secret relation just for fun or can friendship (privacy priority) can approach me at mail and hangouts, [email protected]


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