Impregnating My Best Friend’s Wife

Hello, I am Sandy, a Sikh man, aged 35, height 5’6 in decent shape, happily married to a beautiful girl named Jas. We are living in Gurgaon. This incident happened around Diwali in 2017.

We are a group of four best friends since school. We have been with each other through all thick and thin. We all got married around the same time between 2013 to 2014. All of us made sure that our wives understand the importance of our friendship and get involved in the group and become good friends.

In a short time, we all gelled well and became a one good group of 8 people all being friends and comfortable with each other. We all belong to educated and well-stated families. We always had and kept intact that limit and respect for all the ladies in the group. We all treated all the wives with respect and generosity.

This story is about an incident with one of my friend Jot’s wife Sim. Of all four friends, I and Jot were closest. We lived just 2 km away and also had very similar families. Our wives also in time become best friends. Me, Jot, Sim and my wife (Jas) used to meet nearly 4 to 5 times a week over coffee or drinks.

Every weekend we used to party hard and many times stay at either one’s place after the post-party drinks. Though we all would be squashed every weekend we always had been in limits with our wives. We kept the limit and respect.

Then within a few years of our marriage, the other 2 couples in the group had babies except Jot and me. When my wife Jas got pregnant and broke the news in the group, I saw sadness on Sim’s face but was not sure. We kept teasing and advising Jot and Sim to also plan their family.

But they would always pass the topic. As Jas was pregnant, we had to slow down on parties and outings. So Jot and Sim being besties, would always crash at our place every weekend drinking, dining and all of us having fun. In a few months, we all got really close.

Sim would be at our place nearly every alternate day and Jot would come directly from his office. They would leave late at night. When my wife delivered by C-section, she needed someone by her side. So Sim involuntary started being at our place every day till evening.

Sim would take care of our baby. I saw a lot of love in her eyes for the baby. Every evening Jot would come to Sim, we’d have drinks or dinner together and then they would leave. One evening Jot was getting late with his work so Sim proposed to go by cab. But I insisted and volunteered to drop her back.

On our way back to her house I started the topic of babies. I told her that its high time and they also must plan one now. I saw her taking care of our baby and she loves doing it. Suddenly she burst into tears and started crying. I actually had to stop the car and pacify her and asked her the reason.

After a lot of persuasions, she agreed to share and tell me the reason. But only after I promised to keep it our secret and not even let it out to either of our partners. She told me that Jot had a deficiency and she was not able to conceive. She also told me that they had a lot of fights because of this.

Because of this stress lately, he was not able to satisfy her also and has ED issues. She even told me that they had big fights as they are under a lot of pressure from Jot’s parents. They have had fights which now have grown that they might separate.

I was in shock and had nothing to say. But I told her I shall speak to Jot my way and also try and talk it out from him and take him to a doctor. I asked her to let it be and offered her a coffee instead. She said to have it at her place and I agreed.

When at her place, it was a second home to me. So I was sitting and switched on some music. She went and changed into a pair of shorts and a top and brought two cups of coffee. As we spoke over the coffee she was sitting next to me.

She told me that she had seen me and my wife once getting cozy and that my wife is very lucky. I told her that it’s been a long time now. With the baby, we hardly have been together. I also gave her ideas to seduce Jot like a holiday or to try some kinky stuff.

It turned out that they were actually trying for a baby for more than a year. He was also under medication with not many positive results. While talking, there was a quit quiet moment. Then out of nowhere she took my hand and went down on the floor from the sofa and started weeping.

She told me to help her to save her marriage and family and also give her happiness. I was in total shock and picked her up and said, “I will do all I can, don’t cry.” She then dropped a bomb saying, “Make me pregnant. I know you are a gentleman and will keep this between us. You won’t let anyone know our secret.”

While saying this she went down again and had her hands on my denim zipper and button. I stood up in shock and said, “What are you doing? Let’s not do this. This is all wrong.” She then just pulled her top off and she wasn’t wearing a bra and man, I was like ‘wow’.

Sim is actually very fair and well maintained in shape woman with no extra fat 32- 27-33. She is 5’4″ in and her boobs were tight with pink nipples. I just loved them as my wife’s boobs have gone bigger and saggy due to the baby. I’ve always been a lover of small, in shape tight boobs.

She came to me and pulled me and said, “Sandy, I know you love them. Jas has told me that you love small and non-saggy ones. She tries lotta things that hers don’t sag.” I was mesmerized and just stood there. she then came and had her lips over mine and started kissing.

I was still not sure as this didn’t seem right. But it wasn’t long before lust took over and we started kissing deep. She then pushed me to her boobs and man they smelled awesome. I started with my tongue rolling on those pink nipples. I then sucked one and played with the other nipples.

This went on for a good 15 minutes and she started moaning. We then kissed with our tongues playing with each other. I played with her ears and neck. She removed my T-shirt and had her hand on my erect tool now. She was happy as Jot had a small one with an ED issue.

She just went down and took off my denim and boxers in one go. She was happy to find me shaved and loved my dick. Though I have an average 6″ but I stay up for a long time. She knew this from my wife as Jas always cums twice thrice before I cum.

Sim just started licking my precum and gave me an awesome blowjob. She had so much saliva on my dick and sucked me all over my balls till my ass crack. She was a pro at this and I was loving it. I then pulled her up and took off her shorts.

Believe me, it was like heaven a tight pink small hole, clean shaved and was like never used. I put a finger in and she was so wet. I made her lie on the sofa and started kissing her neck. Then I went down licking through her heavenly boobs, then to her navel.

I licked the flat tummy and naval and blew on it as she moaned and moaned. I went to her thighs and licked those fair thighs. I put my tongue on her clit and she was moaning and going crazy. I licked her for 5 minutes and she came crazily.

She was screaming and said, “Sandy wow Jot’s never done this. You are amazing. I’ve never in my life cum so soon and so much. Jas is a lucky bitch.” Then she wanted me to enter her (naturally without a condom as she wanted to get pregnant).

I came up opened and raised her legs and moved in the missionary position. As I just entered my tip, she started crying as a virgin. It was after years I was entering such a tight one. Even though she was very wet, it took me an effort to enter. She started screaming in pain as I did.

She abused me saying, “Fuck you are tearing me, you asshole.” I asked if she wants me to stop she said no and she loved the pain and pleasure. We humped for 5 -7 minutes as I sucked her boobs. She was moaning all along and then she screamed as she came.

Then she came on top of me and was riding on me as I played with her boobs. It went so warm and tight in there that I was also about to cum. When I said that I was about to cum. She again came into missionary and raised her legs. I humped for 2 minutes and came heavily in her.

I was cumming after a long time due to my wife’s pregnancy. So a lot of hot white thick cum. She put a pillow and raised her legs so not even a drop comes out. We lay there quietly as I caught with my senses. I was thinking of what blunder did I do.

She sensed this feeling and quietness and said, “Thank you, Sandy. Thank you for all things. Don’t you ever worry, this will always remain between us. These are my ovulation dates. So let’s have this for 4-5 days. If God is kind, I will have a happy family. The great sex and pleasure I got are an added bonus.”

She then kissed me again all over my face and on my lips. I was tensed and said, “I don’t know what you are thinking and what we did is right or wrong. But this has to stop just as you get pregnant. I don’t want my or your married life to be spoiled on this.”

I also said sorry if I was rough or for the pain. She laughed and assured me that she also loves Jot and wants this for their happy future life. Her being pregnant would complete everything in her life.

Then we realized that Jot might come anytime and I also got a call from Jas. I told Jas that we were having coffee and I would be back soon. I just tidied up, wore my clothes and Sim was still lying there with legs raised. Man, she looked like a fairy with those fair skin and pink nipples.

She got up and held my hand and asked me to promise to do this for this whole week of her ovulation. I had said yes and tweaked her nipple in fun. I kissed her and bid bye. While going she gave me ashwagandha supplements.

She said to have them as they increase the sperm count for being sure that she conceives these days. I just kissed bye and left. We then had these encounters the whole week. I will surely share the same in the next stories.

This is my first story and I hope you guys liked it. Let me know your suggestions at [email protected]