From Trekking In Himalayas To Love Making!

Hi fellas, this is my first story on this portal so kindly be gentle to me! This story will help you to unwind from the fast-paced corporate life and recharge yourself. This is going to be a long story so please bear with it.

I am Gazelleseeker based out of Bangalore. I am 5.10 and 31 years old with a decent physique. I am an IT guy who is fond of trekking.

Coming to the story, it was August 2019 when I went for Valley of Flowers (VoF) trek along with my few friends. We had tagged along with one of the trek organizing companies.

I left Bangalore on day 1 and took a bus to Haridwar from Delhi where my friends joined me.

On day 2, three of us and six other individuals who had registered with the trek group joined us at Haridwar railway station. I was kind of surprised to find only a single lady joining us from Mumbai. She (Bineeta) was a ravishing beauty with a feature that can get your eyes glued forever!

Back to the story, we all got introduced to each other, had a quick breakfast, and then jumped on the Force 12 seater en-route to Govindghat – a 290 km journey. This certainly was going to be a long ride taking us the entire day.

On the bus, we started talking about our trekking experience and found out that out of all the folks, I was the most experienced one. It was the first trek in the Himalayas for others. (FYI: VoF is considered an easy trek.)

Bineeta seemed impressed with my trekking credentials and started talking about my experience and shifted right beside me on the bus.

I was like completely mesmerized and awestruck to have this Indian beauty sit beside me on this mountain terrain and our hands and shoulder touching each other.

We had a really interesting conversation all along the way and formed a great bond. I forgot I came with two of my friends and also others in the group. I guess the feeling was mutual on the other side too.

However, when we reached Govindghat, Bineeta got hit by AMS (acute mountain syndrome) resulting in headaches and dizziness. While everyone was dead hungry and went to the restaurant to have dinner, I stayed with her in her room and let her drink plenty of water to ease her out. She didn’t realize and slept on my lap for a bit.

After an hour or so, she felt better and thanked me for staying with her. Thereafter, we went to have food and came back.

Before we could have hit the bed in the hotel, we were briefed by our trek leader about the itinerary for the trek.

As Bineeta wasn’t feeling too great, she requested me to stay with her in the room. By then, we had become too comfortable touching each other so I was perfectly fine and on top of it, I was super excited to spend the night with the bombshell.

However, nothing happened as we were tired of the long ride; didn’t realize when we called it a night.

In the morning, I was woken up by the lady herself. She had gotten ready for the trek to begin. Again, after breakfast, we had a 14 km trek to a village called Ghangria from where we would go for VoF the next day and Hemkund Sahib thereafter.

Throughout the day, we walked together; leaving the group behind. The sweat on her face and drenched t-shirt and trek pant was accentuating her beauty. Whenever we paused on the way, I would just look at her. Her curves were pretty visible as the clothes had stuck to her skin.

Many times, I had to hold her hand to climb up when she lost her energy or support her ass to make her walk a bit faster. I realized she was liking my action as she would react with the smile.

After mid-afternoon, we reached the village, and again both of us were allocated room. I knew this was where we would make our memories.

We again spent the evening among the group playing, talking, singing, etc. But both of us realized we were just seeking each other’s company. We had got so comfortable that I joined her on the bed (there were two separate beds in the room) and joined her in the blanket and started talking and slightly cuddling.

Again, after the tiredness, we called it a night because we needed to stay fresh for the VoF trek we had come for.

VoF is a 7 km round trip trek from Ghangria where you are surrounded with beautiful glacial mountains and the valley was full of innumerable flowers with different kinds and species. While exploring these beauties, both of us realized there was something else blossoming too and we couldn’t keep ourselves away from each other.

We forgot that we are in a group. We found an isolated section and just hugged tightly looking into the eyes. And we kissed! Then we looked at each other and started smooching like wild tigers. It felt like the whole world had stopped.

The cold breeze at the altitude, the glacial peaks, and flowers all around seemed like we were in paradise. Her lips were wet due to the light drizzle and that made the kissing experience so divine. It was so juicy and soft that I wasn’t able to stop myself. And there Bineeta had her wild side unveiled.

Bineeta bit my lips so hard that there was slight blood oozing out of it. I don’t remember the duration but eventually, we managed to separate ourselves. We knew we can’t proceed further there because of multi-layered clothes and of course, due to the public place.

We decided that we will have the night to ourselves. We stayed like love birds and by evening, we were back to our nest (hotel). Everyone went to their rooms for resting and we did the same. I had made sure that my friends were aware to avoid others from disturbing us.

In the room, I went for a quick shower. Once I came back from it, I found her wrapped up under the blanket with a cunning smile. I had not even processed what was going on and suddenly, she just removed the blanket and there she was – all naked with legs spread! I got an immediate boner in me.

Bineeta was inviting me in her open arms. I obliged and directly went to her and started kissing her majesty. We wrapped ourselves under the blanket and kept on kissing each other. My hands were wandering in all territories as I knew I was the owner now.

While she was lying on the bed on her back, I was lying sideways and kissing her. I let my hands roam about on the silky skin of this divine creature. Her boobs were so perfect. The moment I pressed her left breast, she let a slight moan and arched her body.

I shifted my left hand under her shoulder to take her completely under my wings. I moved on to her beautiful neck and started kissing her everywhere – on the neck, her ears, and her cleavage.

I slowly moved down and blew air on her erect nipples which were craving for attention. But I had my own plans. I had my eyes fixed at feasting her navel. The moment I put my tongue in her navel, she let out a huge moan and started getting restless.

After licking her for some time, I moved down to the glory hole. I removed the blanket for a brief moment to see her pussy. It was simmering with the wetness after leaking for some time. I dived myself to extract the nectar from this honey pot.

I started initially by licking her inner thighs and gradually moved on to the grand prize. As soon as I put my lips on her vertical lips, she immediately raised her hand pushed my head into it.

The signal was clear. I started with a quick slurp and then inserted a finger to ramp up the process. She again started getting restless. With one hand, she was pushing me further and with the other, she was clenching the bedsheet.

I wanted her to enjoy to the fullest so I stopped. I turned her and laid her on her stomach and started kissing her entire back and her ass. I then licked her asshole. By then, she was in 7th heaven.

I then finally turned her around for another round of sucking the glory hole and started fingering and sucking her. At the same time, I inserted one finger in her ass. She wasn’t expecting this and led a huge moan. After a couple of seconds, she shuddered.

I kept on licking the beautiful honey that she was leaking out for me.

Bineeta looked satisfied and now it was her turn to please me.

Bineeta came on top of me and started kissing everywhere – biting my ears and nipples all along with way till she reached my manhood. She took it in her soft palms and looked at me and said, “I am gonna get every single drop of it tonight” and directly jumped into action.

She ensured keeping eye contact and went into giving me the best blowjob of my life. The wetness and the warmth of her mouth were getting me hard and hardest. With that, she took my balls in her mouth too and switched to handjob.

I was almost on the verge of release so I quickly made her lie below me and again started kissing and licking her everywhere.

I then started rubbing my penis on her pussy but she wanted to ride me in cowgirl position. She again came on top of me, removed the blanket as by now we both were sweating like pigs.

The Mumbai girl placed my dick and took it slowly into the most magnificent glory hole I had ever seen. She then stayed there for a couple of seconds and looked at me. She bent forward and started kissing me and chewing my lips and began her ride.

I held her breasts in my hand and she kept on riding me. Sometimes she was making circular motions to get the maximum pleasure.

I was totally mesmerized by the magical scene. Bineeta was in another world and seemed like to be in trance. Her hairs were spread across her face and coming just above her breast. The sweat flowing down her body and she just flowing with the estrogen overshooting.

I was on the verge of release and called it out as we were not using protection. She immediately took my penis in her mouth and let the entire shot flow into her. She gulped down every single drop of it. Both of us were dead exhausted and slept in each other’s arm naked.

There is another part of this story about how we carried on with the act the next day and then in Delhi before we parted our way forever.

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