Sex With My Married Colleague

Hello, I am Ranveer, 23 years old and I live in Pune. I have always been attracted by mature women. During my holidays, I took a part-time job in a book shop. Coincidentally, my colleague, Aarti (name changed) was a beautiful married lady who was always well dressed in salwar kameez.

She was probably in her late thirties. As we conversed, I learned that she was the mother of two teenagers. She was very kind to me. She would openly talk to me about sex-related matters which were often reported in the news. When she would bend to arrange books in the lower racks, her beautiful breasts and cleavage were visible.

Her skin was so clear that it was difficult to imagine that she was so elder and married. I kept observing it until she raised her eyes towards me. I immediately looked up and pretended to be arranging books on an upper rack which she had already arranged. I was worried whether she had noticed it.

But luckily, she appeared to be ignorant about it. I had several such opportunities in the coming days. I could see the colors of her bra every day. Often, her bra was so loose that her nipple region would become visible. I would wonder how beautiful she must have been when she was the same age as me.

I began to have a fantasy about confessing my desire of sleeping with her. I would often masturbate at night thinking about her. However, it was a fact that she appeared to be a very decent person. And so making any approach towards her could be very risky.

A few days later, I noticed that she changed her attire and started wearing blouses and skirts. Her legs were even more beautiful. The blouses would make her cleavage even more visible whenever she would bend to collect something. Her timing was always right as I could easily peep through and observe her assets.

One evening, the boss came to us to ask us to stay for overtime to conduct some inventories in the storeroom. I had no excuse as I was still a temporary employee. I was encouraged by the fact that Aarti would also remain with me.

To speed up the work, I would count the books on the upper racks. She would do the same for the lower racks as she was a bit uncomfortable to climb up. I was having a beautiful show of her cleavage. Her thigh was also revealed as she would sit on her feet to count the books.

I wished I could see between her legs but it seemed impossible. At some point, we reached a section that was packed with books such as Kamasutra, etc with a lot of nude photographs. I looked down and avoided eye contact with her. Probably she noticed my anxiousness and said, “Ran, there is no need to be shy about this.”

I looked at her and tried to downplay my shyness by saying, “Yeah, these are the normal thing which happens between human beings, especially when you are married.” She looked down as I felt that I may have embarrassed her. I immediately apologized but she looked at me and said, “No, actually my life is not like these.”

“But, Aarti, you are so beautiful, and you deserve all the love in the world!”

“I got married quite young and my husband never really understood that it was my right too to have pleasures. He would simply jump over me, would enter between my legs roughly thinking that my painful scream was my moans.”

“He would finish in less than two minutes. After we had two kids, he began to force me for anal sex saying that there was no chance for pregnancy. He could even do so when I was having my menses.”  She wiped her tears and my eyes also filled up with tears.

I took a deep breath, leaned towards her and kissed her. She did not show any signs of resistance. She kissed me too and while doing so, I lifted her and her sit on the edge of a shelf of the rack. My hands reached her panty and softly dropped it down. I stopped the kiss and we both breathed heavily.

I bent on my knees and finally saw her pussy which I was so eager to penetrate. She hesitated to say, “Ran, it’s not the right place!” I paid no attention and licking her hairy pussy. As she moaned, I send my left fingers in her mouth which she licked passionately.

Her hands kept caressing my head. I continued until she cummed in my mouth. I stood again and kissed her as she drank her fluid in my mouth. I was about to remove her blouse when I heard someone climbing the stairs. She got off the shelve and quickly lifted her panty.

I wiped her sweaty face as she wiped mine. We pretended to count as the boss passed silently. I did not realize when he went away. She held my hand and said, “He’s gone!”

“The timing was not the best, but I hope you liked it!” I said as I approached her. She melted in my arms and said: “It was the first time someone made me cum. It felt so nice. I used to finger myself thinking about you and today it turned to reality!” She kissed my chest and I was stunned.

“So, you were aware that I’ve been watching your breasts all these days?” I asked.

“Obviously, I deliberately did not wear a dupatta all these days. I had to switch to skirts to attract you further,” she whispered. I was stunned and happy at the same time. She inserted her hand in my trousers and caressed my penis. “I guess I owe you one but not here!” she said as she kissed me again. I smiled.

“But yours is quite big, you’ll have to enter me slowly with a lot of foreplay!” She added. I wished that I could do it that day itself. I went to the building’s loo as I heard the shutters of the store being closed. I switched on the lights and entered. I was about to pee when the door opened.

I was shocked and turned back to see. It was Aarti again. “I have called the taxi and told him to pick us in one hour! Let’s do it here itself!” She said as she hung her bag, locked the door and approached me. I remain unmoved as she took out my penis and began to lick it like a lollipop.

I just can’t describe that feeling. I was caressing her head. She continued till I stopped her, I wanted to explode inside her, not in her mouth. I kissed her again. I lifted her blouse, pulled her loose bra down and licked her nipple which erected further and further.

She moaned in pleasure as I kissed her navel and her surgical marks of her C-section. She made me sit on the toilet seat and rode on me, inserting my penis in her vagina. I pressed her butt as she kept ridding on me as I also moaned in pleasure. I pressed her breast as she accelerated and I was on cloud nine.

It was so nice to be inside her. But at a certain moment, I realized that I had not worn a condom and could ejaculate at any time. I tried to stop her but she reassured me that she had entered her menopause. there was no need to worry. She continued to ride me.

She deliberately slowed down as I was reaching the climax. I ejaculated inside her and she kissed me ceaselessly. She looked at me and said: “You did not know I had reached menopause, right?”

“No, I mean, you appear to be in your late thirties and this happens in fifties, na? I asked as I caressed her back. She laughed and said: “Oh Ranveer, can’t you see the white hairs on my pussy. I am forty-eight!”

“I don’t care! I fell for you since the first time we met!” I replied as I kissed her again. We dressed up and she left the loo first and I came out some minutes later. We sat close to each other in the taxi. I fell asleep in her lap as she caressed my head.

She woke me up as the taxi entered her road. I watched her get off the car. The driver saw that there was something between us but did not dare to ask me. Since that day, we had such moments quite often. She would pretend that she had overtime.

We made out in an abandoned corridor in the building, our intimate area. The good thing is that I never have to wear condoms with her.

Thank you for your time and attention. I shall be back to share my other experiences. Anyone interested in me can contact me on [email protected]

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