My Hot Tinder Friend

Hello XIS readers. Here I am with another story.

Well, for the first time I am writing a real-life experience here unlike my previous stories which have been fictional. I hope for similar love from you, readers, as you have been giving me for my previous stories which have been overwhelming. Thanks for that.

This is the story of a married woman Pooja with whom I met on tinder. Once we matched there we exchanged phone numbers after a few days of chat. Our chat was on normal topics about life, etc.

Pooja was 40 and in a very unhappy married life. We got pretty close to each other and started sharing our personal lives. It brought us to a junction where I came to know that her sex life is absolutely zero. But she was scared to get into any kind of relationship outside her marriage.

What she really wanted was a good friend with whom she can speak her heart out. I guess she found in me with time. On another hand, I am in my early 50’s happily married. But yes my sex life was almost dead. So in my case, I was looking for the same as Pooja and that clicked the chemistry between us.

As a routine, we got too close by chatting on a daily basis. We started to share a lot of our experiences with each other. On one such day.

Pooja- Samir! Are you happy with your sex life?

Me- Well Pooja! To tell you truth my sex life is almost dead. But I love my wife a lot. She is going through her menopause and because of that, her hormones have started to play up. So I never force her for anything, at least never for sex.

Pooja- That is so good of you Samir.

Me- What about you Pooja?

Pooja-Hmmm! He has not touched me for 10 years.

Me- Oh! That is so sad to hear.

Pooja-Nothing yaar it’s my destiny. So I don’t blame anyone for it.

Me-I feel the same.

Pooja- So what do you do to relieve your sexual urges?

Me-I started to read sex stories on ISS. It’s a site where people submit their real-life experiences and various fantasies. After a year or so I started to write my own stories there.

Pooja-Wow! That is hot can I read some of them?

Me-Sure, I will send you links to it.

I sent her a couple of links to my stories that were published on ISS. I guess this was the ice breaker between us. She read them and loved them the next day she messaged me in the morning.

Pooja- Good morning Samir. I read your stories and they were so well written I was turned on just by reading it. The way you have described the sex scenes in the story shows how passionate you are about sex.

Me- Thank you so much Pooja. It’s true I am very passionate about sex. I try to write my heart out in my stories.

Pooja- I could read that. Now I am tempted to meet you personally.

Me-Well Pooja! Be my guest, you know where I am. So feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee. Let’s meet.

I had a store for women’s clothing which was not too far from her office. She messaged me that she will be coming to my store after work at 7 pm. My staff goes away at 7 pm so that gave me full freedom to be alone with her.

At sharp seven she arrived at my store. Though I had seen her pictures, she looked very beautiful in person. She was 5’8” not too heavy with beautiful features on her face. Especially her eyes and smile were gorgeous. She had nice curves. I mean she looked very sexy.

We shook hands and greeted each other. I ordered coffee and we talked about a few things until I deliberately brought the topic of the story. She was a bit shy to talk about it in person but she opened up.

Me-So what did you like the most in the story you read, Pooja?

Pooja-Well Samir. I loved everything in it the built-up. The way you took her very patiently; I especially loved the way you kissed her.

Me-Yeah I love long kisses.

Pooja-Wow! That is my weakness too.

Me- Is it? Would you want to experience it?

Pooja-Oh yes! Where?

I directed her to the trial room while I went to lock my store door. When I returned she asked.

Pooja- Is it safe? I mean what if someone comes in?

Me-Relax Pooja no one comes at this hour to my store. I have already locked the door.

She was a bit hesitant to move in at first but then I pulled her inside. Once we were in I held her face and placed my lips on hers. Soon we were engaged into a hot kiss sucking our lips pushing out tongues into our mouths. She was correct about being passionate about kisses.

My hands started to roam on her body over her clothes in her long hair. Soon I started on her boobs which made her moan in my mouth. She tried stopping me but there was no force in her resistance. So I kept my exploring her weak spots kneading her boobs over her clothes.

She started to breathe hard. That made me stop.

Me-Is everything alright Pooja?

She just smiled and nodded yes. This gave me quite an indication that she liked it. I again kissed her lips harder this time while my hands started to move inside her top. The feel of my hands on her naked skin made her shiver. Though she never resisted me going further I could see her eyes they were a bit scared.

I remembered while we chatted. Her weak point was when someone pinned her with her face to the wall and licked her neck. I took advantage of that knowledge and turned her to face the wall. I pinned her with my hands moving her long hair aside.

She almost screamed in passion as she felt my wet tongue on her neck. This broke a volcano in her. While I was busy licking her neck she held my hand and pushed it inside her top. She wanted more if I was not wrong. I moved my hands over her bra covered boobs.

I kneaded them hard she pushed herself back at my hard crotch almost indicated me fucking her.

Pooja-Oh Samir! You are making me crazy. I love what you are doing.

Me-I know what you like and I hope I am not hurting you?

Pooja- Fuck! No, I love what you are doing.

I helped her out of her top and while she was facing the wall I unhooked her bra. I slid the bra off her sexy body on the floor where her top was lying. Her soft boobs felt like heaven in my hands. Her whole body was heated up. She moaned loudly when I rolled my fingers on her hard big nipples.

Pooja-Samir! I just love it.

I turned her to face me. I had a good look at her boobs they were a nice size with large black nipples. They were yummy and ready to be sucked. I just looked in her eyes as if I was asking for permission to suck them. She lowered her face in affirmation.

I held them in my hands and placed my lips on her dark erect nipples. Well, I cannot express it in words the way she reacted. She was in ecstasy when I sucked her nipples hard. I was kneading them while she was running her hands in my hair pushing me to suck hard.

Pooja-Oh god! Samir, I am going mad.

I kept sucking them until she pulled me to kiss her.

Pooja-Please, stop it. I will lose all control of mine.

Me-Really Pooja. Do you really want me to stop?

She was speechless deep inside her heart she wanted this to go on but her mind was stopping her. But soon her heart won over her mind.

Pooja-No Samir! Just. Don’t stop.

Her wish was my command. I went down on her boobs this time. I flicked my tongue on her erect nipples sucking them hard in intervals. She was going weak on her legs. Without asking her I pushed my hand inside her leggings and panty right where her wet pussy was.

I rubbed my fingers in between her pussy lips she was so wet I guessed she had almost cum once. She didn’t stop me this time she wanted to feel it. I just pushed my middle finger inside her already wet pussy.

Me-Wow someone seems to be all wet there.

Pooja-Yes I am. You don’t know after how many years have felt a male finger inside my pussy. For years I have worked with my own fingers.

I went outside the trial room and brought a stool in. I placed the stool in one corner lowered her leggings and panty in one go making her all naked for me.

I made her sit on the stool and asked her to spread her legs.

Pooja-Are you sure you want to do this?

Me-Yes I am. Just sit back and enjoy yourself while you can Pooja.

She happily spread her naked legs while I got on my knees between them. I was so close to her naked pussy. Her puffed pussy lips were heavenly I slowly spread them with my fingers and there it was her pink haven for pleasure.

I moved my face in between her legs slowly licking her already wet pussy lips with my tongue.

Pooja-Oh fuck, yes.

I found that as encouragement I pushed my tongue inside her pussy slowly flicking my tongue on her swollen clitoris. Her moans went louder as I did that. The air conditioner was at full blast but she was sweating with her body heat.

I pushed one finger inside her pussy while I tried to suck her clit with my lips which brought her to edge.

Pooja-Oh god! I am cumming.

Her juices started to flow out on my tongue. I could taste the tangy flavor. Her hand was in my hair almost pushing me as she felt another massive orgasm flow through her making her body shiver.

We rose up and I again pinned her to the wall with her face on the wall. I moved her hair again to lick her neck this time. I kept my body close to her naked back. My 8” hard cock was almost fucking her ass.

Pooja-Samir! Please fuck me.

Me-What? But I don’t have any protection Pooja?

Pooja-It’s ok, I want to feel your naked cock inside my pussy now. I cannot wait until next time. I am too horny right now to miss this pleasure after so many years.

Me-But Pooja what if I cum inside you?

Pooja-Just pull out when you are ready but please don’t say no.

I got out of my pants and boxers. Her eyes popped when she saw my 8” long thick cock.

Me-You like what you see?

Pooja-Like is a small word Samir. I love it.

I made her lean on the wall with her ass facing as high as possible. I got behind her placed the tip of my hard cock at her pussy entrance. I teased her a bit by rubbing it along her pussy lips.

Pooja-Don’t tease me Samir just fuck me now.

I held her waist and jammed my cock inside her pussy a few pushes and my whole cock was inside her wet pussy.

Pooja- Oh god! You are so big Samir I have never felt so filled in my pussy before this. Now fuck me hard.

I kept drilling her tight pussy. Her moans suggested I was reaching her where she has never been reached before.

Me- Oh fuck Pooja you are so damn tight. Your pussy is milking my cock I love to be inside you, baby.

Pooja-Yeah baby I am ready for another orgasm, just don’t stop.

I held her waist tight and rammed her pussy harder with every stroke. I could see my 8” cock vanish in her juicy pussy.

Pooja-I am cumming.

Her body stiffened as she experienced her first orgasm with my cock inside. I could feel her pussy got very wet. juices were dripping from the side my cock was shining with her pussy juices. I was just a few strokes away from cumming.

Me-I am ready too, baby. I am ready to cum.

I moved my cock out of her wet pussy and she got to her knees holding my wet cock shining with her juices. She gave a few strokes and then without any announcement just gulped the cock in her waiting mouth. Her fingers were stroking my cock while her lips were busy extracting my juices.

Soon I shot my first load in her mouth. I am sure it must have hit her throat and then another and another. I emptied my whole balls in her mouth which she happily gulped. A bit was dripping from the side of her lips. Soon she licked my cock clean and stood up.

We got locked in another passionate kiss. When we broke.

Pooja-Samir! This was amazing I mean I have never been fucked like this ever you are truly a great love maker. It’s true that you write your stories so passionately. Because you can do what you write it. Thanks.

We both dressed up that is when she went home.

Well, Pooja and I are still good friends and we have had some awesome lovemaking sessions which I may continue in my future stories. If you have liked reading this story then you can send me feedback here or on my email id. [email protected]

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