Passionate Night With An Unknown Woman In Train

Hello, guys Faraz Khan over here. As you know all my stories are true without any fake scene. So I’m Faraz Khan from Mumbai, age 25 and sick size 8 inches with body same as Tiger Shroff.

This lucky incident happened with me on 17th February 2020 on a train. I was returning from Indore after attending my distant cousin’s wedding. The wedding was all cool nothing happened. So I was mostly bored. There were many sexy women around in wedding.

But I was bound as I was always gathered by my cousins. For them I was someone vey popular since I came from Mumbai. They all were seeing me as if I’m a celebrity, just because I’m from Mumbai.

So I and my younger brother boarded the train and went to our seats. I saw a Bohri family adjusting their baggages under the seats. I saw one young lady amongst them. She was damn beautiful and gorgeous. Her height maybe around 5.5 and a perfect figure. Approximately 34-32-34. And young, same as my age.

At first, her in-laws contacted me and asked which are your seats. After showing my seats she asked me if I can switch my seat with her daughter in law. She is carrying an 8 months old baby and the upper seats have ac faster than the lower ones. Also, it’s risky to carry a baby at such height.

To this I accepted and we switched our seats. During day time I was just mesmerized by her beauty. I was just adoring her face as she was all covered by Bohri burqa. But still, her figure was visible and her smile was killing me and her eyes were so deep. I was just falling for her minutes by minutes.

It was around 10 at night. Mostly everyone in the compartment was in their berths and were sleeping. It was just my brother and me chit-chatting and she on her berth carrying the toddler. After some time my brother also slept and I was alone with her.

Later around 12 the whole bogie was asleep. Just me staring her continuously. Whenever our eyes met she smiled and I blushed. This was something very romantic happening between us. After some glances, I finally broke the silence and asked where is she traveling to.

She replied went to meet some relatives in Indore with her in-laws and now was returning home in Mumbai. I asked her about her husband. She told me that he was busy with some work and hasn’t been with them for the last year. He has been continuously traveling out of India frequently.

After saying this I was able to see some sorrow of missing him in her eyes. I took this opportunity and went closer to her. I sat next to her and said not to worry you’re a strong woman who can take care of your lovely child. To which she smiled and got happy.

Then her child started getting inactive and she picked him and started playing with him. I was there just next to her and was continuously staring at her. She was noticing everything. After some time she told me I think he needs to be fed. So being a gentleman I stood up and walked away.

But she told, “It’s ok, you can sit here.” I got happy and sat there. While she was feeding her child I turned aside so that she doesn’t feel bad. But to my surprise, she was not such covering her boobs. She was openly feeding her baby since there was no one other than me.

After feeding him she asked if I can carry him for a second. To which I turned back and saw her boobs all open. Guys, literally she was very beautiful and her boobs were full round and filled with milk. With light pink nipples dropping milk from them. I was just staring her boobs with my eyes wide open.

She laughed and said stop staring. To which I apologized and carried her child. She adjusted her clothes and covered her boobs. Then her child slept and we were just sitting. She asked never saw boobs or what. I said I have seen many but never saw such a beautiful one.

She laughed and I told you are very beautiful and keep smiling always. To which she told I wish my husband also thought like this. And again a pinch of sorrow came on her face. This time I came closer to her and hugged her. She responded well and hugged me back.

We got engrossed in a warm and tight hug as lovers do. We didn’t care who’s watching who’s not. I was feeling love for her and she had the same feeling for me. Love took us over us and became lust. I took her face in my hand and kissed her forehead.

She closed her eyes and then lifted her face. She came closer to my lips and our lips met. And we started smooching each other. Trust me guys this was not any ordinary smooch or wild one. It was all slow and passionate smooch. Where she was tasting every bit of my lips.

I was sucking her lips slowly to satisfy her desires. One of my hand moved to her bobs and I was caressing her boobs over her clothes. This made her more erotic and she started smooching me more passionately. Our smooch went up to for one hour.

We did break in between for breaths but again continued. After an hour I broke and bent a little. I uncovered her boobs and started kissing her nipples. She was moaning very slowly so that no one hears it. I drank milk from her boobs. Then she told me she wants to suck.

So I arranged myself a bit and covered a bedsheet and she got under it. She unzipped my pants and slowly sucked my dick. She was sucking good. After sometime when I was going to cum, I stopped her and told her to come back. She then came out.

I adjusted my clothes and went to the bathroom where I unloaded my cum. Cleaned my self and came back. She was happy. She told me she was missing all the fun. To which I told fun is still left. And then I went inside her bedsheet and lifted her burqa. Then I started kissing her pussy.

It was dark so I couldn’t see the pussy. But it was without hairs and clean. I licked it until she came hard on my face. She came a lot. Then we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. After returning, we continued our kisses. After some time her child got awake.

I was carrying him and walking. Whenever I came closer she kissed me and her child. Like this, Valsad came and her in-laws also got awake. After that, we just stared in each other’s eyes and smiled.

We both parted in Mumbai Central. Neither she asked for my number, nor I. We both took our ways without knowing each other’s identity.

So this was my erotic moment. Hope you all enjoyed it. Anyone who wants to get satisfied secretly can contact me. Any female or any couple. Feel free to contact me. My hangout ID is [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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