My Sexy Wife Sara – Part 2

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Hello friends, I hope all are fine. In the last part, I told you guys about me and my girlfriend’s relationship, how we fell in love, how our marriage got fixed. I introduced the idea of threesome sex to my girlfriend. I made her agree to do it in real life after marriage.

So now moving forward.

The boy that I selected for my wife was Sahil. He was 25 years old and a young, tall, slim well-maintained body. His height was around 6 feet. He was much slimmer, taller than me. I purposefully chose such a boy because I wanted Sara to like him instantly. This way she will ease out and do much more wild things.

His cock was 7 – 8 inches long. It was almost twice as wide as mine. So all in all his cock was way superior to mine. In fact, there was no comparison at all. Sahil was not from our city. So I discussed the plan with him in detail and finalized it with him.

Our plan was to leave for a honeymoon after 2 days of our marriage. I booked hotel rooms in advance and did all the necessary arrangements. But first, let me tell you guys about our marriage, and most importantly our Suhagraat (First night).

Our marriage ceremony was very well planned and executed. All of us enjoyed ourselves a lot. The marriage function was in the morning and it was over in the evening. We came back and Sara went inside the room. I stayed out with other relatives and cousins. She was preparing herself for the night.

Then after 1 hour, everything was set. I went inside the room and saw her sitting on the bed in the typical bride’s style. She was in a red dress, looking gorgeous, absolutely stunning. Red lipstick was cherry on top. I came closer to her, gave her compliments.

I gave her the gift for the night, had a little chit chat and now I wanted to advance. I held her hands in mine and started caressing it while talking to her. She got the signal that now I want to move forward. She said, “Wait, my dress is very uncomfortable. Please let me get rid of it. Then do whatever you want.”

I helped her get undressed. She was so hot. I kept on touching her body parts sensually while removing her clothes. She was getting in the mood. She was now in just a red bra and panty. I held her in my arms and started to kiss her on her red hot lips. It was a wonderful feeling.

While kissing I once again started to explore her body. I took her on the bed, inside the blanket. I was on her we both were nude and our bodies were touching each other. We were busy in deep kissing. I was squeezing her boobs and they were so big and soft. She has now started to moan.

Now I moved my other hand towards her pussy. I was touching her pussy over the panty and it was all wet. She was now moaning heavily. In the full mood of sex, I took her one hand and placed it on my cock. My cock was still not fully hard. But once she touched, it became full rock hard.

Its full size was around 4.5 inches. She started playing with it. It was oozing pre-cum already. Now I moved down a bit and took her bra off and started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were hard. when I took them in my mouth I started to suck them as well as rubbing them with my tongue.

My wife was in heaven. She never had any similar feelings so she was over the moon. Now I started to kiss her whole body right from her forehead till the toes of her feet. I licked her navel, kissed her pussy, did some light bites on her thighs, kept on kissing and licking all her body.

She was now moaning like a true porn-star. Her pussy was all wet, in-fact her pussy juice wet till her ass. Now we were doing foreplay for more than one hour. So now I wanted to do my last move before fucking her. I laid her down straight and opened her legs.

I came in between them and placed my lips on her pussy for the first time. She was already in extreme pleasure but now she was ecstatic. First I kissed on her pussy lips and then rubbed them with my tongue for a while. Then I opened them up and inserted my tongue in her pussy.

I started to lick her pussy. By then a lot of her pussy juice had traveled till her ass. So now I placed one of my hand below her ass and started to finger fuck her ass while licking her pussy very deep. And it was too much her to handle. She came very hard.

We were enjoying it for quite a long time and my cock should have been rock hard. But it was not. When Sara was all ready to take it in, it was not fully erect. I tried to get it up fully so I could insert it but it was not responding as it should have. So I asked her to give me a blowjob to get it hard enough for penetration.

She gave me a little blowjob and it became hard again. So now I started to insert my cock in her pussy. It was so tight and my cock once again started to get soft. But somehow I got it in. I started to move it as fast as possible because I was starting to lose my full erection.

I thought if I start to fuck her hard I may get my erection back. Sara was feeling a lot of pain because it was her first time. I should have done it in a gentle way. But my cock’s erection problem didn’t allow me to do it the way it should have happened.

With my fast thrust,s it not too long before I ejaculated in her. Sara didn’t feel any pleasure in her first experience. It was the worst ever first sex experience that she could ever have. Because she preserved her virginity till her marriage night so that it could be the most special night. But it ended up terrible.

She didn’t say anything but her displeasure and disappointment were all clear on her face. After this awful first experience, we both went to the washroom one by one and cleaned ourselves. We came back to bed.

I hugged her once again and said, “I am really sorry. It was my first time as well. So I just became nervous and couldn’t handle the situation the way I should have.” She said, “It’s okay,” and we hugged each other, kissed a little bit and went to sleep.

We got up the next morning and took a bath. Got ready and today was a grand reception planned. So we went there to attend the function. It was once again a very nice event and we all enjoyed it a lot. Later in the evening, we came back. This night we once again started our sex with a lot of foreplay.

Sara was enjoying the foreplay a lot and she said that I am very good at it. But then when it came to the actual fucking I once again struggled like last night. This night it was better but still no way near perfect. But on both nights I was unable to satisfy my wife. she later had to use her finger to satisfy her.

Now on the next day, we left for the honeymoon and I was in contact with Sahil. Before our marriage, I had discussed a lot about our threesome plan with Sara. But from the marriage day onwards I didn’t talk to her about threesome or Sahil at all. But I was constantly in contact with him.

We left for our destination and so did Sahil. We reached the hotel before Sahil. So we checked into our room. I asked Sahil and he said he will be in the hotel in 30 minutes. I had booked two adjacent rooms and Sara didn’t know about it. One room was for us and the other one was for Sahil.

So I asked Sahil to check-in, have a meal and rest. I’ll call in the night. We both planned it already that what we are going to do in the night. Sara knew only a few details because I wanted her to be more and more in guessing phase.

What happened in the night and how was the first sex experience of Sara and Sahil? To know, wait for the next part. Till then please give some feedback. Your feedback is welcome and most important.
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