How I Turned Myself Into A Crossdresser

Title: How I turn myself into CrossDresser

This is my real incident which happened 3 years ago. Back while I was doing my B.Com second year in Chennai. I am Rajesh 24 years old now and my friends call me Reshma. I have figure size with bust size 35 waist size 25 high hip size 30 hip size 34 do u think its hot figure. Please comment below.

I was 21 back then it was a summertime where my family was in the mood to enjoy summer vacation for a month. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there with them. I had an arrears exam coming so I had to stay and I was preparing a week early. As I was preparing for my exam.

I got a call to my landline number from my mom’s friend name Sumathi. Well, she wants to talk to my mom. As my mom was on vacation, I told her she wasn’t at home leave the message to me I will convey her.

“Well,” she just told me, “I will talk to her once she arrives. It’s not a big deal. See you then later, bye, Rajesh.”

I was preparing for my exams. I was a little bored and cocky at the time. I just visited the Kik app. I was a frequent user back in those days. I found a new group of people name cross-dressers – men who dress up as girls. The men in that same group got attractive to me.

They figure I added myself to the group and the admin asked me if I am a crossdresser or not. I told him I wasn’t. Then later after 5 minutes, I was removed. I texted him and asked him why he removed me. He said he wants crossdressers in that group.

I asked what about the other men. He said they are his friends they are dominating top men’s. I was curious and out of excitement, I indulge myself. I  said, “I am a crossdresser,” and then he switched to video call. I was shocked. I cut the call and asked him to wait.

After a few minutes, I went to my aunt’s room and found an old panty and bra. I took my shirt off my shorts and a t-shirt. I was wearing my aunt’s old inners for the proof. By the way, panty smell bit stinky as it wasn’t washed. I wore it for the first time.

I got turned on suddenly he came to video call. I showed my chubby cheek and fat tummy. I was ugly with full-body hair completely. I took a pic of myself with my aunt’s panty and posted it in the group. After 24 hours, he told me to open a video call.

Once he saw me with the same panty and he instructed me for poses and small dance. I did as he said and I wasn’t ready. But anyhow I did out of curiosity. When he saw me he got hard and showed his cock to me. It was hard with 7 inches. He started to jerk and left all his cum all over the floor.

He said, “I was hot,’ and he added me to other cross-dressing groups in Kik. Later he has he been talking with me and he wants me to try some other outfits like saris chudidar and skirts. I had only my aunt and my mom’s old saris in which I tried only my aunt’s.

My mom’s sari wasn’t hot and not silk or any designer. It was cotton. So I was wearing my aunt’s sari. It was amazing. I never tried saris before. I wrapped myself and showed him how I look. He did not reply at the moment. But later he told me to shave my body completely and then he asked me to wear the saris.

I did as he said and I look good on it this time. I was turned on watching myself in the mirror. I opened Kik and sent my picture of myself to the groups and people said I am hot and sexy. As they sounded hard it made me wear sari once again. It was my daily outfit during my vacation.

I never felt this hard before. It was very difficult to wear. I was opening my Kik account to show people what I was wearing. I started posing myself a picture in the group where people become eager to see my body. It was shaved and looking hot.

Especially my hip made them crazy and many people came to me on a personal chat and asked me to video call. I made people cum by watching my dance in a sari, nude poses and ass fingering in Kik. I was an unpaid prostitute. Later it became my force of habit of draping and removing my saris almost every day.

One fine day I tried myself to sleep while wearing saris the full night. The next day morning, I woke up watching plenty of women draping saris videos on YouTube. I still wasn’t wearing too perfectly as they did in the video. Later, while I was eating and using Kik I got a text from a woman named Madhu.

I didn’t believe that she was real. She then sent her voice message which I asked her to send intentionally. She said I looked like a woman and she told me that she is a lesbian she was 20 years old. We texted and we were happy like friends with the conversation.

Later she asked me to video call her. I did not want to show myself as a crossdresser so I denied. Finally, I was extremely excited to make a girl believe that I am a girl. I was very comfortable this time. I somehow managed to wear saris perfectly. But it wasn’t holding my hip more than a minute without safety pins.

Later Madhu was upset because I never showed myself in a video call. This is because I thought maybe if I show myself that Madhu might leave me. One day she told me to come upon a video call at midnight. She helped me out when I told her that I am a crossdresser.

We both are turned on by seeing each other in saris. I trusted her completely and it took a few minutes to do the trick on wearing a sari perfectly. I am glad she did not mind what I am. It made me feel awkward and I am tired of it. Later, she helped me out and later our friendship ended.

I was forced to move into many groups as I was cocky and a bit popular. Later I got many texts from aunties, girl’s and men texting me and asking about my sexy body wrapped in saris pictures and poses. I started to look more like a girl with wigs and makeup.

It was a pleasant surprise. All the girls started to exchange numbers with me and told me to call them. But I did not respond as I was scared in phone talk because I had a male voice. They wanted to speak to me and they were curious about my looks in saris.

I was getting an expert at wearing any type of saris of my aunt. I was popular on Kik. Later many guys and girls fall for me for my shaved clean white tummy with makeup along with my aunt bra size 35b and my hip size of 32. My ass size was 34 and I was handling many crossdresser groups as an admin.

I got many friends and I was enjoying my life in being a CrossDresser. I turned from a part-time CrossDresser to a full-time CrossDresser. Well, my parents don’t know about all this. When the summer vacation was over and I cleared all my arrears.

Later I got a nice job and left my home to finally stay independent and become a full-time crossdresser. I am now 24 enjoying my full time as a crossdresser. In the next story, I will tell you the part of how I broke my virginity.

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