My Neighborhood Lady

It was a Sunday, I was just trolling around the nearby supermarket at 11 in the morning to get some milk and some food. I had planned to cook. That was when I happened to meet Rina.

Rina is my neighbor, a newly wedded woman. She is a naive girl of what my thoughts were about her, I had tried to talk with her more often. She was a fair woman in her mid 25, with an apt figure, of great assets. Her figure is lined in hourglass shape like it was carved on a stone.

But she seemed like a girl who doesn’t get out much. So when I saw her I smiled, she smiled back. I took it as a chance went to her. I saw her trolley full, I asked where she had any function, She told it was light shopping, with a smiling face. We talked as we shopped and till I dropped her at the flat.

She was funny, as though she was smiling all the time. A smile brought a renovation in me. I knew I had to go further with her. I didn’t know how to get close. That’s when one of those days when I heard a bell at my door. I opened the door. It was Rina. She said she wanted some help with her plumbing.

She had called the security guard, but there was no response from his side. I told what the hell to myself, and agreed to help in whatever way possible. I don’t know maybe it was her cute face and her eyes that pushed me down to crave for her beauty. I went over to her flat.

I saw her flat had a hell of interior decoration, all items were well placed and the flat was spacious and clean. It had a peaceful vibe inside. I admired the decorations then flat. She thanked me and told me she is an interior designer. as she doesn’t currently have a job she tries to spend her time, redecorating these walls.

I admired her passion. Trust me guys, it was the wow moment. She had a leak in the kitchen and dirty water was being spilled over. I asked for a mop and another tool, some of them which she had. Even though I didn’t know much about plumbing, I knew how to fix leaks anywhere.

I was fixing up the leaks, while she was standing beside me. She thanked me for my help. I jokingly asked whether she could reward me by making my apartment like this. She was happy to work and happily agreed. I fixed up the leak and helped her clean the floor.

We were building up a friendship. but it seemed like we hard a carnal connection that connected each of our eyes. After a week, she asked for my flat keys. She told me she could get it ready by 2 days. I said ok. I was going to be out of the station for two days.

After two days, she blindfolded me from the hallway and brought me to my flat. I still remember stepping into my flat wondering where I was. She did a marvelous job. As soon I saw her I hugged her, I thanked her. As we parted, I could feel the sexual tension between us. I didn’t know why.

Then our relationship went from friends to something more. We used to chat every day. Through jokes around. She used to help me with cooking. She was a lovely person. Then things started to heat between us, as we became more cool with each other touching bodies.

I used to toucher her shoulder during chatting etc. I used to help her throw her garbage out in the morning. I picked it up on my to college. Most of the days she used to wear these low cut tops that made me look at her twice as she leaned down the get the bag for me.

She used to rub on my back. I went ahead with touches of putting my hand around her navel where I was chatting with close to her. I used to feel my dick getting hard as I was in close with her. I asked her out for dinner that day. She agreed. We both had a great time.

As we returned, we moved to the parking lot. I parked my car, she thanked me for dinner and she hugged me in the car. My heart jumped beats and mind kept telling me not to let her go. As she opened the door and left for the lift, I was in the vehicle. Then I decided to go through with it.

I went running behind her and caught her in the lift. She leaned against the wall with innocence in her eyes and asked me what I was gonna do. I told her I feel like kissing her allover. She asked me after that I told her I felt like eating her. I then went forward and kissed her. We kissed as we reached her floor.

We kept on kissing as we unlocked her door and got in. We then went to the bedroom. She pushed me on to the bed. She removed her green churidar and was left in her red lace bra that barely covered up her 36 b boobs and her red panties. She walked on me and removed my shirt and sat on my lap.

I then started to kiss her and we caressed each other bodies. I ran my hand from her shoulders to her boobs. She ran her hands across my chest to my crotch. She knew I was hard. She then helped me remove my pants. She took my dick in her hand.

I could see her cute innocent face filled with lust as she took the dick in her mouth. She started to suck it. She continued to suck me like she was a pro at it. She licked my balls, and my rod up and down, sucking in the precum from the top. I was on cloud nine, she stopped as I was about to cum.

She then came on top of me, and removed her panties and directed my dick into her pussy. She moaned as a dick went it. Her pussy was tight and her warmth made my dick throb. I knew my dick was extending her wall, as she is not used to that girth. She then slowly started to ride it.

I loved her facial expressions. I rose up and removed her bra and took out soft pink areolar boobs. As she started to ride me, her boobs were fondled by me. We kissed in between. I then started to thrust in using my back. As the speed increased her boobs bounced. I kept on fondling and sucking on her boobs.

I performed all my tricks on her boobs in 10 minutes. She rode, enough to make her cum with my hands and dick. I then turned her to bed and kept on thrusting her as I sucked on her neck on both sides and kissed her wildly. As my pumping hardened, she moaned. I came to her. We then took rest for some time.

She asked me to clean up. As she rose from the bed, I pull her back down. I started to kiss her again wildly. She asked whether I liked her. I told her so much. I then started to finger her pussy.

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