Dream Onsite Trip With Colleague

Priya and I were colleagues working on the same project. We got an onsite opportunity, and both opted for it.

She was 26, single, with 36-34-36, a beautiful girl and firm boobs and round-shaped ass. When she wears jeans, and you look from the back, you can’t keep your eyes off.

I am 27, single. Healthy body, good looking holding 7″ long 2″ thick tool.

We were excited about our trip. We did loads of shopping together. We were only two traveling to London. We were given 1BHK flats each, next to each other as accommodation.

We landed safely there. We spent few days in the client’s office. Then we started roaming around the city over the weekend. It was an almost 2-month long trip.

I didn’t have any crush on her, neither she had on me. We were just excited about the trip. This was our first visit, and we were exploring all areas. But this happens between a boy and a girl. When they both spend time together, they get more closer and closer.

I was not sure about Priya, but I had started noticing her body more. This was more because I used to take a lot of her pics, then load them to my laptop and watch. Slowly I was looking for more such chances to peep into her curves. After almost a month, these feelings turned stronger urge to explore her body.

I began looking for opportunities. Over one such weekend, we had an exhausting trip to nearby places. We were almost tired by evening. I could feel and see that with Priya as well. This gave me that crazy idea of not let go of this golden chance.

Me: Priya, I know you might feel a little awkward. But I want to share something with you.

Priya: You silly fellow, go on. I won’t mind.

Me: Ok. I know how to get rid of this tiredness.

Priya: Oh really, how is it?

Me: A good massage can heal our body.

Priya: Oh yes, I know. But that’s a dream. We won’t get those here.

Me: We can, actually.

Priya: Is it? Where can we get it?

Me: In our flat itself.

Priya: Is it safe? I have never done this.

Me: Yes, if it is done from a known source.

Priya: Ok.

Me: You will be surprised to know that I am a certified masseur. I had done this for my family as my grandfather needed this.

Priya: Really?

Me: If you don’t mind, I can give you a massage.

Priya was silent for a moment was staring at me.

Me: I thought you trust me now. So I can give you that offer, and it will be a complete secret between us.

Priya was still thinking. She wanted it but was reluctant to say yes. I realized she needed some more convincing.

Me: Don’t worry. If you are not interested, that’s fine. You can be free with me. I was trying to help you/

Priya: I know. Thanks for your concern. But…

Me: Hey, that’s ok. Forget it. Let’s go home.

We reached our station. I was upset inside, thinking I lost this chance. We were on the way back home. Both were silent. We reached home and got into our flat.

After 10 minutes, I received a text on my mobile. It was Priya. She wrote, “Dear, I think I need your help. My whole body is painting. Can you please… ”

I replied, “Don’t worry, dear. I will take a shower and will be there in 30 minutes. And chill down. It’s secret between us.” I was jumping with excitement and was sure that I am going to fulfill my dream today.

I finished my shower immediately and rang her doorbell in 30 minutes. She opened the door as she was waiting for me. She pulled me inside in a hurry and closed the door. She was scared that nobody should notice. I asked her to relax and go and change her clothes. Meanwhile, I will arrange everything.

I switched on slow music, dimmed the light, cleaned the bed. I got the massage oil and kept it on the table. Priya came back in 5 minutes. I was shocked to see her in lingerie covered with a towel. I had an instant hard-on. She came closer to me and shocked me.

I came to my senses and asked her to remove towels and lie down on the bed. She reluctantly removed the towel slowly without questioning and lay down on the bed. She was in her red bra and red panty. I again relaxed her with my words.

I asked to close the eye and feel the massage to get the maximum out of it. She followed my instruction. I took oil in my hand and started massaging Priya’s feet. Bent her leg at the knee and massaged her lower leg once after another. Those were soft, whitish, and hands sliding like butter.

I could imagine how awesome it would be to cuddle her whole body naked. After leg, I slowly moved up to the thigh. She was shivering a little, and I could sense that. I again threw some magical words and made her relax.

I told her, “It’s common for massage, and these are the points that give us more relaxation.” She was feeling better now and permitted me to move on. While massaging her thigh, I didn’t raise my finger till her panty lines intentionally. I didn’t want to hurry and mess up things. I wanted to build her trust.

Then I moved back. I massaged her lower back. I asked how she is feeling. I could feel she was enjoying it now. Then I moved to the upper back. Now was the time to get into the game slowly. I asked her if I could unhook the bra as oil might spoil it and block back massage. She thought for a moment but agreed.

I unhooked her bra, but It was still attached to her body, covering her boobs. I had her open back now. I started massaging her back slowly, including her arms, neck, and palms. While massaging back, I intentionally touched her side boobs now.

She reacted as shocked but then was ok. She thought it was not intentional. She was already mesmerized by my massage skill and was enjoying it. Now was the time to take a bold step. I asked if she would like to feel completely relax. She responded yes.

I told it’s butt which can relax you from all strain. She was silent. I know she wanted it but was shying to tell me. She needed my words again. I said, “Priya, don’t worry, it’s secret, and this is all part of a massage. You won’t feel complete without it.” She agreed.

I slowly took her panty out. Now she was completely nude in front of me, lying on the bed – a white shinning bump. I took oil in both hands and grabbed her big butt, and started crushing. I could see her pink ass hole. Now Priya was not shying and was relaxed.

I poured some more oil in her ass hole and rubbed both ass cheeks together with oil. I asked Priya how she is feeling now. She nodded her head with full permission. I understood she is falling into my trap. After 10 minutes of butt massage, I slowly moved both her legs apart.

I started massaging the inner thigh. I could get a glimpse of her pink hairless pussy lips. She didn’t oppose my act. While massaging, I touched her pussy lips intentionally a couple of times. There was no reaction from her. I could see Priya was wet now, and juice was flowing out of her pussy.

I knew I have own game. After a few minutes, I slowly took my middle finger, touched her pussy, and tickled it. I think she was in a different world and didn’t react to this action also. I was bold enough now to insert my finger into her pussy.

Slowly my middle finger was inside her wet pussy, and I was fingering her. In few minutes, she came to her senses and looked at me with surprise. I was scared. I thought she is going to shout at me now. But to my surprise, she was silent.

I told her, “Priya, relax. I am trying to give you the maximum pleasure and relaxation, and this will help you.” She came close to me and whispered, “Do you think I am a dumbo? Don’t I understand what you are up to?” I was shocked, and my heart was pounding hearing this.

To this, she again replied, “Relax. You can do anything now to relax me. I have already permitted you.” I got the green signal. I looked at her, and both of us locked our lips. I started sucking her upper lips, and she was my lower lips. She was fully naked, now, sitting in my laps and kissing me.

But I was in full dress. She started taking out my clothes. In no time, I was nude, and my 7″ cock was out. I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. She cuddled me with her leg. I was holding her face and sucking her lips like crazy. I moved my hands to her boobs, cupped her right boobs, and pressed softly.

Wow, amazing melons she had. While I was sucking her lips, my hands were active on her melons, squeezing them like sponge balls. Almost after an intense 10 minutes of kissing, I moved down to those 2 beautiful melons and started sucking like hungry kids.

Those pink nipples on white boobs were shining with my saliva. Priya was moaning with ecstasy. Alternatively, I was sucking each boob while pressing the other one. In between, I also bit her nipples. Slowly I moved down and finally reached my love hole.

Pinky pussy was already flowing with juice, and its aroma was fascinating to me. Without further delay, I started licking all her juice, flowing outside. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and started deep fucking with my tongue. Priya was pounding her butt with moaning heavily.

This was her first experience, and she was in heaven. Slowly I started almost eating her pussy. After 15 minutes of licking, Priya had cum twice. Now it is time for Priya to give me the same feeling. I moved on her with her neck sandwiched between my thighs.

My cock was throbbing straight in front of her mouth. She didn’t know what am I up to. I hold her head and directed her towards my torso to suck it out. She was reluctant but agreed and took my entire shaft into her throat. She steadily started moving her head and giving me a blowjob.

In few minutes, before I was about to release cum, I asked her to leave me. We both moved into 69 position. I was training all these positions to her. She was new to this, and she never watched any porn before. She loved this position. While I was sucking her pussy, she was giving me a lovely blowjob.

Now I could see her ass hole very close to me. I inserted my little finger into her ass hole. It was tight. I took little oil and gave a push, and my half finger was in. She shouted in pain, and I took my finger out. We continued in the 69 position for some more time.

I was in love with her butt, kissing those pieces in between and sucking the queen placed in the middle. Now, it was time for the master ceremony. We both were virgins. We were back in the missionary position. She was a little scared. Her pussy was already wet and slippery with my saliva.

My shaft was also wet with Priya’s saliva. I positioned my rod into her love hole and pushed slowly. It slid on its way. Her pussy was a little tight, but my entire 7” dick entered inside with my next push. She shouted in pain. I lip-locked her mouth and cupped her both boobs.

I started pushing my rod deep inside. She was in little pain but was ready to feel. After some time, she was enjoying it. I had increased my pace and was fucking her. Her boobs were shaking with my every shot, and Priya was moaning heavily.

Almost after 15 minutes, I was exhausted. I released a load of cum inside her pussy and fell, cuddling her. Priya was also done. We were in that position for 10 minutes, then got up. Her seal was broken, and the bed was colored with reddish-white liquid.

We rushed to the bathroom, cleaned ourselves, and came back. Priya hugged me but was worried. I convinced her that this is all between us and a secret. I took her for a shower together and cleaned her body. Nothing much happened. We came back, cooked food, and slept together, cuddling each other naked.

The next morning, it was 7 am. I was first to get up. Sun rays were falling on Priya’s face. She was looking beautiful as usual. I kissed her on the forehead, then her eyes. She got up and smiled. Then we lip-locked for a few sec. She thanked me for a beautiful evening. I thanked her for showing trust.

We hugged each other started kissing again. We both were warmed again for one more round but had little pain due to virginity loss. So we didn’t do much and got fresh. We showered together. I cleaned her body with soap gel. I massaged her boobs and pussy.

She cleaned my shaft. I wrapped her in a towel and brought her out in my arms. I dried her and applied moisturizer everywhere. In front of the mirror, both of us were naked. I was massaging her boobs with cream. I couldn’t control from sucking those pinky shinning nipples again.

That instant hard-on moved me to such her pussy again. I raised her leg, kept it on my shoulder, and started sucking her pussy deeply. Priya was going crazy and pulling my hair.

We continued to have sex almost daily for the next month till we were onsite. We enjoyed every position we could. And I hope you enjoyed my story of fucking my office friend.

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