My Seductive And Hot Make-Up Sex

It was my first job after my MBA as an executive at a prominent ad agency where I enjoyed my make-up sex. On my first day itself, I felt I was getting a lot of male attention.

I have long hair, which I color in the shades of light brown and red. I am fair with thick pink lips and look Iranian when I wear kajal. Fairly busty (36DD), or you can also call me curvy with a thin waist and a bubble ass.

I met my boyfriend Rohan for the first time there. He asked me out for a date within the first week. He worked in a senior position but decided to quit to start his venture.

Rohan is an extremely caring, sweet, and attentive boyfriend. When we got intimate, I realized how horny and wild he was. He has a 7.5-inch long dick. It gets hard really soon and stays hard for a long time. He loves fondling my boobs.

He often bought me sexy dresses, insisting I wear them on our intimate dates with no bra. He would go crazy every time I fingered my pink pussy in front of him. We enjoyed our wild adventures, sex marathons and experimented a lot in bed.

A few months after we started dating, he traveled to Delhi for a few weeks for a work project. I got insecure. I knew his ex was in Delhi and wanted to get back to him. One day I saw some pics of his ex-girlfriend chilling with him and his friends on his social media account.

I tried calling him that evening. But he did not respond to my call for 2 hours.
By now, I got really desperate. I decided to take some racy nude pictures and share them with him to respond.

I quickly wore my semi-transparent white shirt over my bare boobs with no panties and got under a shower to get wet. After getting drenched in a cold shower, I pinched my nipples to make them red and prominent. I quickly went to my bedroom, spread my legs, and started to finger myself.

I then poured the chocolate sauce over my lips down to my chin and cleavage. Like a hooker doll, I took some pics and my video of finger fucking. After reviewing the best pics and the video, I mailed these to him on our personal email id, which we used to send each other sexy mails.

Within 7 minutes, I got a video call from him while I was still cleaning up the chocolate sauce on me. He said he wants to meet me asap. He flew back to Mumbai that night. We met at our private sex spot, my friend’s empty home closer to the airport.

He reached there before I did. When I reached there, he kissed me hard with his tongue in my mouth. His hands slipped in my skirt to rub my hairless chut over my thongs. My hands were on his face sliding down to his chest, feeling his warm skin.

I opened his shirt and licked his chest along its length biting his tiny brown nipples as he groaned in pleasure. He then caught my hair to pull me back and started to suck my nipples over my blouse only. By now, my nipples were now erect and poking through my thin tight blouse.

My blouse now had his wet patches where he sucked me. He whispered in my ears, “After enjoying your body, I can never enjoy hers. I have not cheated on you.” He said this and lifted me over his shoulder to take me to the bedroom.

He pulled my skirt and thongs down at one go and started to lick me while still standing. I held on to a wall to avoid falling and then his hair. He kept licking and used his hands to spank my bare ass.

He knew how much I loved our dirty Hindi sexy talks. Every time he spanked me, he asked, “Will you be my sexy randi? Sabke saamne tujhe chodunga. Mere alawa tere mumme koi nahi masal sakta. Teri choot aur gaand sirf mere lund ke liye hai.”

He kept licking me, his tongue flicking my cunt. He used his middle finger and started to finger fuck me. By now, my legs were shivering in excitement, had nearing orgasm, and I could not stand straight. I came on his face while he was licking me, spanking me at the same time.

I was so high in the excitement that I collapsed on the bed, trembling. He came on the bed next to me with a playful smile on his lips and whispered, “Good, you are not wearing a bra.” Now he started to slide his hands under my blouse to feel my boobs.

When I am really turned on, the slightest touch on my boobs can make me crazy. He started to squeeze my melons. I could not stop moaning. His rough, strong hands squeezing my melons were getting me ready for round 2. I held his hands for 5 secs to remove my top. Now I was naked next to him.

He started to finger my already sore pussy again. He was first sucking my busty boobs. Then he got really wild and start to bite my tits, slapping them hard. He turned into my favorite fuck monster. My face, neck, and boobs became red with his biting and slapping.

My nipples and chut were wet with his sucking, licking. My moaning was getting louder and louder. I was nearing my 2nd orgasm that night, and suddenly he stopped. He laughed and said, “Akele akele hi?”

I knew what he wanted after my explosive orgasm on his. He wanted me to turn into his dirty slut. I was already naked and desperate to feel him and his massive cock inside me. He never wore a condom. I loved how raw his cock felt when he came in me. But first, I needed to make his cock ready to fuck me.

I got up and grabbed his hand to pull him. I took him to the bathroom. Got rid of his pants. He rarely wore underwear, especially if he knew we will be fucking. I held his cock in my hands and started to rub it while kissing him. Slowly kissing his neck, giving a love bite on his chest.

I knelt before him, his cock inches away from my mouth. I looked up to him and said, “If you ever fuck her or any other chick, I promise I will not think twice before cheating on you.” I started sucking his cock. Each time taking it deeper in my mouth, even sucking his balls.

I took his entire dick in my mouth. I kept it in for a few secs making it wet with my saliva, taking his oozing cum before taking it out. To give him an additional visual thrill, I would take his cum oozing cock and rub it on my big pink tits.

When he could no longer handle it, he pushed me on the floor and came on top of me, entering my already raw cunt. This time he was moaning louder than me. He increased his speed, fucking me deeper, harder, faster. With every thrust, my body was getting turned on so badly.

I used my legs to wrap around him to pull him deeper into me. I could see his sweat-covered body over me as I was nearing orgasm. When we were closer to orgasm, he bent a little to take my nipple in his mouth, his dick really deep inside me. I could feel his cum in me.

We were lying on the dry bathroom floor for the next few minutes, his naked body over mine. My mouth and face covered with his precum and my saliva, my pussy sore with his cock still in me. The night though wasn’t over, nor were we.

If you want to know what I did next, stay tuned for the next part. This is my first attempt narrating my sexual escapade with Rohan. Please share your feedback on my id [email protected]

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