Shy Married MILF Fucked In A Kitty Party – Part 2

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After having a good night we both were too tired to wake up and get off the bed. But Anu managed to get up and gave me a good morning kiss. She giggled at my morning boner. My dick was getting harder seeing her. I just pulled her in for a smooch. Then pushed her down to suck my dick which she did.

The view was amazing. 11 in the morning with her bent over sucking my dick so passionately and slowly. Kissing and licking the whole cock shaft. And playing with my balls too giving me that naughty look. I helped her with her hair as she did her dirty job.

Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door. Anu just said come in and went back to sucking and deepthroating me. Kirti came in with a tray of food for both of us, sandwiches and juice. She put down the tray and watched Anu try to deepthroat my big dick.

A brief on Kirti, 32-year-old, a normal-looking upper class conservative Hindu wife with a body and shaved pussy to die for. 36b big boobs with a surprise, 32 waist, and a big 40 ass. She does not know but I can twerk it well while riding.

Kirti comes over and spanks Anu hard and pushes her head on my dick forcefully. Anu was out of the air and let me go.

“Tera dill bhara nahi? Your moans made me wet all night ab subah bhi chalu ho gayi.”

I knew this was my chance. I pulled Kirti in. She just held my veiny pulsating saliva covered dick, admiring it top to bottom. The next thing I knew was her lips were tight on me sucking so hard and deep. Even Anu was surprised.

Kirti was one of her best mates from society. A curvy petite mom in her loose pajamas and top, going to town with the blowjob. But I had cum so much that I was not going to orgasm soon. Anu fingered her good while I fucked her face. She cummed so hard she almost bit me on my dick.

Then we got up and brushed. Then Kirti, me and Anu had our breakfast. Kirti was still horny. I could see it in her body style and that made my dick grow again. I just got up, pushed Kirti on the bed and kissed her full on. She did not deny and Anu giggled.

Anu – I think I’m gonna give you two some privacy. You owe me Kirti for this.

And she left us.

Kirti rolled me over and kissed even harder. And I took her top off and undid her bra too. My hands were all over her, caressing her ass and curves, spanking her ass too. She bit my lower lip and I pushed her back to grope those milk tanks! 36 b cups with dark brown nipples were heaven.

I sucked on both and she was lactating too! Hot milf milk was yum. I was so lost that I must have drunk a good amount of her milk. She was grinding her pussy on my boner and her pajamas were wet now. She slid mine down and my hard dick popped in front of her. It was leaking precum all over again.

She got up and slid her pajamas off revealing that big ass in cute black panty and then her panties too. She grabbed the bottle of oil and came over. She massaged my dick well with the oil. I fingered her pussy with a good amount of oil too.

Then she just got on top of me facing me. Her pussy lips were grinding on my dick which was eager to fuck her.

Kirti – Be easy on me honey!

And I lifted my dick and the head of the dick slightly went in!

Me – Gosh you are tight!

I give slow strokes and it makes its way in about more than half due to oil. I pull her towards me and hug her tight. We kiss and lock our lips getting lost in it and I start pumping my dick in her while she bounced and twerk on me.

Her pussy was tighter than Anu. She was having issues as it slid deeper inside her. But still, I wanted her to have me full or nothing! Then we switched position. Now I pulled her big desi ass to the edge of the bed. She was lying on her right side and watching me stroke my shining dick to fuck her again.

I pressed the dick tip between her slit and rubbed her clit vigorously. She was moaning loud and hot and I pushed my dick in! It went smoothly this time and she let out a sexy moan

Kirti – (winks at me and then grabs her ass cheeks and spreading it more for me) You like this honey? Fuck it deeper. Harder. Shit, I needed this. Oh god! I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop.

Her ass and my thighs were clapping and I was balls deep in her. Her pussy was so tight it hugged my cock perfectly. I was enjoying this and fucked her hard while spanking her. Playing with her tits while she made those lusty sex faces.

Anu sneaked on us with Priyanka too and watched her cum on my dick.

Priyanka – He’s good, yaar! I’m gonna use him.

Anu – Don’t get ideas babe.

Priyanka – We’ll see about that! And they watched us again.

Meanwhile, I was on the edge of cumming soon. And wanted her to cum again before I do. So I took her legs, lifted them straight up and spread them. Fucking her balls deep now and her moans are even more erotic and louder. She hugs her legs and I keep pounding her till we both cum together.

I pull out in time to jerk my cum all over her and then fall beside her on the bed. Kirti thanked both of us and had to leave as her kids were calling her now. She did clean my dick with a nice blow job before leaving. I too apologized to both the women (Anu and Priyanka) as I was now tired.

I left the place with a paining dick which I had to ice pack for a few days. After that, I did get a few shots with Priyanka. She was pure hardcore lover gym fit milf and Anu almost became regular. Kirti did get her chance to when Anu brought her along on trips and meets.

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