Mumbai Girl And Neighborhood Dada – Part 2

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In the evening, I and dada came back home together after shopping and purchasing the daily necessities. I went to the kitchen for preparing dinner while dada was watching TV.

After we had our dinner and dada went to bed. I was feeling a bit naughty and adventurous. But I wasn’t sure if I should take off my undergarments but I finally decided to do so.

I walked into the bedroom wearing a white knee-length nighty without anything inside. I could see dada staring at my bouncy boobs which were moving in complete freedom.

As I entered the bed, dada asked me if I needed some tickling, to which I agreed. But this time, I didn’t turn back. I told him to tickle my arms. He was sliding his fingers from my shoulder to my palm and slowly, I started feeling horny. I started feeling a bit scared and embarrassed too as I wasn’t wearing my panty.

I just didn’t want my pussy to leak and was somehow trying to control when dada slowly started running his fingers on my stomach over my nighty. He slowly put his fingers on my navel area. I just couldn’t control myself anymore and moaned loudly releasing a huge spurt of my juices!

Dada understood what happened and just asked me, “Are you feeling relaxed?” and I said, “Yesss” softly.

Then I got up from bed and went to the bathroom. I realized my nighty was totally wet from the back.

I sat on the commode to pee and I could feel a huge gush of juices flowing out of my pussy along with my pee. I was feeling happy for becoming wet without even rubbing my pussy even once.

I changed to a long t-shirt as my nighty was wet and slowly crept into the bed feeling embarrassed. I saw dada sleeping only in his shorts. After getting into the bed, I don’t know what came over me. I went closer to dada and snuggled him, keeping my head on his shoulder and my left hand on his chest and fell asleep.

After some time, I realized that we were hugging each other while sleeping and our legs were between each other. I could feel dada’s right knee near my pussy sometimes rubbing my pussy hair (oops, I forgot to tell you that I have a hairy pussy which I haven’t shaved and it is quite dense). I decided to let it be so and slept again.

The next morning, I woke up. After taking a shower, I went to the bedroom wearing a towel. I saw dada was still sleeping. I bent again to open the almirah to pick up my clothes, my butt was stark naked in front of dada’s face during that time.

I wore my panty there itself before going to the other room to wear my remaining clothes. After that, I woke up dada. We had our breakfast and left for work.

Our same routine continued where we met after office, did some shopping and went home, had dinner and went to bed. But that night was a bit different as I wore shorts with panty inside. I didn’t want my leaking pussy to spill my juices on the bed and my clothes.

I also wore a thin camisole without any bra as I had become comfortable being in front of dada without a bra. Actually, I wanted him to play with my boobs and squeeze them hard but I didn’t want to take the initiative. So I was waiting for the right time.

After going to bed, I snuggled up to dada. But that night, instead of asking him to tickle, I was running my fingers on his chest.

I have long nails and I started scratching his chest and slowly moved to his nipples and pinched them, gently turning him on. He was enjoying it. I slowly kept my left leg on him and I could feel his erect cock.

I started grinding his cock with my left knee and pinching his nipple, making him desperate for a fuck. Soon, he was playing along. He squeezed my butts making me equally horny and wanting for a fuck.

Gradually, I moved my hand down and started running my fingers on his erect cock over his shorts, making him moan. I tried opening his foreskin from over his shorts, but the cloth wasn’t letting me do it.

I brought my fingers further down to his thighs and slowly, I started running my nails on his thighs. My fingers crept inside his shorts from his legs and I finally touched his cock! It was my first time touching a real cock and as soon as I touched it, he gave my butts a hard squeeze.

I grabbed his cock hard and felt the entire length with my fingers. It was BIG! I slowly opened his foreskin with my nails and started scratching the top of his cock with my nails. I could feel some liquid there.

I slowly started stroking his cock with my hands, gradually increasing my speed. During this process, we were hugging really hard and my boobs were getting crushed on his chest.

I increased my speed and after some time, he shot a huge load of cum in my hand. I slowly took out my hand from his shorts and asked if he was feeling relaxed. He pulled me closer and kissed my lips.

Then I got up from the bed, went to the washroom to wash my hands. I left the bathroom door open intentionally. I washed my hand and then lowered my shorts and panty and sat on the commode to pee.

As I got up and pulled up my panty, dada entered the washroom. He saw me in my panty and my shorts down to my ankle.

I pulled up my shorts in front of him and walked out. He came back to the bed in a few minutes and we snuggled up. We were not in a mood to sleep, so we spoke for some time. I was lying on his chest and after some time, we slept.

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