Cuckold XIS Reader Watches Wife Being Banged

My name is Ajil. I am a 35-year-old engineer, 5ft 8 inches tall. A fit body and 6-inch dick. This incident happened a couple of months back, I was in India and was contacted by a couple who lives in my city.

The couple’s name is Sanjay and Udita, Sanjay was working in an MNC company and his wife Udita is a housewife. She was a Bengali lady and a very sexy woman, short in height with sexy assets. She had 34 size boobs and 36 size ass I think, with a little tummy too.

Coming back to the story, I got an email from Sanjay praising my stories and he told me that he and his wife both read it together and have enjoyed it a lot. I thanked them and we started chatting on hangout.

Sanjay started to share with me his cuckold feelings and told me to help him out, though he is much interested in doing it, but his wife Udita is interested in reading the stories only. They have a very good sex life though.

Sanjay started sending me photos of his wife’s panties and bra to make me horny and would love to see my dick photos in return. He used to look at those photos and start imagining that I am fucking his wife in front of him and he would then masturbate thinking of that.

They never shared any photos with their faces and I too never sent any photo of my identity for safety reasons. Slowly he started sending me photos of Udita’s panties daily and used to ask me what is on my mind now and what will I do if I am with them? I used to share my thoughts and desires and make him hornier.

This continued for another 2 to 3 days, then Sanjay introduced me to his wife Udita, and I slowly started chatting with her too. She was more of a shy type in chatting. But gradually our chats started happening regularly.

She became a bit bolder and opened a new hangout address to chat only with me when Sanjay was at work and we continued chatting in it. Slowly our chat started getting hotter.

Me- Hi Udi, what are you doing?
Udi- Watching TV, Sanju has work na, so I sit at home and watch TV.
Me- Watching something hot on TV?
Udi- He… he, no. Just some series.
Me- Ok, I eagerly want to see how you look like.

Udi- Sanju told you na.
Me- He did but I am not sure of it until I see some part of you, no need of your face, just a body selfie is enough.
She paused for a while and then sent me a photo of hers without her face from her gallery.

Me- Oh, you look very beautiful and sexy, nice shape.
Udi- (Sends a smiley) Thanks, I want to know how you look like too?
I send her a photo of mine without the face but nude holding my dick in my hand which is very hard. She was shocked to see that photo, as she was expecting a selfie from my gallery with my clothes on.

Udi- Oooooh!
Me- Why, what happened?
Udi- I was not expecting you to send a naked photo.
Me- Do you like it?
Udi- You have a nice body.

Me- Thanks, do you know that your husband fantasizes about you being fucked by other guys?
Udi- I know…. he is crazy sometimes, I don’t like to do that.
Me- I know how wet your pussy gets when you read my stories about fucking other’s wives. I know you wanted to be that other wife who is getting fucked in front of your husband.

Udi- No, cheeee, I don’t like that.
Me- Then what do you think when you read the stories?
Udi- Nothing.
Me- Tell me the truth, have you ever fantasized about me fucking you?
Udi- No.
Me- Liar.

She told me that she will chat later as she wants to prepare food for Sanjay. Our chats continued for a couple of days. I started sending her more naked photos of mine and she started sending me her selfies with sexy dresses.

I continued my chats with Sanjay too in the evening and told him all about what I talk to her about, also told him that she will be willing to have sex with me in front of you, but it has to happen accidentally for the first time. We made plans then, I decided to visit them and planned for a weekend visit to their flat.

I visited their house on a Saturday afternoon, as planned with Sanjay. He was going to make her horny before I come and then leave for some urgent work. As planned he took her to bed on Saturday afternoon and started sucking her pussy and making her hornier and hornier.

As we had planned, I called him at the given time and he answered my call. He told her that he has to leave urgently to see a friend. As soon as he left I came and rang their room bell. After a couple of minutes, she opened the door.

She couldn’t recognize me, I introduced myself to her and told I am the guy she was chatting with. She was surprised to see me. I told her that Sanjay had told me to come and have lunch together with them and he wanted to give you a surprise, so he did not tell you.

She told me that he had to go urgently to see a friend and should be back soon. She said she will make some juice for me to drink. She called Sanjay and he told her to serve me food and ask me to wait as he will be back in an hour and a half.

She went into the kitchen to make juice, I followed her and from behind, I hugged her, she stood there without any motion, I was expecting her to show some reluctance to that, but instead, it seemed like she wanted me.

Then I squeezed her boobs and started biting and sucking on her neck, she kept her hand on top of my hand and helped me to squeeze her boobs, then I turned her around and started kissing her on the lips.

As planned with Sanjay I was going to start fucking her after one hour so that when Sanjay comes later he will see us fucking, but the way things were progressing it seemed that by the time Sanjay was back, we would have finished one round of sex.

Udi had very soft lips and a sexy face which made me very hard and unable to wait for Sanjay. I took her in my arms and asked her where the bedroom was, she guided me with her hands, I took her and threw her on the bed.

She was wearing a Kurti and pajama, I removed her kurta and her bra and started to suck her boobs, she was moaning, Aaaaaaaaaaa….aaaahhhhhhh, aaahhhhhhh,….hhhhhhhh. I then removed her pajama, moved her pantie to the side, and started sucking her pussy.

She kept brushing my hair with her eyes closed and kept biting her lips, I then removed my t-shirt and she removed my pants and underwear and took out my dick. I lay down on her in 69 position and continued sucking her pussy, she started sucking my dick.

She was trying to take it deep into her throat and though she was choking, she was also enjoying it. I then inserted one finger in her pussy and finger-fucked her slowly, then inserted my two fingers and started fucking her pussy hard.

She made loud noises and was squirting, her pussy fluid was spraying on my face with pleasure, I didn’t know she was such a big squirting lady. I stopped for 10 seconds and did that again, she kept squirting every time I did that at least 5 times as she squirted.

I immediately turned her around and inserted my dick in her pussy, because of all the fluid her pussy drilling was very easy, then I started fucking her really hard for 10 minutes.

Sanjay was sending me messages and because he wasn’t receiving any reply he figured out that something is happening, he entered the house with the key he had, entered the bedroom, and saw me banging Udita real hard.

Udita saw him enter but she was in so much pleasure that she was unable to either say a word or to stop. I kept fucking her and inserted my 3 fingers in her mouth and kept fucking her pussy with my dick real hard and wild.

Sanjay kept looking at Udita’s expressions and his dick started getting hard, he took out his dick and started masturbating. I changed my position and made Udi kneel like a doggy, then I told Sanjay to come in front of her.

I held her hair, pulled it back, and started fucking her pussy hard and rough, she had tears in her eyes due to the pain and pleasure and kept making noise, Aaaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhh. Aaaahhhhaaaaaahhhh, aaaaahhhh…. Aaaahhhhaaaahhh… aaahhhh.

I told Sanjay, this is how you fuck a woman. You watch and jerk off. He was jerking off, and in no time he came on the floor. I kept going and in between took my dick out and released her pussy juice, then entered in her pussy again and fucked her for another 5 minutes.

Then I turned her around and came on her face, she sucked it all clean.
That whole day I had sex with them, which I will mention in the next part.

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