Banged My Friend’s Hot Punjabi Mom

Hi everyone, I am Raj, age 22, from New Delhi. I am here to tell you all about my experience, which made me fulfill my biggest fantasy. Like any young boy, I, too, have a fetish for older women, bhabhis, and aunties.

To be precise, I like hot moms, especially those who have teenage kids and are in their 40s. They are just so mature and horny that they give you the best sex of your life. I had seen a lot of milfs around me, including my teacher’s, my neighbor milf. But I was never so lucky to get laid by any of them.

I had a friend in my college. Her name was Savleen, and she was a Punjabi girl. She was good-looking, but the only issue was she had a boyfriend. Apparently, her mother Simran was also a good friend of my mom.

Simran aunty was in her mid-40s, around 45. But she was still damn curvy and a hot mommy.  I noticed this about her when once I was at her place. She was wearing a tight suit and salwar. I could see her cleavage and tight round butts in that salwar.

I had an instant boner that day. That day I started watching porn like friends mom, mom’s friend, such types of porn.

She had a figure of 36-32-36. I used to visit her home more frequently on the pretext of meeting Savleen, her daughter. One day I noticed she had a tattoo on her hand and waist. This made me harder for her.

Savleen was a good friend of mine. She told me that her mother Simran and her father were not having a good relationship. They used to fight a lot. I took it as a positive and started getting more close to Simran aunty.

I started chatting with her on WhatsApp. Soon I got quite open with Simran aunty that she started sharing her personal life issues with me. She would tell me everything about her marriage, and I would use it to get close to her.

One day Savleen had a fight with her mom and dad and went to her uncle’s house. Her dad, too, left for a day or two somewhere. Simran aunty was quite upset, and I knew about it. So I decided to go and take advantage of the situation.

As I reached her home, she looked upset. I started to show my worry for her. She confided to me about what happened, and she started to cry. I gave her my shoulder and normalized her.  I calmed her down and cracked a few jokes to make her normal.

She started to smile.  I took advantage of the situation and said, “Come, aunty, let me hug you. Don’t be sad.” I hugged her, and when I hugged her, I felt her soft melons brushing my chest. Oh, gosh, not only that I could see this chubby Simran aunty’s round ass in her salwar.

I wanted to slap that ass hard, but I didn’t want to take the risk so early. We broke our hug. I smiled and said, “Aunty, let’s have wine. It will make you relax” She smiled and bought a bottle of wine from inside.

I knew women are easy to manipulate when drunk. So after a few drinks, I could see her open up more with me as she started talking more freely. Following was our conversation

Simran – I always thought you and Savleen are bf gf.

Me – No, aunty, she is just my friend.

Simran – does she have a bf

Me – Yes, aunty.

Simran – She never tells me.

Me – Yes, despite having such a cool mom.

Simran – What about you? Do you have a gf?

Me – No, but I would love to have a gf like you.

Simran – Like me, why?

Me – You are so pretty and good-looking.

Simran – Liar (smiling).

Me – I am not a liar

Simran –  At least someone finds me attractive.

Me – Ahh, uncle doesn’t know how lucky he is.

Simran – I know.

Me – I want to be that lucky one, though.

She started blushing and looking here and there to avoid the situation. But I knew this was the time to take advantage. I got up and got close to her. She was standing too. I narrowed the gap between her and me. I whispered in her ears, “I think I am in love with you, Simran aunty.”

In the next moment, I grabbed her by the hair and sucked her lips. For a moment, she, too, lip-locked with me.  It was an intense minute or two long kisses between both of us. My hand was on her waist, caressing her waist. My tongue was licking her tongues, and intense smooch got us both horny.

I don’t know what happened. But she pushed me away and said, “Raj, I think it is wrong, and you should leave.” Saying this, she started walking towards her bedroom. This had got me hard. I could not think much and ran towards her room.

Her back was facing me. I pushed her in the same way towards the wall with my hands in her hands and my dick touching her butts. I kissed her on the neck and said, “Tell me you didn’t want this.”

I could feel her heavy breathe. She wanted to speak. But I kept my finger on her lips and said, ” Just let it happen, aunty.” I noticed she loosened her grip on my hand, so I turned her towards me.

This time a full 4-5 minute long smooch, and my hand went right on her ass. I removed my shirt and pant quickly.

She, too, removed her suit and opened her salwar. Oh, gosh, she was looking damn hot in her black bra and panty. I unhooked her bra, and gosh, her boobs were so nice, and her nipples were big and hard.

I started pressing her boobs hard and also started sucking her nipples to give her hard pleasure. I could not get enough of her boobs. I quickly pulled her panty too. She had a slightly hairy pussy.

But her pussy was nice and pink. I went down slowly on her licking her navel and parted her legs while she was standing with the support of the wall. I started licking her pussy and moving my tongue in and around her vagina.

I could feel her wetness down there. She was moaning with pleasure. She didn’t know what to say, but I could feel she was enjoying it. Now I pulled my underwear down and put her hands on my cock and asked her to stroke it for me.

She was stroking it, and I made her bend on her knees and asked her to suck it for me. First, she was reluctant, but I said, “It’s ok, aunty. I know you like sucking.” She gave me a nice blowjob and sucked it for good 5 minutes.

Now it was time for real fucking. I bend her using the support of the bed in standing doggy style. And without a condom entered my cock in her wet pussy. It was not that tight but yet warm and fucking hot. I was banging her hard and I could hear her scream in pleasure. I was also slapping her ass hard.

The next position was she on top. I got her on top of my dick in a standing position and started stroking her pussy hard. She was screaming in pleasure. The more she screamed, the more I pushed it inside.

I was not yet ready to cum, but she was pleading with me to cum fast. Now I got her in missionary. With her legs on my shoulder, I fucked her so hard that in the next 2 minutes I leaked inside her pussy. She ran inside the washroom, covering her naked body.

I lay on bed sweating. Guys, in the next part, I will tell you more about my sex adventure with Simran aunty. Till then, send your feedback to [email protected] You can read my other stories here.

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