Goa Trip With A Sexy Married Lady

Happy New Year 2020. Friends Let this year be as sexy as possible.

Hi XIS readers, I’m Rahul. 26 years old, single, Not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person, I’m basically from Mysore. Now shifted to Mangalore, a beautiful city in Karnataka. This story is about how a reader approached me for a sex trip to Goa.

So, let’s get into the story. After reading my previous story with Ashwini, many readers Responded to me well. I got a lot of emails and messages in the Hangout. Thank you all for the responses. I personally replied to each and every one. During such a chat a person from Kannur, Kerala started talking to me.

Her name was Asha. Asha was 36 married and had a child who was studying in a boarding school. Her husband was in Australia for a 5 years contract. She shared everything. I came to know that she is living a lavish life, but still missing the spark of sex in her life.

As her family is orthodox she never used to show them her issue and was craving sex. She had informed her husband about her problem. He gifted her sex toy to get satisfied herself. But she wanted to explore more as it was years having a real thing inside her.

At the same time, she was scared to take a step illegally. She was impressed after reading my story and approached me for it. Without a second thought, I said I can satisfy her if she is ok with me. She was a bit worried as she did not know about me. I said she can trust me.

If she is ok we can meet twice or thrice and get to know each other before we proceed. But the problem was we were nearly 150 km away. She didn’t want me to come there as her family members are everywhere in Kannur. So I told her to come here to Mangalore, she rejected this plan too.

For a week our plan continued like these ideas to meet, but it never happened. She was not even ready for sex chat. I respected her feelings and issues. So I did not force or irritate her. After two days she asked if I’m free over the weekend. I asked why. She said let’s go to Goa.

I was shocked as she asked suddenly and I asked how she will come. She said she needs to attend a marriage there in Goa. So I happily accepted her offer. Even I needed a break from the job. I asked her plans, she said she will reach Goa by flight, and she will book a flight for me as well. I said I’ll come by train, as I don’t have a direct flight to Goa.

She informed her reaching time. I reached there by Thursday night. I had lots of things about running in mind as it was our first meet. I don’t even know her and I’m here to have sex with an unknown person. All things were struck once I saw her coming out of the airport.

She was so beautiful and cute in black saree. She was hot but I found beautiful more than hotness. Literally, I fell in love. She waved and came near me. We had a handshake. I said I love you.  I managed to tell her that I was about to say something else, by mistake I told ‘I love you’.

She smiled and that was a cute smile. We booked a cab, I had already booked a homestay. We reached there in 30 minutes. It was already late. I ordered beer and food for both. She did not allow me to pay for anything. We got fresh and started sipping beer.

She told me about the marriage plans. It was her friend’s sister’s marriage. We were sipping beer and getting to know about each other. I showed her photos of my previous encounter. She shared her stories about how many tried to flirt with her and about her husband and family.

Once I taught I’ll make a move. But I didn’t as it might make her uncomfortable. Nothing much happened that day. It was time to sleep, but I said I’ll have a beer and sleep after some time. She said ok and asked me to sleep in the same bed and dozed off after dinner.

I was sipping a beer and noticed her on the bed. Such beauty and hotness together. I felt I’m really lucky to have her here with me. We slept in the same bed. I didn’t go for a move even now as it will break her trust. She invited me to Goa to get to know each other first. So, I waited as I had 3 days in hand.

In the morning I woke up to see a beautiful sight. She just had a bath and was out with a towel. I was struck seeing her in that position. She saw me and wished ‘Good Morning’ and said, “It looks like both woke up together.” I did not understand but then realized my hard-on (normal thing for every man in the morning).

I smiled stupidly and sat on the bed. I was waiting for her to dress up in front of me, but she didn’t. She asked me to get ready and pushed me inside the bathroom. I brushed her in this act, and her towel was striped. But she was fast enough to catch it before I could get a view.

I felt bad and told her I didn’t do it intentionally. She understood that it was not intentional and took it easy. She asked me to get fresh soon as she needs to visit her friend’s place. I got ready, and we left there. She introduced me as her cousin to her friend and their family.

They were busy chatting and discussing their old days. We had lunch and left from there. She wanted to buy some dresses, so we went to a mall in Calangute. She took me to a lingerie store. I was feeling uneasy as I was the only man in the store. She purchased, and we headed towards our room.

I ordered some beer. She wanted to try vodka, so I ordered vodka. We got freshen up and started drinking. I poured vodka for her, and I was having a beer. She started talking about the day and asked, “Are you controlling yourself or just being normal?”

I told her that I was about to make a move but stopped as it might hurt her feelings. She liked me being a gentleman. She came next to me and sat on my right. We sat too close. I could feel her body heat. I held her hand on mine and told her she is very beautiful.

We both were clear that we are just keeping this as FWB relation and nothing more. She was looking deep in my eyes and asked seductively, “Only beautiful? Not hot enough to impress you?”  I said, “I didn’t see anything hot yet.” She immediately stood up and said, “Let me try those which I purchased today.”

I already had an idea that it’s going to happen tonight. She went in and changed and came out in those inners. She changed to 3 inners. She had a perfect body structure, I was lost deep in the show. Finally, she came in a towel and removed it facing her back to me.

Slowly turned towards me. I was stunned to see her in a transparent babydoll dress. That ass was like two big melons, boobs were like two big apples which were inviting me to eat it. I was thinking about how an orthodox beautiful woman is almost nude standing in front of me.

She broke my thinking by asking a question. I didn’t even hear her properly as I was lost in her body. She again asked, “Now what do you feel only beauty or both beauty and hotness?” I showed a tent in my shorts and said I hope this is the best answer I can give and smiled.

She was happy seeing my cock saluting her hotness and asked her to sit with me. She came and sat over me. My cock was struggling to get out and drill her, I creased her back and started licking her neck and ear lobes slowly. My licking and vodka inside her were turning her horny.

I made her face me. She was horny and shy at the same time, I lifted her face she was sitting over me. We slowly started kissing which turned wild in a minute. She was biting and sucking my lips and rubbing her body over me. My cock was at its maximum height.

She could feel it over her pussy. I started sucking her boobs over her dress. Her nipples became so erect it looked like a cherry ready to eat. I made her dress wet and her pussy too. She removed my T-shirt and started licking my nipples. It was a different feeling for me.

I liked it and enjoyed. She slowly took her hand over my cock and removed my shorts in a go, and started stroking my cock. Meanwhile, I was busy with her boobs. I removed her dress, and literally tore her panty. I started rubbing her pussy lips. She was stroking me, and I was fingering her and sucking her boobs.

I raised her hand to lick her armpit which was a new thing for her. It was tickling her but I did not stop as she was enjoying it. I told her, “I’m here to please you and I’ll do it to the fullest.” She smiled at me. I felt happy when she smiled at that moment. Love and horniness were surrounding the room.

I lifted her and took her over the bed. I made her lie and poured beer on her belly button. It leaked from her belly button to pussy. I did not waste licking even a drop of beer. She was hairy and I like it hairy down there. I was licking her pussy like a mad animal. I was biting and eating her out.

She enjoyed every moment. I was driving her crazy and stopped in the middle to tease her. She took the beer and poured over her inviting me to drink it. I loved the way she asked me to continue. I did it for her and also licked her asshole which she did not expect from me.

It’s my 1st time licking there. She climaxed thrice during this session. Now it was her turn to return the favor. I never expected such a blowjob from her. I was in heaven. She took my cock so deep that made her choke. But still, she did not stop. She was catching my balls and playing with it while giving a blowjob.

She even licked my ass. Without indicating I climaxed in her mouth. She gulped it with a bad expression. We took a break and slept talking for 10 minutes. She said was ready for the act with a blowjob to wake my cock. He too was ready now to drill her.

She was tight. I licked for some time and fingered for a minute before entering in. I slowly entered in missionary. It was hurting as she did not have sex for a long time. So she asked me to put it in slowly. I started entering slowly but I entered my whole thing in a go.

It hurt her a lot. I stayed inside and did not move as I wanted her to relax now. Slowly I started penetrating and increased speed according to the rhythm. We did for 15 minutes. She wanted to ride me so I slept on my back. She came over me and took my cock deep in her. She was jumping like mad.

I was wondering how horny she is and started thrusting her pussy for 10 minutes. I wanted the doggy style, and she was ready. We did it for 10 minutes and climaxed twice. I was about to cum and told her. She wanted me to cum inside. I climaxed in her and fell over her and slept keeping my cock in her.

It came out after it lost erection. I always like to do this after sex. I was hugging her and slept there. Later she woke me up by stroking my cock it was 10 pm. We took a bath together and I took her out for dinner. Later we went to Baga beach. It was so good hanging out with her.

We were playing on the beach. She was holding my cock in the water and gave a blowjob. Later the guards asked us to move as it was 12 already. We returned and took a bath together and slept talking. She said she was lucky to be with me. But I was actually lucky to have her. I was playing with her tits. She was playing with my cock.

We didn’t even know when we dozed off. It continued for the next two days. I’ll explain it in the next story. We didn’t even exchange numbers to date and chat only in the hangout. It’s not a trust issue, but it was a promise I did when we started talking. I like to keep up trust and my promise.

Feel free to respond, waiting to hear from you all. Your responses will encourage me to write more. Contact me at [email protected] Always ready to help people. I stay in Mangalore and keep traveling to Bengaluru, Mysore, Udupi, Kannur, Calicut, and Coimbatore.

Women from any of these places feel free to contact. Only trustworthy people expected. Privacy will be maintained. Any ladies who want to enjoy this New Year, do contact.

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