Drunk Hot Brazilian Girl Fucked By Indian Guy

I have been following this site for quite a while now and the stories here have inspired me to share my own experience here. I request all the readers to excuse/bring to my notice any mistakes you might come across while reading my story.

My name is Avi and I am in my early twenties. My complexion is fair and I am 6 ft tall with a lean structure.

Coming to the story, this is a true story which happened 6 months ago. I was working in Delhi and putting up in a backpackers hostel. As I was staying alone and wasworking in Delhi, I preferred staying in the backpackers hostel as I would have some company around.

I met a bralizian girl Eva during the course of my stay at the hostel. This bralizian chick was 19 years old and was extremely hot and beautiful. I asked one of my hostel friends to introduce me to her as she had made a lot of friends in hostel quickly.

After talking to her, I came to know that she was volunteering in India with some social organizations and was going to stay in India for a month. But she had to travel and will not be staying in the hostel for long as the organization had made alternate arrangements for her stay.

I was disappointed hearing she wouldn’t be staying for long but at that very instance, she told me that she will be coming to the hostel over the weekends. I was very happy after I heard that but I didn’t show any reaction outside.

We then moved to the terrace with other hostellers. During this whole time, my eyes were scanning the bralizian girl top to bottom. She was 5 ft 4 in tall with fair complexion and a sexy smile. Her big brazilian ass with a measurement of 38 was something to die. It made body frame huge.

Eva had a petite figure and I was so horny just looking at it. I controlled myself with great efforts and was admiring her beauty every now and then. Her eyes caught my gaze 3-4 times but she didn’t react and instead, to my surprise smiled at me!

We met on the next weekend and luckily, my friends made a plan with her friend to show them around Delhi the next day. Later that night, I got a chance to talk to the brazilian beauty when no one else was around.

I complimented her for her looks saying that she was extremely cute and beautiful. Eva was really happy to hear my compliments and we called it a day with that.

During whole night, I was thinking about how to take her to the bed the next day. The next day, we went to Chandni Chowk where I introduced all my fellow hostellers to some lipsmacking street food.

Everyone was enjoying the gastronomical tour. Later I suggested that we grab some drinks at CP to which Eva and another friend agreed. The others left for the hostel as they were tired. That was where everything changed.

We went to cafe MRP in CP and started drinking. After we were 4 -5 bears down, my other friend went to the washroom and that was when I kissed Eva! She responded to the kiss and I touched those lucious pink lips for the first time.

We kissed for a good 7-8 minutes. Then we composed ourselves on seeing my friend coming back from the washroom. After a few more drinks, we decided to leave. That was when she said that she had to go back to her residence as she had to go to work the next day.

On hearing that, I was disappointed but then she asked me if I can accompany her to her place as it was late. I happily obliged and booked a Uber.

I started kissing the hot brazilian girl passionately once we boarded the cab. Our hands were exploring each other’s body. We didn’t care about the surrounding and wanted to reach her place ASAP. Lust was clearly visible in our eyes.

Once we were inside, we undressed each other in a jiffy and started kissing and biting each other leaving lovebite marks on our bodies.

I then placed Eva on her bed and started kissing her again. After 10 minutes of tongue sucking, I started caressing her entire face and then moved to her neck. Her skin was really soft and sensitive. She was letting out soft moans as I reached her neck.

Her moans made me even hornier now. I moved towards her navel and then slowly made my way to her inner thighs. The moment my tongue touched Eva’s labia, her moans got even louder. I sucked on her pussy for 10 minutes while rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. Eva came hard after 10 minutes.

Her pussy nectar tasted amazing. Her juice glistening over her well-shaved pink pussy was a sight to behold. Then the horny brazilian girl took my monster and gave me an amazing blowjob. I caught hold of her hair at that time and mouth-fucked her for 5-6 minutes.

Eva couldn’t take my entire cock but still she made me cum in 6-8 minutes and took my entire load inside her mouth. That was definitely one of the best blowjob I had ever got.

We then cuddled each other while exploring our bodies. Meanwhile, my shaft regained its glory and was ready to enter the young pussy.

I entered the sexy brazilian pussy in missionary position. Eva wasn’t a virgin but still her pussy was tight. With a powerful stroke, I was inside her. She screamed the moment I went in. There tears in her eyes.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and then started banging her hard. We soon found our rhythm and she orgasmed twice before I came inside her.

Eva then gave me a good handjob and spat on my dick to lubricate it. She then asked to fuck her and my happiness knew no bounds. But sadly I couldn’t enter her ass as my cock was big for her tiny hole and the lubrication wasn’t sufficient. So I came back to fucking her pussy.

That night, I fucked her 7 more times and came inside her 4 times. She truly was a sex angel.

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