Meeting Swati After Many Years

Hey readers, my story is about just a few months back when my wife had gone on maternity leave at her native. I was feeling bored alone at my house so I went outside to roam around. I visited a garden nearby full of people came in groups, couples, etc. I was roaming around alone for some time.

At one point I reached a place where few people were around. Then I saw a couple making out in nearby bushes. They were very intimate in there act. I was wondering how these couples are so busy without caring about the people around them. Soon I saw a girl who was shooting these couple’s acts secretly.

She was also alone but I don’t know why was she clicking pictures of couples in their private act. I went near her and recognized her, she was Swati my junior in my college. Initially, in my college days, I had a crush on her. Immediately memories of her crossed my mind. How beautiful she was even today.

She had a perfect figure to die for. I went near her and started a conversation. She immediately recognized me and hurriedly kept her phone in her pouch. To my surprise, she was more friendly than in college days. After the usual chit chat, she was more comfortable with me.

I told her about my crush on her in college days. She blushed. Her cheeks became pink. I dreamt of kissing her right there. I came to know she was divorced just a few years back and had no job. I enquired about the video she was shooting. Swati resisted first but after some time she surrendered.

She gave her cell phone and played a video she recorded. I sat below the nearby tree and was watching alone. Immediately I got a hard-on in my pants. Swati came near me and sat beside me. She recognized my condition and started touching me with her legs.

As the video progressed Swati’s touching increased. Now she kept her hand on mine then on my thighs. Just then she stopped me watching the video she was uncomfortable to watch further. Saying this she sat in my lap in no time. I was amazed by her reaction.

My confidence increased, I also started touching her thighs, stomach, etc. With a lot of confidence, I put my hand inside her top and was trying to touch her boobs. She stopped me and said we can’t do it here. Saying this she went away from me. I was in full control of her.

I suggested my house but she ignored it as my house is in the locality who knows her. She also ignored to go to her house. I asked her to come to a lodge to which she wickedly smiled and said, “I will not allow you to do ‘everything’.” There was silence between us.

She herself suggested on the multiplex. Swati wanted to watch a movie, it was an A-grade Hollywood movie. We took a local train to go to this famous mall, having a private balcony for couples. On the local train, Swati was teasing me by her touches as the train moved. I could feel her boobs on me in many instances.

I ensured of rubbing my body with her whenever I got a chance. We got outside the station and took an auto. We both were sitting behind and immediately started kissing. It was a very passionate one after a long time. I started pressing her boobs by putting my hand in her top.

At one point I touched her vagina over her jeans and just then auto stopped at a signal. Swati laughed loud. Some women walking on the road noticed us and we’re angry but couldn’t do anything. I asked Swati to keep quit and enjoy, she obeyed.

All throughout the journey we were kissing, touching each other’s private parts. We went to a mall which had this multiplex and bought tickets. I was very excited to be with my lady love in dark. The movie was about to start after approx 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Swati wanted to shop a few stuff. I said yes to kill time, but deep inside I was very excited thinking of crushing Swati in my arms. While entering the theater I noticed my friend Ravi from office had also come along with his wife. Still, we had 5 minutes for the movie to start.

I was hesitant to greet Ravi as I was along with Swati. I noticed Ravi also noticed me but was not ready to greet me. Then Swati went to the washroom to freshen up. As she left I and Ravi greeted each other. I was pleased to talk to his hot wife. As we were busy talking Swati came.

Ravi wanted to leave and so did I. But to our surprise, Swati and Ravi’s s wife knew each other. They started talking. I soon interrupted them because the movie was about to start. My and Ravi’s tickets were far away. I and Swati were behind in a personal balcony for couples. Ravi was in front rows.

As soon as the lights were off Swati and I started smooching. I noticed these were hotter kisses than in auto. Swati had removed her bra when she went into the washroom outside the theater. I removed her top and simply started drinking her balloons. They were round enough to fill in one hand.

I tried to take her whole boob in my mouth but a lot of it was outside. It was amazing. I opened her zip of pants and put my hands in her love spot. She was clean shaved. I opened her pants till her thighs and made her sit on me from the front. Now she was on me.

She opened my pants zip and took my tool in her hand. She was a pro. She was such an experienced one. She knew how and when to touch which part of mine to drive me crazy for her. My penis was ready and waiting eagerly to feel my lady love’s vagina. I took my pants down a little.

Swati had condoms with her. She put it on my penis. Then came the moment I was waiting for. I was smooching Swati on her lips and down below. Swati just moved up and showed the way to my penis in her hot vagina. It was awesome yaar. I felt as if I was in deep water. She was simply amazing to fuck.

Swati started jumping on my penis. After a few thrusts, she would stop, kiss me deeply and again start jumping. It all went for about an hour. We were lost in us that we didn’t care about the movie going on. I ate her boobs as Swati was pounding on me. She was aggressive enough.

I loved the way she was fucking me. I was not knowing who was fucking whom and I didn’t care. I was enjoying every act of Swati. We were drenched in sweat even though it was an AC theater. I was about to cum. Swati recognized it and started jumping on my penis fast.

I was in heaven. We came together. All our juices were flown on our seat. It was a beautiful experience. Similar sessions of love we enjoyed after the interval. As the movie was about to end we wore our clothes. After the movie, we met Ravi and his wife outside. Both ladies shared stuff about the movie.

Ravi was not interested to talk much with me when Swati was around. After the formal greeting, Ravi and his wife went away. I asked Swati why Ravi was avoiding her. He didn’t talk much when she was around. To this Swati said she and Ravi had come to see a movie in the same balcony seat made for couples.

Ravi had ‘paid’ her ₹10,000/- for Swati’s ‘services’. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my lady love is doing this with so many people for money. I asked her with a heavy heart, whether I had to pay her as well to which she replied nothing comes for free.

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