Hot Dusky Girl Finally Meets Her Fuck Buddy

Hi readers, my name is Catherine (in short ‘Cath’). Let me tell a bit about myself first. I am dusky in complexion and 5 foot 6 inches tall.

I have long curly hair and my size is listed as 36-30-36. I have an hourglass figure, with broad shoulders, round boobs, and ass.

I have a friend whose name is Abhinav who has a well-built body. He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is very broad-chested that I can disappear in him!

We were close friends from childhood. We studied in the same school and college as well. But unfortunately, we were employed in different firms. Still, we didn’t miss out on calls every day.

We had a routine in which we talk to each other before we sleep. One such day, I called him and we were talking about lots of things and I suddenly came up with an idea (because I was not sleepy at all) to pass the time. It was around 11 pm in the night.

Me: Abhi, can we play dress-up?!
Abhinav: What?! What’s that about?

Me: It’s like, we put on our dresses like we can dress up the way we want like superheroes or whatever the way we want. Since we are on a video call, we can show each other how we have dressed up and we will decide who has won the round.

Abhinav: Sounds cool. Let’s start.

And I went off the camera and started wearing a dress on the other side of the room which was hidden from the camera’s spot.

So I quickly took off the dress I was wearing, including my bra. Then I wore a shirt that was long enough to cover my ass. I loosened the first two buttons which obviously showed some portion of my boobs and the big cleavage. And he said he was ready too.

Me: Okay, let’s jump into the camera on three. One..two..three!

We saw each other. He was wearing a dhoti and was topless. He saw me wearing only a shirt and he said, “You look hot”.

And we went for round two. Me being so kinky and as it was the middle of the night, was a bit turned on too. I put on a halter bra and the denim shorts.

Since my boobs were round, the halter bra made it look even more squeezy. Them I went before the camera and bent down a bit towards the camera and asked him to come in. The minute he saw me, his jaws dropped but he didn’t show it out much.

After this round, we planned to go to sleep but I was so turned on that I asked him if we can go out and eat something. He said okay and he brought his car to my place. But instead of taking me out, he brought food while coming.

He said we can eat at my house instead of going out at this hour. I said okay and we were about to eat. While we were sitting next to each other, we turned on Netflix and were watching some film.

As I was at home and it was night, I had removed my bra from inside and kept it away. My nipples were popping out through the tee I was wearing. He noticed them but didn’t say a word.

Once we finished eating food, we continued watching the movie. And I started pinching him here and there. I closed his eyes to block him from watching the film and did many such playful things. I was kinda torturing him in a funny way.

He being so strong, folded my arms at my back and pulled me towards him and didn’t release me for a while. I started making random noises to disturb him.

Then he pushed himself on me, kept his side face over mine so that I would stop making noises. But instead, I bit his cheek and he got up screaming at me. I was shocked and I kept quiet for a while.

Later he came towards me and snuggled me so close that I felt his warmth. In the spur of the moment, I kissed him on his lips for a few seconds and pulled out to check his reaction. I felt he was okay with it, so I continued kissing him passionately.

I held his neck with my one hand and caressed his hair with the other. One of his hands was over my hip and the other was exploring the back of my body.

We kissed for 2 minutes. Then pulled out and sat on his hip near his crotch. Then I leaned down to kiss him again. He held my waist tightly. He held it as rough as possible and I let a loud moan out.

I started moving over his crotch and I was able to sense the hardness on of his dick. He removed my top and my boobs were jingling down due to gravity. He cupped my boobs firmly and bit my lips. That was so seductive that I wanted it more.

I started kissing his chin, going down through his neck where I bit him. I went down towards his chest, I unbuttoned his shirt and licked around his nipples. I went down further while kissing him and licking his upper body. Finally, I removed his shorts and held his balls in my hand and looked at him through my eyes full of lust.

I teased him by kissing his cock’s head and after a few strokes up and down, I licked around his dick’s head. He pushed me to my back and he squeezed my boobs and kissed and licked around my navel. He squeezed my boobs so hard and bit one of my nipples. I felt on cloud nine and I wanted it more and more.

He sucked my left boobs while he pinched the nipples of my right boob.

He was playing with my boobs for a while and then slid his hand down in my pants. The minute my pussy felt his finger, I flowed down the hot juice out of my body. And he said, “Cath, you are so wet down there. Do you want me to clean them for you?”

I said, “Yeahhh Abhii”.

He went down to my pussy and he licked the juice off, he licked them off so good. He was the best with a tongue job.

Once he licked them off, I was still wet and he asked if he can insert his dick in! I said yes and he slid it in me. Then he started stroking slowly while kissing me. He was stroking slowly for a while and I asked him to go faster.

He started throbbing inside me and we both were moaning out loud. We kissed passionately.

After a few strokes, I asked if we can do doggy. He agreed. So I turned back and he slid his dick in from behind. We were throbbing in and out so fast.

He spanked me a couple of times and that was a huge turn-on for me. When I was about to cum, I said, “Abhi, I am gonna cum”. He said, “Let’s cum together” and we came together.

Then I fell on the bed and he fell beside me. He caressed my whole back which was so ticklish but I felt so good. And we hugged each other and slept like babies.

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