Amy In Peril – Part 1

This story is my first on this site. I hope you all will enjoy it.

She was Amira, but her friends called her ‘Amy’. Being a rebellious girl against the traditional culture she was born into and raised in, she preferred that name too. She was raised in London.

Ever since she was feeling the natural cravings for sex, she had been experimenting with all kinds of sexual material such as revealing clothes, dildos and electrified full body dresses and others. Of course, her father told her he’d respect her decision to wear or not wear the face cover after the age of nineteen.

But there was something missing. Her hymen was no longer intact as she had pushed dildos down the pussy too many times than she remembered. She was still a virgin, in a sense. Yea, one way nor the other, she had had no real dick up her pussy.

To add to her frustration, videos of her dancing and singing naked and that of her blowing a taxi driver had been released. She was in fear her family might find it out. It had been a while but she was still in fear. She had no idea what to do.

Around this time, she had started attending the university. She had selected the costume designing course. She was wearing a face cover to the university. Oh, the irony of it all!

She met a guy at the university, named ‘Alfred’. A tall guy with a clearly south Asian ancestry, learning technology. His parents had migrated to the UK when he was a kid.

Alfred, or ‘Al’, as friends called him, was nothing like the average British south Asian you’ll meet. It’s a difference that no words can be brought together to describe. But he was clearly a different person. Getting along with someone like this looked like the perfect opportunity for her.

Even though Alfred always tried to keep it formal with her, she saw some other feeling, burning in his eyes. But, of all her friends, Alfred was the best for her, or so she thought. She wondered if she might actually enjoy being manhandled by Al. There was only one way to know.

But the subset of her religious community hated south Asians. Especially south Asians of Al’s subculture more than anything else. Even though her thinking was more modern than that, this was somewhat embedded in her too.

She didn’t see Al as anything more than a good friend. Probably a useful ‘tool’ in the future, regarding her sexual adventures. One day, Al talked to her, as usual. Since they were on two completely different streams, meeting at a lecture hall was impossible.

“Hey Amy,” Al said as he waved at her. She was coming out of a lecture hall.

“Hey Al, how is it going?”

“Fine, I guess. By the way, can we go for a walk in the university garden, and maybe a coffee afterward? I wanna talk about something with you,” he said kinda shyly.

“Sure, but about what?” Amy asked, curiously.

“Well,” Alex was stuttering already. “Can I talk about that as we walk?”

Amy was wondering what this surprise might be. But she said “Sure, lead the way,” as she followed him.

“So, I’ve been thinking to tell you this for a while now, Amy,” he said as they stepped in the garden. Close to each other, but not touching hands. She saw male students of her culture looking at them weirdly. Possibly because Al has shaven his mustache, probably they thought he was ‘one of them’ too.

None of them seemed to be too bothered by the fact. Amy knew this and she was happy about it. Suddenly, she saw a guy of her culture walking towards them fast.

“Oh shit. Al, look!” Amy said, pointing towards the approaching guy with her face.

“Uh oh, what shall we do now?”

“Tell him I’m your wife. I’ll remain silent. You play the part,” she said as she held him by his hand, putting her hand into his. But instead of approaching them and talking to them, he suddenly stopped. He seemed to be looking at their hands, connected in the middle.

“What is it, brother?” Al asked with a wide smile. He smiled back.

“Uhm, no brother, just try to make sure you’re one of us, is all.”

“Oh haha, that’s good, brother. Concern for the sisters, isn’t it?” Al said as he looked at Amy’s eyes. He looked at the guy back.

“Ma Assalam, ya akhi (go with peace, my brother),” Al said as the guy waved and walked away.

“Phew, that was close,” Amy said, trying to leave Al’s. Al wasn’t holding her hand too tightly. As soon as she pulled herself away, he let go. “Bigoted fool,” she said again.

“Well, I kinda can’t blame him for worrying, Amy.”

“Why? What’s wrong with a girl in our culture and a boy in yours, holding hands?”

“Well, you know, not all people of your community take these things as simple as you. Anyway, forget that,” Al said as he started walking again.

“I guess I can now freely ask you what I always had in mind,” he said as he finally stopped walking and turned towards her.

“What is it, Al?” Amy asked with a little smile.

“Amy, I know this might sound silly but,” he said as he lowered his voice and bent down. “Amy, I think I love you!”

Well, this was the first time any guy tried to ask her out. But there was a problem. She wasn’t sure how her parents would have reacted to her starting a relationship with a guy outside of her culture. Forget the parents. What will happen if the leader at the worshipping place she works for finds out somehow?

(This was where she worked also when her two videos were released.)

Above all, this was a south Asian guy trying to ask out a girl from a community that basically hated the ones in Al’s community. There were a lot of taboos to be broken. Amy was simply too afraid of the consequences.

“Al, I’m not sure if I heard you correctly,” she said as she started laughing. Al’s face turned sad.

“It’s okay, Amy. I can understand. You have the right to back off from a relationship request you don’t like,” he said. He started to walk away from her, but she held his hand and stopped him.

“It’s not a dislike for you, Al,” she said, pulling him back closer to herself. They were under a small tree in the garden.

“It’s mostly peer pressure. My parents are fine with whatever I wear. But they won’t be okay to know that I’m in a relationship with someone outside of our culture. You see?”

“Well, can’t blame them, but that’s kinda sad,” he said, looking at the sky, emptily.

“Also, you haven’t even seen my face. What if you start to dislike me afterward?” Amy said, which he didn’t even seem to hear. She took his hand again and leaned against him, placing her head on his shoulder. He didn’t respond. His phone rang an alarm.

“I’ve gotta go for another lecture, Amy,” he said as he started to walk. “I’m really sorry about wasting your time here.”

He tried to keep up his formalities, but it was obvious he was sad beyond Amy’s expectations.

“Al, wait!” She said, but it was too late. “Al, I’m sorry,” she said to herself, as she started walking back to the university too.

That day, she went home after a hard day at both the university and then at the worshipping place she was working at. It was dark by the time she went home. It wasn’t the night. It was the heavily rainy clouds. Rain could start anytime.

She went straight to her room and laid on the bed. Exhausted with her day at the university and then at the mosque. She closed her eyes for a second. But it didn’t seem like a little nap was anytime soon.

She thought about what happened to Al, that afternoon. He didn’t talk to her again throughout the day and didn’t even call or leave a message. Did she just lose him? She started to feel sad. On one hand, she knew Al was a good fellow.

On the other, now who’s gonna design the technological parts of her sexy religious dresses? She also had started to build a liking for him by now, or so she felt. She felt fucked. In her book, the answer to all of life’s frustrations was the dildo!

Her parents weren’t home and wouldn’t be home till at least the next day. They were visiting some cousins who lived away from there. She had a whole night and more to please herself with a dildo, and scream her lungs out. There was nobody at home to wake up at night and stop her.

But as she went to take one, she received a message. “Could this be Al?” She thought as she took the phone and looked at the message. It was from Al. “It’s me, Al. Please Amy, can I see you now? Can you open the window? I’m down here,” it said.

“You bloody stalker!” She said with a smile as she opened the window. She wasn’t wearing her face cover then. But there was no Al. Well, not down the window, or on the road. She looked down, and then to her right.

There he was, grinning wickedly, clinging to something on the wall. “Gotcha!” He said as he jumped into the room. As he did so, he was hit against her and she was pushed to the bed. Before she could stand up again, he ran to the door and locked it from inside.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” Al said, closing in.

“Or maybe just jump and die.”

This was not the same Al that talked to her in the afternoon at the university garden. This was a scary-looking, brownish monster. She was scared. Will this evening end up with the inevitable?

“Al, whatever you’re planning to do, don’t do it. Please leave me alone, and leave this place too,” she said as she backed up. She kept backing until she hit against a wall. She noticed Al’s eyes turning from lust to anger. Then it happened.

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