Making Love To Beautiful Sonal – Part 5

Hi friends, Rohit again. Please read the previous parts to enjoy this story.

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The next day morning I got up from the bed around 6 am and went to her room. I knocked on the door but nobody answered. I pressed the door and it opened. I entered the room. Nobody was there except Sonal. She was lying on the bed naked. I closed the door from inside and went to her.

I moved down my face and I got the smell of alcohol from her mouth. That means they also forced her to drink. Now that was too much. I was very angry. I wanted to teach them a good lesson. Still, now I was silent because Sonal wanted to experience a gangbang.

It’s over now. I covered her with a blanket. And put her head properly on the pillow. Sonal opened her eyes and saw me. She held my hand and pulled towards her. I went to her. I got into the blanket and hugged her. She felt secure.

She hugged me and whispered, “Rohit, they fucked me the whole night. The experience was good but sometimes they were very rough with me. Now I experienced the gangbang and I don’t want repetition. I want to sleep in your arms.” I hugged her and took her in my embrace.

Sonal slept immediately. After a few minutes, I got up from the bed, lit a cigarette and called Raghu. Raghu is a local goon. He is the uncrowned king of Lonavala. But he loves me very much and respects me also. I told him everything in detail. He understood the situation and told me not to worry.

He took all the details from me, and told, “Bhaiyya don’t worry, I will take care of them. They will never appear before you or Sonal Ji. And neither they can do anything wrong with you two.” I went near Sonal and got into her blanket. I hugged her and took her in my arms again and went into sleep.

Around 11 o’clock we got up. We kissed each other on the lips. We got up from the bed. Sonal couldn’t walk properly. We took a bath together and came back into the room. We ordered our lunch and had our lunch. It was 1 pm but nobody knocked on our door. I understood Raghu did his job.

Sonal: Rohit, they didn’t come again. What happened? I don’t think they will leave me so easily.
Me: That was taken care of. Don’t worry. Nobody will disturb us. The next 2 days are ours only.

Sonal was happy. She hugged me and kissed my lips. It was full of love. Suddenly her mobile rang. It was her husband. We both panicked. Might be he knew everything. Sonal picked up the phone and put it in the speaker mode.

Sonal’s husband: Hi Sonal how are you? Ok, listen I will be back after 7 days so if you want to stay there for some extra time, you can stay.
Sonal: Ok then I Will be back after 7 days.
Sonal’s husband: Ok not a problem. Take care. Bye.

I looked at her and smiled. Sonal blushed because we were going to spend 7 days more. But I need that time to make her completely fine. We again hugged each other and went to take rest. The next 6 days we spent in that hotel like a newly married honeymoon couple.

But I didn’t fuck her. Because I wanted that she completely recovered. I just only hugged and kissed. Sometimes Sonal gave me a handjob or blow job at night. But I didn’t see those 3 people again. They just disappeared.

5 days were over. The next day we went back. Sonal was completely ok. That night we planned for nice honeymoon sex full of love. Those 5 days we were roaming around and took rest. The night we slept together in each other arms but completely nude.

Sonal couldn’t believe that a man can control his hormones. Because Sonal was nude in my arms every night but I didn’t do anything just kissing or gently pressing her boobs. Our bonding was stronger. It was our last night in that resort. We took some red wine. We had our dinner and ready for bed.

Today we both were very horny. We wanted to explore each other again completely. Sonal was wearing a sexy satin nightdress. It was a maroon-red. She didn’t wear any bra or panty. I was in my shorts. We were kissing each other very passionately.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I went and opened the door. One man was standing there. He handed me a memory chip and told that he came from Raghu. And he told me to make a call to Raghu. I nodded my head and he immediately disappeared. I closed the door and came back to Sonal. She was looking at me.

I told her that a man came from Raghu and show her the chip. I called Raghu and put my mobile on speaker.
Raghu: Bhaiya how are you?
Me: Fine.

Raghu: How is Sonal madam? ( I already told Sonal about Raghu.)
Sonal: Bhaiya, I am fine.

Raghu: Ok madam. Bhaiya I parcelled Bill and John to their country. They will never appear before you and won’t open their mouths. Somu is under my control. I sent a gift to you. Just watch them but don’t show it to Sonal madam. Bye bhaiya.

I put down my mobile and looked at her. She immediately jumped on my lap, wrapped her hands around my neck and planted a deep kiss on my lips. We hugged each other. Sonal got down and took that chip from my hand and put it on her mobile. She opened the memory card. A video was there.

She played the video. You know women always do the things which were said not to do. We were shocked. It was a video of gay sex. And those people were John, Bill, and Somu. Bill fucked their ass one by one and then they both fucked his ass. It was clear that they were not doing it willingly.

Sonal was laughing. She was rolling on the bed with laughter. After a long time, I saw her normally smiling face. I was watching her beautiful smile. She looked at me and immediately pushed me on the bed. She threw her mobile to the other side and climbed on me.

She whispered in my ear, “You are very bad and naughty. Today I will fuck you.” And bit my ear. Sonal opened her clothes in one go and took out my shorts. She took out one bowl of ice cream. I surrender myself completely.
She leaned over me and pinned down my hands on the bed. I didn’t protest.

I wanted to give her all the freedom. She leaned on my face and licked my lips with her tongue one by one. She was giving me the same treatment which I gave her previously. I enjoyed it. She was kissing my entire face. My face was glistening with her saliva. She again licked my lips.

She looked at me. Her eyes were very naughty. She put her lips on mine. We were going into a deep smooch. Our intensity did high. We almost ate each other lips. A few minutes later she moved down and kissed on my chest. She was kissing on my chest madly.

She put some ice cream on my both nipples. She was eating ice cream from my cheat with her lips and tongue. She bites on my manly nipples hardly. I screamed in pain. She laughed loudly and whispered, “Now you understand how I felt when you chewed my nipples mercilessly?”

I didn’t answer but kissed on her rosy lips. She moved down and now rubbed her soft melons on my chest. It was very erotic. She turned me and now I was facing the bed. She came to me. I felt her wet pussy on my back. She kissed and licked my back thoroughly. She didn’t leave an inch.

Then she again rubbed her soft boobs on my back. I could feel her erect nipples on my back. She moved down and now gave a small bite on my back. I never experienced such a heavenly experience in my life. She licked my ass hole. She turned me again now I was facing her. Pre-cum was oozing.

She didn’t touch my shaft but licked and kissed my inner thigh. She moved up and we kissed each other passionately. I wanted to come upon her but she stopped me. She took the ice cream bowl and put my hard dick inside the bowl. She now took out my hard rod.

The cold sensation gave me a different feeling. She took my shaft now and licked ice cream from there. Then she took my shaft in her mouth and sucked the remaining ice-cream. She took my entire shaft in her mouth and did a deep throat. At the same time massaged my balls gently. It was too much for me.

Today I have seen a different Sonal. She was treating me like her prince. I couldn’t hold it anymore and released it in her mouth. She took every drop of my hot juices and ate. I released a lot. But she didn’t waste a single drop.
She moved up and looked at my eyes. She was smiling.

I took her in my arms and our lips met again. She whispered,
Sonal: now it’s your turn. Fuck me hard.
Me: But for that make my rod hard again.
Sonal: Yes baby, I will.

She again took my shaft in her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob. She circled her tongue on my dick head. She licked the pee hole with her tongue. Removed the skin and took my mushroom head in her mouth. Within a few minutes, my rod was hard again.

Sonal was shagging my cock with her soft fingers and sucking the mushroom head. I got horny again. Sonal then came upon me and placed my cock in her pussy hole. She took my dick slowly in her cunt. Now she was jumping on my cock. She was riding in me. Her boobs were bouncing in front of my eyes.

She held my hand and placed it on her boobs. I was pressing her boobs and she was jumping and riding on me. After a few minutes, she was moaning loudly. And she released her juices immediately. She collapsed on me and catching her breath.

Now it’s my time to act. I turned and placed Sonal on the bed. I came upon her and pushed my hard dick inside her vagina with full force. It went easily. I hugged her tightly and fucked her with tremendous force. My lips took charge of her lips.

Due to that my grunting sound and her muffling sound were all over in the room. Almost half an hour I fucked my princess continuously. We both now ready to cum. With a huge grunt, I released my hot juices in her cunt. Immediately after the feeling of my hot cum Sonal jerked her body and released for the second time.

We hugged each other and slept like that. The morning when we waked up we did another round in the bathroom when we took bath together. Then we got to prepare and headed for the Mumbai.

So, friends, this is my another experience with my princess Sonal. Please give your feedback on [email protected] I will be waiting for your feedback.

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