Massage Sex On A Hookup With A Stranger

Hello friends, here I am with a sensational incident about massage sex. This was quite some time back before COVID started. I am working for a multinational company, and I am responsible for the Asia business.

Because of the nature of my job, I travel a lot in all Asian countries. This incident happened during my trip to the Philippines.

I missed mentioning, I am a massage enthusiast. I love getting massaged and also love to give a massage. Maybe I can say just as my hobby I learn to give a good massage. I can give an excellent Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Oil Massage, and good with Erotic massages.

After my work that day, I was so tired, so I thought of getting a good massage. I walked to the nearby famous massage parlor in Manila. It was quite a rush time, so I had to wait at the reception for some time. I was lost on my mobile, but I noticed someone walked inside.

I saw a lady walked to the reception and booked a massage. Let me tell you about her. She looked like a mid-thirty white lady. Blonde hair and average built, but I would say perfect built. She was wearing tight track pants. It was clearly showing her perfect round ass and her sexy long thighs.

As she turned to the seating area, I got a mesmerizing view of her beautiful smiling face with red lips and blue eyes. She was wearing a tight zipper sweatshirt with half zip opened and showing a glimpse of her cleavage. It was perfect two-round boobs. I thought maybe she is wearing a push-up bra.

She gave me a casual smile and sat next to me. I could smell her perfume. After 10 minutes of wait, we heard a moaning sound. There is a shoulder, head, and leg massage area near the reception with massage seat arrangements. There was a person who was getting a shoulder massage.

When the masseuse started the shoulder massage, the person started moaning like he is having sex. Hearing a sudden moaning would we both broke out with a loud laugh. The receptionist was looking at us, so I had to walk out from there to control the laughter.

After a minute, she also walked out, and we laughed out loud until tears ran out of our eyes. Finally, when we stopped laughing, we introduced each other. She is an Australian. She is in Manila for a business trip. She is also staying in the same hotel as mine.

As it was our turn for massage, we planned to catch up later for a drink and dinner at the pub next to our hotel. I had a good massage at the parlor. The Filipino D cup masseuse was amazing. She gave a fantastic massage. While massaging, her boobs were brushing my arm, body, and sometimes face.

When she was massaging my thighs, suddenly, my cock became rock hard. Looking at the big hard cock and masculine body, she smiled and complimented me that I am so manly. Later throughout the massage, I was cupping and gently pressing her boobs. I could feel her hard nipples on my hand.

At the end of the massage, I gave her a big tip and kissed her boobs. She was so happy and pressed my face to her boobs for some time, and then she left.
When I reached the hotel, I was already horny but had to catch up with Annie for dinner, so I took a shower quickly and got ready.

I was waiting for her at the hotel reception. As she walked in, I was stunned looking at her. She was wearing a black dress, and it was a thigh-slit dress. I could see her sexy long thighs and her cleavage. There was only one diamond necklace hanging around that cleavage.

Her matching earring, loose blonde hair, and red lipstick made her look like an angel. I could see her hourglass figure. I guessed she must be in her late thirties but still sexy with a tiny tummy. We did walk to the pub, and we got a table at the pub.

I ordered huge jugs of beer. We were drinking beer and talking casually. When people gathered on the dance floor, we two did the dance floôr. We were pretty drunk and dancing. I was holding her waist while dancing. I went close enough that her boobs were brushing my chest and invited her to have shots.

We went back to the table, had shots, and started talking about the massage parlor incident. We were drunk, so we laughed a hell lot. I told her that I am good at giving a good massage. It was around 11 pm. We were talking now quite adult stuff.

I asked her if she ever had a Nuru massage. When I explained it to her, she gave a naughty laugh and said she would try. I offered her that I can give a good Nuru massage. With a smile, she said ok to it. We started back to the hotel. On the way back, I bought Nuru gel and a bed cover.

As we reached the hotel, she invited me to her room. While she was freshening up, I prepared the bed with the bed cover. She came out of the bathroom wrapping around a towel. I could see her sexy thighs. She asked me what am I looking at? I complimented her that she has a sexy thigh.

She is a pretty bold lady. She pulled her towel up and showed me only her thigh, and asked if I like only this much with a smile. I went near to her, pulled her waist to me, went near her lips, and whispered, I like her entire body. She started kissing me immediately.

I hugged her tight and kissed her passionately for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, my hand was exploring her body all over. Slowly I pulled off her towel, and she was standing naked in front of me. She was looking so amazing with a completely waxed, smooth body.

Her boobs were DD cup with pink and erect nipples. She helped me to take off my clothes. As I got naked, she was surprised to see a big brown cock and a masculine body. She came near and gently touched my chest and cock. After another kiss, I took her to bed and made her sleep upside down.

I could see her sexy ass and that hourglass figure. Her boobs were pressed to bed and bulging out. I was rock ard looking at that view. I poured a bit of Nuru gell on her legs and started massaging her legs, and slowly moved to her thighs. I did spread her legs a little apart and started massaging her inner thighs.

I could see her asshole and pussy lips from the back. When my hand accidentally touched the pussy lips of an asshole, she started moaning in pleasure. Slowly I started massaging her ass cheeks and asshole. I poured a lot of gell on her back.

I sat on her legs, resting my balls on her ass cheeks and cock between as cheeks. I applied a lot of gel on my body and went down on her body, rubbing my body to her body. As I rubbed my body up and down on her back, my cocked rubbed her ass cheeks, ass hole, and pussy lips. Her pussy was oozing a lot of juice.

After some time of rubbing squeezed her ass and then turned her. Sitting on her legs, resting my cock on her belly, I poured a lot of gell on her boobs and slowly massaged them. I started rubbing my body to her passionately. Round boobs with erect pink nipples were getting massaged by my chest.

As I moved up and down, my hard cock was rubbing her pussy and thighs. I started teasing her by touching, licking, and biting. She spread her legs wide open and tried to guide my cock inside her. But I wanted to tease her more, so she pulled off her hand and held it above her head.

I took a cloth and tied her both hands to the bed. Now she was moaning, and her legs were wide open in front of me. I went down and slowly started licking her pussy lips and giving it a good massage in hand. Slowly inserted one finger inside and began licking her clit.

Pussy was throbbing and compressing my finger. She was hell wet and moaning loud. I pulled down my cock foreskin and started rubbing it to her pussy lips. She was restless, moving her hips hard to get me in. Her hands were tied, so she begged me to fuck her. I smiled and released her hand.

As soon as released, she came over to me, pushed me down to bed, and started making out passionately. She was giving me a good massage with her boobs. As she was sliding up and down on my body. At one of her downward movements, my cock entered her pussy.

Since we both were soaked with the Nuru gel, it went deep inside her without any restriction. We both moaned loudly, feeling that heaven. I was feeling her depth and throbbing pussy around my dick. Suddenly realized that I didn’t use the condom.

She made me calm down and said she is already operated on and she is safe. She was not in a situation to control. She went hard on my dick. After 10 minutes of hard pounding, she orgasmed hard and fell on my body. I was still throbbing and feeling and feeling warm inside her.

We rested for a few minutes in the same position, and then she turned herself over me to reach 69 position. Her pussy was near my mouth, and she was holding my cock and licking my balls. With every downside, her pussy was on my mouth, and up the slide, my cock was in her mouth.

It made me uncontrollable. I did put her on the bed, held her both the arms above her head. I could see her boobs exactly pointing to my mouth and pounded her hard. The sound of fucking and her moan filled the entire room.

After 10 minutes of hard pounding, I blasted myself deep inside her. She was still throbbing hard with her second round. When I pulled out, I inserted my two fingers deep inside and fingered her until she orgasmed for the second time. We both were tired, but her face was glowing with a satisfied smile.

She kissed me and said this is the best she ever had in her life. We cleaned up the bed and showered together. In the shower, she gave me a good blowjob emptied my balls. It was a great night.

I guess I will stop it here. What happened next is not important. If you like the story, leave your feedback at [email protected]com. You can also read my other story here.

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