Neha, my friend with benefits

With a swift move, Neha, my friend with benefits fell on the bed. Neha gave me the ‘fuck me if you can’ looks. All the while, she was giggling while massaging the extra lube on her pussy. Her big boobs were moving up and down rapidly with every breath she took.

I got on my knees and wrapped my hands around her thighs, pulling her pussy closer to my face. I kiss it and then glide my tongue from the bottom of the pussy slit till her clit. Then I pushed her legs apart more. Her pussy lips revealed her pink insides like a blossomed flower.

I dug my tongue deep in her. She held my hair pushed my face more between her legs. I could taste her juices as they trickle down my tongue. Now I was licking her like a mad dog. I licked her clit some more before sliding two fingers in it.

I just curved my fingers inside, rubbing against her g spot or whatever that soft spot was. I kept fingering her and tongue fucking her together for a few minutes. I felt her excitement reach its peak as she kneaded her nipples. She arched her back before cumming on my face and fingers.

I pulled my fingers back, sucked them dry. She loves it when I do that. Plus, her cum tastes amazing. I got between her legs. She spread her gorgeous legs for me, showing off a sneak peek at her tight pink vagina.

I cannot describe how rock-hard and nervous it made me. How lucky I’m to have her waiting for me to fuck her however I want. The pressure to perform was massive. One wrong stroke, and I’ll be 2 minute Maggi.

I was praying to the sex Gods before I aligned my throbbing fat cock between her pussy slit. I held her waist for support as it entered inside her slowly. Neha moaned and held me as she felt my cock stretching out her poor tight pussy. Her legs locked behind me, pulling me on her more and more.

Neha – Ah! Aman, I feel you. You’re inside me. Oh, God! Oh, God.

She bites her lower lips. Maybe to control the moaning, but I could feel her pussy walls crushing my cock in a death grip.

Aman – You’re getting tight. Do you like it, baby girl?

Neha – I effing live for this feeling. I’m just a little nervous.

Aman – Do you want to talk about this? We can stop.

Neha – Don’t you fucking think about that! I carve for him. Fuck me now!

We both smooch passionately. I pulled back a little before thrusting it all in her poor little pussy. She goes wild with loud shrieks and moans. She was digging her nails deep in my back as she latched on me.

Her pussy was heavenly. It was ugging on my cock shaft with a very tight grip every time I pulled back before pushing it back in. We started slow but picked up pace in few minutes. I had her hands pinned to the bed. Her juicy tits jumped as we made love like animals, not caring how loud we fucked.

A little background on both of us: I’m 24 currently living in Delhi. 5″11 in height with an average body type. The deal breaker is my above-average cock size.

Neha (name changed for privacy) and I used to be colleagues from my previous workplace. She’s a 29-year-old dusky desi girl who is 5″4 tall. She has a curvy bombshell figure of 36b-30-34. (Not super accurate, but you get the image.)

After a long wait and lockdown, we finally settled on a date to meet. I booked a nice Airbnb and got it all arranged for the meet. She was wearing a tight black body-hugging short dress and matching heels. I was wearing a white t-shirt and black denim jeans.

We met at Rajiv chowk and then went to ‘My Bar Headquarters’ before leaving for a little drive to reach the destination. We checked in around 8 pm. We both rested in the living room for some time, catching up on what’s going on in each other’s life. It was just the basic talk, nothing erotic.

But we eventually ended up making out. Neha got up and slowly lifted her dress till her waist and got on my lap, facing me. Her breasts pressed hard against my chest and her lips locked onto mine. My hands unknowingly groped her ass cheeks. I was enjoying every bit of the moment.

My cock was now hard and pulsating inside my jeans. We kissed even harder, with heavy tongue action. I found the dress zipper on the back and pulled it down all the way. Gosh, it was getting out of control. I felt her hand race down my neck till my waist, ending its journey on my belt buckle.

It was easy to open. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I felt her cold palm slid inside my boxers and grabbed on my hard cock. I could feel her moving the skin to and fro, and we kept kissing passionately. Then I pushed her aside on the sofa and got on top of her.

Her dress was rolled up till her waist, and her white panty was soaked, revealing her pussy. I kissed my way from her ankle till her thunder thighs. Oh, I could feel the strong sweet fragrance of her pussy. But I kept kissing and licking her inner thighs.

Then finally, I kissed her lips over the panty, and she moaned a little. Then I kept moving up till my lips reached her cleavage and neck.  Leaving kisses all over the neck, cheeks, lips, eyes, and even nibbled on her ears. She was squeezing her boobs and teasing her erect nipples from above the dress.

Neha – God, you’re such a tease. Don’t make me wait already. Just suck on the baby.

Me – I will. But you’ll need to strip for me then.

Neha – Ahan? Sure but…

Me – But?

Neha – You can only watch, but you cannot use your hands.

Me – That’s not fair.

Neha – Alright then. Your loss. I guess I’ll do it to someone else then.

Me – Okay. Okay. No hands. But you’re in so much trouble, lady.

Neha then stands in front facing me and plays a sexy song on her mobile. Now she starts vibing to the song, swaying her body, and groping herself. Those horny expressions were proper rod raiser.

Neha – Maybe I want to be in trouble.

She saw my cock pitching a tent in the boxers and got bolder with her moves. Slowly Neha slid the dress off her gorgeous breasts, groping and squeezing them to tease me.

Then she turned around and slowly slid the dress down her curves and amazing legs. All the while, she is bending more and more, exposing her sexy ass and legs as the dress made its way towards the floor.

Finally, she was just in her panties and high heels, striking sexy poses and erotic looks. Then she got on top of me and rubbed her boobs in my face as she ground her pussy on me. I left no chance of sucking on them as much as I could. I was licking around the areola and nibbling on the hard nipples.

Neha – Oh, Baby! Yes, yes, ah! I missed this so much.

Me – Me too, sweetheart. Now, why don’t you turn around and show me that ass?

After some time, she got up and turned around, dropped her panties on the floor, and backed her ass on my crotch. She made her best sex moves. It was indeed quite a show she put on for me.

Me – Hey! You forgot the boxers.

Neha – Oops.

Neha then kneeled and began to remove the boxers. My cock sprung up in front of her. Neha slid the boxers off me but had her eyes fixed on my boner the whole time.

Me – What are you waiting for? It is not going to suck itself, baby.

Neha – No, sir, it won’t. But I know I can.

She gets straight into the action and feels the whole girth of the cock with her smooth palms. She got her lips busy with sucking on my balls. She made her way from there to the tip. Slowly but steadily, she gave a nice blowjob worth thousands of rupees.

I just closed my eyes and just felt her devotion towards sucking my cock dry. She looked so sexy, sucking on it. I held her hair for her to have an unobstructed view of her working that mouth at what it does best. Her passionate blowjob almost made me cum, but I wanted this moment to last longer.

Me – That’s it. Now come here, Baby.

Neha wiped all the drooling saliva from her lips and jumped on top of me. We made out some more time like that on the sofa. I was grinding and twerking with my boner between her ass cheeks. Pushing back and forth, I was dry humping and feeling my cock on her moist pussy. I made love to her and played with her neck and boobies.

Me- Hey, Baby! Care to fetch the lube and condoms?

She went to the table and came back, skipping happily with the Durex condoms and lube pack. Neha kneeled and ripped one open. She took hold of my cock shaft and rolled it down my dick tip. Rest she tried rolling down with a quick, tight lip blowjob.

I then got on top of her, poured a decent amount of lube on her. I teased her throbbing pussy a little with my warm cock, dry humping, and sometimes by giving her just the tip.

Neha – Ah! Slide it in. Give it to me.

Me – Not here.

Neha – Oh God! Have some mercy! Give it to me, baby. Fuck me! Fuck this slut. Now. Now. Fucking NOW!

After some more teasing, she rolled me over and got on top to ride my cock but failed.

Me – You don’t listen? Not here.

I pick her up and take her to the bedroom. I then dropped her on the spring mattress.

I am now continuing from before.

We had the most intense sex. No mercy was shown to her. Quick, deep, but intense thrusts followed by slow pullbacks. Love bites, loud moans, and grunts, smooches, tight hugs. The clapping sound of her soaked ass and my sweaty thighs. Her legs were pulling me deeper with every thrust.

We were both sweating a lot. Even at full speed, the fan was no help, and the AC switch was across the room. A lot was going on between us. Knowing a desi babe who stretches her pussy on my cock like a whore. But she acts all shy and innocent in front of her boyfriend is just amazing.

Her satisfaction and happiness are always on another level for some reason. I was on edge now. All the moans, touch, kisses, and movement of her pussy walls were too much to take in. I just let go of my control and just went to town with her.

Pounding her pussy faster and deeper until I felt myself lose control and shoot a good load after a load of thick cum inside her. My cock was throbbing, and her pussy walls were milking it for every drop of semen. We both kissed and stayed like that for couple more minutes embracing the pleasure.

Then I removed my cock from her pussy. She slipped the condom off it before sucking my cock clean of any cum on it. We disposed of the used condom in the trash, got dressed, and took a short break to get hydrated.

After a good rest and dinner, she wore her short dress with no panties. She left no chance of bending over enough to show me her pussy and ass. My cock was getting hard watching her tease me. Finally, she slightly lifted her dress and bent forward, disposing of the disposable plates in the kitchen’s trash can.

I took the matter in my hands and bent her over the cold marble counter right away to continue our unfinished business.

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