Lustful trek in Himalayas with the Sexiest babe

Hello everyone. I am from Pune, India. I have been reading stories on this site for a long time. So I thought of posting one of my stories here about the sexiest babe I have met.

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am a student who has a range of hobbies. I am physically fit as I do sports and trek in the Himalayas. Due to this, I have gained enough experience in trekking and have become capable of leading trek expeditions.

The story that I am going to narrate happened during one of my treks in 2018. After finishing my junior college, I decided to venture on a trek in the Himalayas.

I was the leader of a group, and I was supposed to attend to the problems faced by the team members. On the first day, I distributed the tickets to the participants. A sweet voice called out my name from behind and asked for the ticket among all those present there.

I turned around, and my jaw dropped in awe. A beautiful lass with sexy boobs measuring 36-DD, a slim waist, long silky hair, and a bubble-shaped ass stood there. She looked like a juicy flower waiting for the hungry bee to suck upon her. I was lost in my thoughts and fantasies.

Suddenly the guard sounded the horn of the train, and my imagination was shattered. On the train, each of us introduced ourselves. The girl introduced herself as Shruti. She was 19 years old and was pursuing modeling.

The next morning, we boarded a bus to take us to the base camp. It was a long journey. I was busy admiring the beautiful scenery. Shruti suddenly came and sat on the empty seat next to me. She said that she was getting bored. So we started talking with each other.

After a long talk, Shruti felt tired and fell asleep on my shoulder. Her big, soft boobs were touching the sides of my arm. The road was bumpy, and slowly Shruti slipped and rested her head on my lap. She was breathing heavily. Her warm breaths dashed against my semi-erect cock, and it turned me on.

I was looking through the window when I felt my pant being unzipped. There was a soft clasp around my dick. Before I could do anything else, I was getting a blowjob from a hot babe. Slowly my dick got engulfed in warm fluids. The feeling of your rod being pampered with love made it feel great.

Shruti kissed the tip of my penis and, within no time, took its entirety into her mouth. She was wildly moving her lips along the length and across the girth of my dick. I just closed my eyes in ecstasy. She continued doing so until my thigh muscles stiffened.

We both knew that I was about to cum. She didn’t like the idea of spoiling the fun. She sat upright and looked at me lustfully while I kept a straight face. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled my hand towards her. She inserted it at the right place beneath her garments.

I could feel the wetness of her pussy lingering over her lingerie. With my forefinger, I slid aside her panty while my middle finger worked on its usual role in sex. Shruti started moaning, loudly indeed. To prevent any eyebrows from being raised at us, I pulled her towards me.

We were about an inch or two apart. Our breaths matched the frequencies, our lips matched the contours, and our tongues matched our salivas. We were kissing as wildly as you can imagine. I continued fingering her while kissing.  The double arousal was something Shruti couldn’t handle, and she cum hard.

She took out my hand and pulled down her pants. Next, Shruti came and sat over me with her huge buttocks pressing hard against my thighs. My dick had found the perfect glory hole. I didn’t have to push my cock inside her as the bumpy roads played that part.

I held onto her jacket-laden boobs to avoid tripping off from my seat. This triggered her into another orgasm and filled her with happiness after she achieved it.

The bus screeched to a halt, and the conductor informed us that the bus had stopped for lunch. I quickly moved Shruti aside and kept an innocent look on my face (although the naughty devil inside me had just woken).

The next day, we started our trek. She hired porters to carry much of her luggage and just carried a little backpack comprising the essentials. A local sherpa was swiftly leading us from the front. So it became difficult and tiring for the participants (especially Shruti) to cope with his speed and endurance.

Being a leader, I had to be at the back of the group and assist those in any difficulty. Towards the first day’s end, both me and Shruti were left behind. By the rest of the group as we casually and slowly covered the climb. Shruti asked me to record her on my phone.

I recorded her videos and clicked her pics at her request as she swayed her ass and huge breasts while walking. The route was filled with steep ups and downs. I often helped her by pulling her up towards me. While doing so, Shruti brushed her huge assets to my hand and gave a sexy smile.

On the second day, the climb was getting more difficult. Eventually, she landed up at the end with me. I helped her cross the difficult terrain by holding her hand and by pulling her close. While doing so, her lovely jugs used to press against me only to let a small moan out of her rosy lips.

I started enjoying her act. Shruti and I were the only two left behind. We walked along, talking, giggling, and brushing against each other. As always, I was at the front, pulling her by her hand and guiding her along the tricky route. We finished the final climb of the day, leading into a dusty path.

Quite relieved and exhausted were we with our small achievement. Quite then, we were standing on either side of the road. Due to the difficult climb, Shruti was sweating and panting excessively. She was wearing layers of winter clothes and jackets (due to the cold weather in the morning).

I made her sweat excessively. To relieve herself, she started removing the layers of clothes one by one. It seemed more of a striptease show for me. My eyes were delighted with such a display. At last, she was standing there with nothing but just a crop-top (exposing her beautiful navel).

Skin-tight leggings were profiling her sexy butt. I figured out that she was not wearing a bra beneath as the protruding curves of her massive boobs and her hard nipples made it clear. Her nipples were pointing out to me an invitation. Her leggings indicated that she had worn strings underneath to cover her pussy.

Shruti’s shirt had become wet with sweat. Her panting made her boobs heave to and fro. The long, silky hair that Shruti had was tied into a bun. Her continuous hissing and heaving aroused me. But then I controlled my feelings. She was getting uncomfortable with the panting, so I suggested that to relax.

She could rest her hands on her knees and exhale through her mouth forcefully.
She did as I said, but she bent forward more than I expected her to do so. Exposing her breasts, Shruti looked at me with a kinky grin. Her boobs fell with a thud in her shirt with a slight view of her areola.

Shruti caught me staring. Her intentions and my lust matched the pace. And before she knew, my lips were on hers while my fingers were digging way down below. Shruti was startled at my quick approach but was filled with delight at the same time.

She gained control of herself and pushed me towards the rocks. Bending down, she pulled my pants and my underwear in one single go. Stroking my cock with both her hands, she started blowing me off. I was in no time to have a slow start.

So impatiently, I grabbed her bun and gagged her by putting my cock deep in her mouth. I frivolously moved her head to-and-fro until I was at the peak of my orgasm. I stopped and made Shruti stand. I pushed my hand beneath her shirt only to reveal her milky fair boobs.

This time, my lips were on her boobs while my fingers were being sucked in her mouth. I pinched, groped, and squeezed her boobs before finally sucking them. Shruti pampered me and started breastfeeding me. After nourishing the sweet milk, I made Shruti lean against the rock-laden hill and pulled down her pants.

There she was, standing in just her strings like one of those Japanese anime characters. I slid aside the thong and fingered her again, but this time it was her asshole. Shruti moaned ecstatically in pleasure. While she was in pleasure, she let out a scream as my cock plunged into her asshole.

I held her by her bun and pulled her towards me into a kiss. I was ass-fucking her for the first time, and it just felt so great. I was about to orgasm, so I stopped. Shruti turned around and pushed me hard on the ground. She climbed over me and guided my cock into her well-lubricated pussy.

She started rocking at a slow speed while moaning out loud. I became impatient. “Aaahh! Not so hard! Slow down, baby, please,” were some of her words as I lifted her ass and started pounding her madly.

Amid my pounding, Shruti cum a couple of times, but I was in no mood to listen.  I stopped only after fresh loads of cum sprayed out into her vagina. We dressed and reached our camp for the day.

The next day, while we were walking, Shruti sprained her leg badly. I suggested that she climb on my back while the rest of the group proceeded with our bags. She hugged me close, and her boobs pressed hard against my back. She squeezed her boobs so hard against my back that her bra started turning wet.

She moaned in melody. I, on my part, grabbed and squeezed her ass hard only to elevate the volume of her moaning. Sometime later, we were crossing a waterfall. I was damn tired and suggested resting for a bit. She climbed down. I sat on a nearby mound when two hands ran across my back.

Confused, I turned around, only to find Shruti’s hands. She said, “You seem tired, dear. Why don’t I give you a massage as I am a good masseuse too?” I agreed, and she started pressing my toughened back with her firm fingers. It relaxed me a lot.

After pressing my back, Shruti suggested that it would be best to massage my back from my front. So she came and sat in my lap while crossing her legs around my back. In this position, she started digging in her long nails as her boobs got squeezed between us.

I took the first move and started kissing her. We kissed passionately before she stopped and made me lie on my stomach on the grass. I followed her instructions. She climbed over me and started massaging me. After a long time, I received such a good massage. It relaxed me completely.

While I was lost in the relaxation, I found something too soft and spongy pressing against my back. Her soft melons squeezed as she labored her way, massaging me completely. After a relaxing massage, we adjusted ourselves properly.

Looking at the beauty of the scenery at the waterfall, she asked me to click some pictures of her there. She suggested I click some selfies of both of us together. She came closer and hugged me while I clicked our selfie pictures.

I could feel her firm and huge boobs pressing tightly against my chest while my right hand was pressing against her navel. She let out a soft moan when my strong arms pressed against her boobs and navel.

I was busy with my ordeal of clicking pictures. Shruti suddenly went on her heels, turned my head towards her, and gave me a sexy smooch. She placed one of my hands (holding the mobile phone) on her ass while my second hand squeezed her melons.

Just then, we heard our friends calling out our names from a distance. We broke the kiss. ”This has been one of the sexiest kisses that I have ever had. For this, you will get a gift from me,” saying, so Shruti giggled and walked ahead.

We rejoined the rest of the group and continued ahead. After walking for a while, Shruti informed us that she had to pee urgently. After peeing in obscurity, she rejoined us and secretly slid something in my palm. It was soft and silky.

As I opened my fingers, I was left in surprise. It was nothing other than her pink strings. Looking at my surprise, she just winked at me and moved ahead. The leader gets a tent for himself on every camp while the others share the rest of the tents among themselves.

My tent was on the extreme side of the camp, while Shruti’s tent was in the middle. She was sharing the tent with her friend. Everyone shivered as the cold winds blew ferociously through the camp. Everyone was hugging each other to get some warmth.

Shruti came close. She slowly massaged my palms as she sat there cuddled in my arms. Shruti asked me, “Do you know which thing in this world beats the loudest for you?” I gave it a little thought but accepted defeat as I couldn’t figure out the riddle.

To give me the answer, she slowly led my hand into her jacket. I could feel my hand sliding under her soft cotton T-shirt, by her bra, and finally over her soft breast. She asked, “So did you get the answer?”

Perplexed, I answered, “Is it your breast that beats the loudest for me?” She broke out in loud laughter and said, “You dumbass, it’s my heart that beats the loudest for you in this world.” I was ashamed and could manage nothing but a slight smile.

In the tent, I could not sleep at all after thinking of all the events that had happened to me throughout the day. Out of nowhere, the zip of my tent opened, and a girl with an hourglass figure stood at the entrance of the tent. I knew that the girl was none other than Shruti.

She whispered, “I have come here to collect what I had given to you earlier today.” I asked her, “Do you want your panty?”

She replied erotically, “No. It’s not the panty but the pleasure that I have come to take back from you.” I couldn’t control myself any longer and grabbed her by her hand into the tent while closing the tent behind me. I opened the zip of her winter jacket and pulled her close enough to lock my lips with her.

Shruti’s hair was tied into a sexy ponytail. She opened the zip of my sleeping bag and pushed me hard against the ground. Climbing over me, she removed her jacket and then her t-shirt before just in her bra and slacks. Shruti removed my shirt and jeans before removing my underwear and making me naked.

I tore off her pants to reveal her unclad, naked wet pussy. Shruti pointed to my cock and spoke in an animated tone, “Hello, Little brother of my man! Meet your little sister,” and she pointed at her pussy. “Today, let me take care of your brother while you fulfill my sister.”

She grabbed me by my neck and planted her rosy lips on my lips into a smooch. We kissed passionately while our lips tasted each other’s and while our salivas were mixed. Our tongues wrestled as if two gladiators wrestle against each other for submission.

Finally, Shruti sucked all the saliva in my mouth (making it completely dry) and broke our kiss. She turned around towards my dick and started kissing it with her rosy lips. Meanwhile, I grabbed her huge ass and brought her pussy towards my mouth.

While sucking my rod, Shruti left out moans as my fingers played the magic while fingering her asshole. My legs stiffened, the tension in my abdomen grew. Shruti realized that I was about to cum. The foreplay was excellent. She wasn’t ready to be left unsatisfied for the night.

Shruti stopped sucking, and she drew her huge butt towards my dick. Guided by her fingers, she had my dick into her in one complete go. She started slowly at first. But as soon as she gained momentum, Shruti let herself go wild and free. I held onto her slender waist as her huge ass banged against my groin.

While riding me, Shruti opened the door of my tent as it was getting hot inside. Through the moonlight, I could see her huge tits banging against her chest. As she was nearing an orgasm, she increased her pace of riding. Her sleek hair tied into a ponytail made the scene look even more erotic.

She let out a loud moan, and her juices pushed my cock out of her pussy. She fell back on me. I was not yet satisfied, and she knew it.

She whispered, “I know that you are not yet satisfied. But then we have a long day tomorrow, and we must reserve our energy to have fun throughout the trip. But then I will not leave you unsatisfied.”

Saying so, she brought one of her huge tits near my mouth and started stroking my dick. Her milk was as sweet as it could be, and I quickly drank both of her boobs dry. Meanwhile, Shruti skillfully stroked me and made me cum in no time.

The next day, all of us started as usual, and like always, Shruti walked along with me in the last. Soon, as expected, we were left far behind and were cut off from the rest of them. I was feeling extremely thirsty, and as I had no water, I asked Shruti if she had any.

Shruti searched her backpack, but all that she could find were her empty bottles. I was dejected. Seeing my long, sullen face, Shruti wanted to help me desperately. She suddenly came up with an idea and asked me to follow her into the small clearing nearby. I did so.

As soon as I dropped my bags, Shruti pushed me to the ground. She unbuttoned and drew her jeans and panty down. Her sexy, clean pussy backed by two round butts was a sight to cherish for. She came and directly sat on my mouth and started peeing in my mouth.

Her hot urine rehydrated my body while the feel of her smooth pussy raised my dick to full erection. As soon as Shruti was done peeing, I pushed her down and came over to her missionary position. She hissed as I inserted my full-grown cock in and started banging her rhythmically.

Next, I picked her ass and started drilling her against a tree. Shruti was moaning so loudly that it could have made her hear for miles away. To prevent this, I locked my lips into a sexy smooch and kissed her passionately. Her pussy was just overflowing with juices as she was getting banged by me.

Each piece of flesh and every strand of hair on Shruti’s body was moving in sync with her huge boobs. She left out a sexy moan whenever I bit her nipples while sucking her. I fucked her non-stop for about thirty minutes before coming to a stop. We needed to preserve ourselves for the remaining journey.

The following day, we were supposed to cross through snow, and we were going to climb the pass. It was a long journey, so all of us started by the stroke of sunlight. Shruti, most of the time, was clinging to my strong biceps for support.

The journey from the pass to our next camp was a downhill route filled with snow and rocks. To have fun, all of us decided to slide down on our raincoats. As only some of us had them, we decided to share the raincoats amongst us.

Luckily, Shruti didn’t have a raincoat. She asked me if I would mind sharing it with her. I happily agreed. I suggested that she sit in the front as it would be easy for her to get the max thrill. I was waiting there with my raincoat ready when Shruti came and sat slowly in front of me.

While doing so, I could see that her pants were torn right at the ass crack, giving me a clear vision of her lovely pink asshole. I knew what it meant. To help Shruti ride the sled safely, I hug her tightly from behind and unzip my pants.

She slowly slid over my pants upwards and sat with her asshole, just touching my penis. I pushed the sled harder, and we began. There were a lot of bumps all along, so whenever we hit a bump, my cock entered Shruti’s ass hole, and she moaned softly.

I moved my dick to and fro in rapid succession. Tears started flowing out of her eyes as I fucked her brains out. Both of us came at the same time, and we collapsed into an embrace. We both arranged ourselves properly to prevent any suspicions.

Till today, she remembers this trek not for the beautiful scenery but for the amazing fucking sessions she had with me. Please feel free to contact me or drop reviews on my email: [email protected] You can also read my other story here.

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