Real Witch Seduces And Fucks Human On Halloween Night

Linda was so stressed about her situation. She has to do something to make her curse leave. Yes, she was a witch from her childhood to turn into a normal girl and Linda needed to do the ritual on Halloween night to turn back into normal life.

So, you all wondering what that ritual is. Let me reveal it to you. She needed to drink a cum of a man three times that day and make him pregnant on Halloween night!

Yes, you heard it right, the witch Linda can make men get pregnant! It was one of her superpowers. She was so stressed because she had only 3 days left for this ritual and hadn’t found any guy to do this with.

The witch transformed herself into a human form and went in search of a man for the ritual. She was just wandering around in a forest and she felt something inside her asking to follow a particular path to find the man for the ritual.

She headed that way where the energy came from and found a beautiful and handsome guy who was trekking alone in the spooky mountain. The witch knew that he was the right person for the ritual. She decided to make her move on him and get to know each other.

Linda started walking by starting a small conversation with him. She came to know his name was James They got to know each other. Linda lied that she was a witch. A few km passed by and they both were comfortable with each other but she needed to take this to the next level. She had a plan.

Linda said to James that she knew a lake nearby and it would be fun to take a swim out there. Without any hesitation, James agreed to Linda’s request and they both headed to the lake.

After reaching there, James realized that he didn’t have any extra clothes to swim in a lake. He hesitated to get into the lake and Linda asked what the problem was.

He replied that he didn’t have any extra clothes to change after the swim. The witch gave a little smile and said, “Maybe we both can swim naked.”

James was so shocked by hearing these words. James exclaimed, “Are you for real?!” She replied, “Yes. There is no one nearby and I trust you, so I am fine with that.”

By saying that, the disguised witch started to remove her tees and started to expose her cute bouncy boobs, ready to get out from her bra! Now her hands crawled to the skirt and she slid that down, showing her sexy body with only panties and bra.

By seeing that, James got so excited and his dick got so big by seeing her sexy body. Linda said, “Now it’s your turn to show your sexy body.”

Without any hesitation, James removed all of his clothes and got naked in front of her, showing his long dick which was throbbing. It made the witch aroused. And she removed her panties and bra. Both kept staring at each other’s sexy bodies. Both got so excited. The witch Linda could see that the human James’s dick was getting bigger and bigger.

Linda couldn’t control herself. She went near James, got on her knees, and started to suck his cock passionately. She made James lie down on the sand and started to crawl on his body and lick all over his body, giving him a soft kiss. She sucked his balls and started to stroke his dick.

Lind licked the dick very nicely and James started to moan loudly with passionate sucking off her.

Suddenly, James felt that he can’t move or turn from that position. He had lost his control and he couldn’t figure out what was happening! It felt like the sand was holding him in place.

It was the witch Linda’s superpower making James not able to move. She kissed all over his body, his lips, nipples, dick, legs, and gave him a blowjob. After some time, James cummed in her mouth. Now he felt that he was able to move. He felt that something was wrong but did not give much thought about it.

Now he started to kiss Linda over his body and started to lick her pussy deep with his tongue. The witch started to moan so loudly which turned him on. After some time, she squirted on his face. James felt that he needed to stop there because they were strangers and can’t have sex right away!

They both stood up and gave a passionate kiss to each other while Linda grabbed James’ ass and started to finger the ass while they kissed each other. It was so new for James but he didn’t resist.

After some time, they both headed toward the water and started to have some fun, splashing water onto each other and playing tag.

Time passed by and suddenly, James could feel that someone was touching him underwater. He felt someone’s soft hands teasing all over his legs and soft lips kissing and licking his ass hole under the water. He was so confused.

When he looked underwater, it was the witch Linda who was doing all these things. He didn’t say anything because they were already involved in sexual activity.

Linda slowly moved her way to his dick and started to suck his dick under the water. First, he didn’t feel anything weird, but later on, it was straight ten minutes that Linda was under the water and sucking his dick! He felt amazed and felt doubtful about Linda.

After all the fun, they headed toward the land and they sat on a tree trunk to dry themselves with the sunlight.

James brought up the topic and asked how she could hold her breath underwater for such a long time. First, the witch diverted the topic but James was so strong that he needed to know who she was.

Finally, she started to tell the back story of her, that she was a witch and the curse and the ritual that she needed to do to get back into normal.

James was so shocked by hearing this and he asked, “So you trap me and going to use me in a ritual?”

There was a minute of silence between them. Then Linda said, “Yes and I am sorry. and I like and I want to have a family with you and I know you have feelings for me.”

James thought for a while and expressed his feelings for the witch. He said that that he too loved her and was willing to help her in the rituals. They both are so happy and again start to kiss each other.

The evening arrived and Linda took James to her place. It was a long walk. They arrived at her place and it was already night. Linda offered him a nice dinner and they had a nice chit-chat.

There was a bed outside the witch’s house. It was so romantic and surrounded by trees and a clear sky. They both got naked and got into bed and cuddled each other and fucked.

The morning arrived. The sun rose and was shining bright right into their eyes. They both woke up, had some morning kisses, and went to take shower in a nearby waterfall. They had so much fun, having sex. kissing, and hugging.

Finally, the day has arrived where Linda needed to do the rituals. James was nervous because he needed to change his role as a woman and get pregnant with her.

The witch started to do the rituals by drawing some witch symbols on the floor and made James sit in the center of that. They both got naked and started to kiss each other passionately.

They both licked each other’s every part without missing anything. Now it was time to consume James’s cum. Linda knelt in front of James and James started to jerk off in front of her. Linda was witnessing a handsome man jerking in front of her.

Linda kept her hand like receiving and waiting for James to cum in her hand. After some time, he cummed in her hand and she started to eat that cum like a hungry slut. She did not waste any drop of it. She licked it completely and she needed to do this 3 times before having sex.

They had so much fun throughout the day, a lot of cum, a lot of licking, and kissing.

Finally, the night arrived. It was the main part of the ritual. The witch asked him, “Are you ready to do this?” James nodded yes with a nervous look.

Both stood naked and she started to apply oil all over James’ body. It was so warm and so comforting for him. The witch started to kiss him all over his body from head to toe and she started to treat James as a woman, kissing his boobs and licking his dick like she was a girl.

James can notice that the trees around him caught his hand. This was Linda’s magic power. Now he was unable to move, and he also noticed that his physical body was changing. He started to get boobs and his penis was shrinking and turning into a pussy.

He was so surprised by this change but he enjoyed it. Now he fully turned into a girl and Linda started to suck his nipple and finger James’s pussy passionately. It was a new experience for him.

After all the foreplay, it was time for Linda to fuck female James. She used her magical power and suddenly, she grew a dick and she transformed into a man! The witch started to fuck female James passionately. She was sucking his boobs and teasing his hair while kissing. It was so joyful for both.

The witch finally cummed inside James and her curse was removed. She was not a witch anymore. James got pregnant and lead a happy life in the woods.

The end.

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