Lustful Experience With College Junior – Part 1

Hi, my name is Nadia Rahman. First of all, my numbers are 32D-28-34, 5’4’’ tall and skin colour whitish brown and age 24.

Well, I was introduced to this world when I was 22 and since then I have been exploring the infinite rough possibilities of this world. However, let me not bore you much and dive into my story.

As said, I was 22 and was very shy. I honestly never once in my life had a boyfriend. The story unfolded when a junior Jay Kurmi showed interest in me.

It was near the teacher’s day at college and I ended up waiting till evening doing work and alongside as my helper was Jay. It was not an awkward situation rather was a pretty good day with him. He helped and I worked, and the same thing the next day. By the end of teacher’s day, we had each other’s numbers.

And as expected, we chatted and chatted for over a very long time. And finally, one day he asked me out for a casual lunch and I said yes.

On the day, I wore a sort of kurti and pajamas. I honestly didn’t want it to look like he and I were a thing.

Anyway, I and my junior went to lunch. It was fun, family-friendly and all. He didn’t utter a single word to make me suspicious and I went on with his words.

After that day, we started chatting more and even started doing video conferences. We would talk on video call after hostel dinner till 3 am in the morning. At first, I used to make sure none of my body was flashing during the video calls but soon I stopped paying attention to it.

However, like any other teenagers, we started talking dirty (but not as dirty as giving him info on me or my body). It kept going for a few months and finally, my junior asked me if I was free to go to a movie with him. I recalled my memories from lunch and decided to go with him.

On the day, I decided again to go with kurti and pajamas and wore a pink one. I was ready. I waited for him and soon, he arrived and took me to the nearest movie theatre. And if memory serves me right, there were very few people in the theatre and we took the corner back seats. I didn’t think much about the position of the seats.

It was a pretty normal experience till the intermission of the movie. Until the end of intermission, Jay begged me for mercy for taking me to a boring movie, and to make it up to me, he went off to bring snacks.

At this point, I started wondering why we couldn’t just leave and go to a park or something for fun. But I complied with him and stayed even though I was a bit angry, to be honest.

After the interval, we were enjoying the snacks. Jay kept his coke near me and then willingly pushed it on me and acted like he made a mistake. I was very furious but I still trying to control. I was angry for a good reason as it almost wet my lower kurty and pajamas. And now he could see my pantie marks through my pajama.

He acted sorry and at that time, I was sure he was faking. So I slapped him but instead of asking for mercy, he grabbed me and started kissing and touching my body!! At first, I tried to resist but soon he was pressing all over my body and it started to feel good. His kiss, the taste of his saliva made me horny and suddenly. I started crying at this amazing sensation which was new to me.

He looked at me and started wiping my tears. He pushed me back onto the chair and started kissing me again. Jay was getting bold by every second and I realised he was a very horny guy.

My junior started pressing my boobs very hard. A moan escaped my mouth unknowingly when he did that. He was over my body on my seat.

Then he slowly whispered on my ear, “I have been waiting for this for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love you but I just want to taste your body. Think about it.”

I started shaking from the experience and somehow, I wanted more touches on my body and more of his saliva to taste. And I simply said, “Okay”, giving him permission to whatever he wanted to do on my body.

It was the signal he was waiting for. Without saying anything, Jay put one of his hands on my pussy and other on my kurty. He slowly pulled it, revealing my bra. He unhooked it and finally took out my boobs.

Jay silently started sucking and pressing my boobs. I started crying from the pleasure and was moaning continuously. Jay kept on doing the same. However, he also started pulling my clothes at the same time. This time, he pulled down my pajamas, and then my panties. He was getting wilder.

Finally, my junior put his finger on my pussy, and without any thought, he inserted his finger in my pussy.

At this point, I started feeling great pleasure and was unable to hold back. My junior finally started moving his finger inside me.

But, to our bad luck, the movie was about to end and the credits started rolling. Jay let me go but before I started pulling myself together, he said, “I want to have sex with you next time.”

And after that, we didn’t talk till I got back to my hostel room.

As you can see, I am not a very good writer neither a passionate one. I am leaving what happened for the next part of my story. However, if you liked the story or want to have some chatting, then mail me at [email protected]

Thank you.

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