Lonely Wife’s fantasy

Hi friends,
I am Radhika 37 years and a government officer. Recently I had sex with my cousin who gives me all pleasure. But having affair with him had changed my life, before I was just like a simple woman busy with work and my family. I never thought about other men, But after the affair, my mind has started thinking more about sex. My view towards men and sex has changed in those days I have developed many fantasies. I read a lot of sex stories which also made me create some fantasies. It’s a fantasy story. Everyone has fantasy even I too have. I hope you all will like my fantasy. And yes I request please don’t judge my character in this story.
Due to transfer, I stay alone away from my family. It’s very boring to be alone. I like street food.
Water pancake pani puri in Hindi was the favorite of all. As it was just next to my apartment I use to eat it almost daily.
And the hero of the story is the Mishra who sells water pancakes. Mishra must be around 45, 5.6 in height but a slim body. As I used to eat regularly from his stall his approach became little causal with me it’s a bit obvious when we know each other we talk a little casually, although he gives all respect.
But I observed something he uses to check out me and whenever we have eye contact he looks at another side. It’s common and after all, men will be men they never leave a chance to checkout women they scan every part of the woman and imagine her on the bed. I never take it seriously.
From some days my work was increased and was getting late around 9.30 or 10 daily. It was time for Mishra to wind up his work. Working in the office was making me very tired so generally go to Mishra’s stall, eat something it gives me little strength as I have to reach home and prepare food for myself.
As I use to be late so there was no one in the stall or very few customers. It was a good chance for him to chat with me. While chatting he uses to check out my body I could see the lust in his eyes. I always ignore such human behavior.
But his naughtiness was increasing day by day. He uses to rub his dick over his pants in front of me. He was becoming bolder now. Oh, I have seen his bulge many times. His act was making me angry but also I was enjoying it. we became more frank many times he uses to talk naughty ways like double-meaning statements. I was sure that he was attracted to me. I generally wear leggings and a top. I am a woman with big breasts and an ass size 363440. I know what’s my staff and men think about it. And Mishra was not other than any.
It was a golden time for him to check out me, as no one was around to disturb me. And yes we had the same situation. Due to corona, his family was in Bihar and mine was also away. We both were alone and thirsty for sex.
His naughty behavior and double-meaning jokes were increasing my sexual urges. I was also now giving him all that he needs. A clear view of my body. I used to turn or bend intentionally to let him see my back, especially my ass. My tight leggings and top were sufficient to arouse him. His tent in pants was giving an idea of his mind. We both knew each other’s feelings but no one was taking initiative.
One day it was around 10. He was as usual there waiting for me. Kept my handbag side and he was ready with the plate. I was standing just next to him. his one hand was trying to hide his rock-hard dick. I just checked his dick. Oh, it was hard he must be thinking about me only. today’s behavior was not as regular. I was a little worried. I could see feel that he was very horny and desperate. He was serving me with one hand and the other was busy rubbing dick. Oh, he became more shameless now. He was not hiding at all. After some time what came to his mind he squeezed my ass.
I was shocked, about what he has done. His hand was on my ass he squeezed me harder. Oh, Mishra ………. I exclaimed loudly.
He pulled me and holds me from behind. I did not know what was happening to me. He then said in my ear madam you are very beautiful. He was holding me such tight that I could feel his hard dick on my ass. He now started pressing my boobs. ah………………………..
I was in my senses now I just screamed and said to Mishra leave me. But he was holding me tightly and pressing my boobs.
He said didiji why are you saying to leave, I know you also want this. Yes, I also wanted the same but the move he had was a surprise to me. He was trying to press his dick on my ass
and hands squeezing my boobs hard. I kept saying Mishraji leave but he was not listening. He was replying that didiji give me a chance to make love with you let me please your big ass. I know you intentionally flaunt your ass to make me horny.
Till the time he was succeeded to insert his hand in my leggings and his finger rubbing my clit. Ahhhhh……………………………. I almost surrendered to him now.
Mishraji anyone will see us leave me. It was happening all on-road behind his stall. Mishraji now took me to the corner it was dark all over. He looked at me didiji you are very beautiful while saying this he slide his pant and he was jerking his dick. It was dark so I can’t even see his dick but his moves were telling that he is nude with dick in his hand. He then came close to me and said my lovely princes I going to take you to heaven. And he turned me. I was also aroused and horny. In no time my leggings and underwear were on the ground. He bent me and opened my legs. He touched my clit with his finger and slide 2 to 3 times. Ohhhhhhh……………………….. I was all wet. He laughed and said umm so you are ready my queen. Today I will give you all the happiness you missing. And he inserted his dick with all his thrust. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………… I screamed. was it hell or heaven ah. He started ramming from behind. he opened my legs more to get his dick more inside. He was slim but have a thick and big dick which was giving me pain and pleasure. I was moaning ah…………. ah…………..
His hand was on my waist and he ramming me hard. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………….. I was moaning in pleasure. my moan was making him more excited and wild he increased his pace after about 5to10 mins he came. I too had orgasms. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………………….
I thought it was over so started to put my leggings up. But no he was still horny. He came close to me hold me tightly. His hand was on my butts he was holding them hard. My boobs were crushed on his chest. He was looking with an ugly smile like a villain in a movie. it was dark but I could feel the way he was grasping my ass it was like he has owned me and he can do anything he wants. I felt little fear about him. A lot of thoughts came into my mind at sudden. He inserted one finger in my ass hole ah……. I screamed What he was going to do with me OH GOD save me I was repeating continuously in my thought.
I requested him to leave me. He said nothing and was looking at me with that ugly smile. I tried to free myself but the grip was so tight that I couldn’t. I requested him again. He started speaking bad words. and fingering my ass hole. Oh, my urges had fallen me in danger. I was not having any choice.
I said leave it not safe to do here. It was an open space in a corner on a night. Thanks to that no one saw us. He then loosens the grip and said, my queen. I am not mad to leave such a sexy and hot slut. Let’s go to my place. I said no. he again started using bad words. And blackmailing me. I was already in fear and his attitude was making me cry. With no choice, I agreed. it was thrilling to go. He gave a mischievous smile. I said u go first I will follow.
I was willing to sleep with him. but not like this I was not prepared that day. It was accidental. In my mind, I was happy that after a long time I am getting what I dreamed of and a little afraid too.
So he windup his stall and started to his place. I was still standing in the dark corner. I made my leggings proper and followed him. It was around 11 due to lockdown no one on street. He lives nearby only. It was under construction building where he stays I checked for anyone around other than we 2. There was no one just moonlight and dark all over. I was following him.
Continued in next part ……………..
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