Sex With My Mami

Hi guys, I am Binoy from Asansol, West Bengal. I am 19 years old and of 6’5” tall, fair, and really handsome. Today I will tell you about the recent sex encounter in lockdown, which happened with my mami (means aunt/mom’s brother’s wife).

She is 32 years old and really beautiful with a body shape of 38-24- 37 and a height of 5’4”. And she has a boy of 13 years old. She is really intelligent. She had a great knowledge of biology, but due to early marriage, she had to leave her bright future behind her.

I used to live in Chittranjan from my childhood in the quarters. But due to governmental issues, the quarters were shut down. Then we came here to Asansol when I was in junior college.

As we came here, I got to know that our whole family was living here. As I came, all of my cousins came running towards me as I was their favorite. And after that, I saw my mami, and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a pink saree. Her cleavage was visible.

Her cleavage was enough to tell how big those things were. Her navel was deep and staring at me. Her waist was milky white, and with a nice curve, came her big booty. Her buns were just hypnotizing me how firm they looked under her saree.

After seeing her, my dick (10 inches long and 5 inches thick) was rock hard. I didn’t want it to be noticed by anybody, but I saw that mami noticed it. After that, I used to fantasize about her naked and was riding my cock. I stopped watching porn and used to think about her and masturbate.

In our house, we had separate sectors of each family, which means each family had separate bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. But we had a common hall and verandah and garage.

And mami’s sector was just beside my sector. It means when I come from outside, first, I have to cross her living room connected with the bathroom then her bedroom.

I was in junior college at that time. I was coming from outs after buying some books. As I was going, I saw mami came out naked from the bathroom. She was looking like a goddess and much better than I fantasized about her. Her boobs were hanging and swaying as she was drying her hair.

Her whole body was dripping with water and making her look hotter. I didn’t miss a chance and took her pics on my phone. She didn’t have a single hair on her body. She was drying her front body, and she turned around. Her back was even sexier and as she bent, I saw her hairless pink pussy. I was on a total hard-on. As it was coming to an end, I turned my face, and with innocence, I said, “Ahem!” She gasped and turned around.

“May I pass if you are done?”

She replied, “What is that?” She was telling me about my boner. My heartbeat increased. “You were watching me, weren’t you pervert.” In fear, I turned around and said, “Please don’t tell anybody. I am sorry the stupid adolescence carried me away, please forgive me.”

She was lifting me up by touching my face. Due to this, her towel dropped, exposing her body again. As I saw her face, there was a naughty smile. She said, “It is okay. Don’t worry, I know you love me. I saw you masturbating. I know you were thinking about me.”

As we were talking, she grabbed my cock over my pants. “After I saw your cock it just drove me crazy. It wasn’t just you who was in love.”

After listening to this, I was both relieved and horny. We were both looking at each other, then we broke into a deep kiss. We were both responding. After 2 minutes, it hit me, and I asked, “What if Mama(Uncle) sees us.” She said, “He won’t be coming till next week.”

Then we broke into a kiss again. Our tongues were playing with each other. Then I lifted her in my arms by grabbing her hips and took her to the bedroom. I stuck her with the wall as we were kissing. I stopped and got naked. As I was getting naked, she said, “Mmm those are some sexy abs, and you are strong.”

Then as I was kissing, my left hand pressed her butt, and my right hand was playing with her boobs. Holy lord, the buns were so soft, and her boobs were milky and smooth. I started sucking her boobs. As I was sucking them, she was moaning, “Oh your mouth feels so good.”

As I was sucking her boobs, she started lactating, and she was wet. I could feel her juices on my abs. Then we went to bed. She came over me and grabbed my dick in her hand. She started stroking and was sucking my balls. She was a real pro in this. I was on cloud nine.

Then she sucked my cock. She was doing it slowly but suddenly, she started doing it vigorously. I said, “I am cumming,” and I burst into her mouth. Her mouth was full of my cum, and she drank it. Then I came over her. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and inserted my fingers in her pussy.

It was warm, and to my surprise, I had hit her g-spot. As I was finger fucking her pussy I started eating it too. She was moaning loudly, “Oh fuck yeah, eat that fucking pussy.” It made me hornier, and I gained speed, and she came on my face. It was as sweet as honey.

Then I spanked her ass and took her on missionary pose. I was rubbing my dick on her pussy, and she was moaning and getting crazy. Then she went for her purse and took out a condom. She wore it on my dick, and it fell short. “Oh your Mama has just of 5 inches, and yours is of 10 inches. I like it.”

Then without delay, I started inserting my cock in her pussy slowly. As I inserted the head, she started gasping loudly, “Yours too fucking big, it isn’t fitting.” Then in a shot, I inserted my whole dick, and she shouted. Tears were running down her face.

I started giving slow shots. She was driven crazy. Then I was fucking her at full speed. “Aaah, slow down, please, you will destroy me.” I didn’t show any mercy, and, in this way, my condom tore. Naked, it felt like heaven. She said, “I am cumming’.”

“Me too.”

And we both came. She was tired, but I wasn’t. I took her doggy style. She was so tired that she may faint. “Please, not anymore.”

“I will fuck your ass now.”

She drank some water and was ready again. I applied some coconut oil on my dick and on her ass. As I inserted, she said, “Oh fuck take it out. I will die.” I inserted my whole dick. She was almost fainting but with slow strokes. She started to enjoy it. Now we came together again.

Then we went to the bathroom to get fresh. Now we became sex buddies. As I am writing the story, she is sleeping beside me naked.

That is it for my story. Thank you, guys.

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