Big Boobs Neighbour Bhabhi Fucked In Hotel Room

Hello everyone, I have been a reader of for a long time. I enjoy reading fascinating sex stories more than watching porn.

I will be changing all the names in the story to keep everyone’s privacy.

My name is Adi (name changed) and I am right now 22 years old. This is a story of me and my neighbour bhabhi who got recently married.

It was the month of December, and my cousin who was 28 years old was supposed to get married. So, our entire family was preparing for the wedding, and it was very normal that neighbors would also participate in these family rituals and ceremonies.

Payel bhabhi who also recently got married to Raj bhaiya living just next to our flat used to come to our house and participate in these discussions and activities. As Raj bhaiya was a doctor, he had to be in the hospital, and bhabhi used to get bored. So she used to come to our place now and then to talk to everyone in our house.

One day she knocked on our door, but no one was there in our house, as everyone went out to shop. I looked through the peephole to find it was Payel bhabhi. I opened the door and said that no one was home. My neighbour bhabhi asked me where did they go? I said they went shopping.

She asked me if I could take her to where they had gone, and also come along with her.

As I was alone at that time, I kept the door open and asked her to sit on the sofa while I changed and come back.

I went to my room to change.

Everyone knows no guy wears underwear when they are home. So I took off my shorts and was looking for my underwear in the closet. Just then I heard a faint giggle outside the door, I thought I overheard or it might have come from somewhere else. Then I noticed that there was a shadow at the door’s bottom. Now I understood what was happening

Actually, in our house, the doors have keyholes through which one can see into the room. I was very sure that it was Payel bhabhi who was peeping through that keyhole.

Omg! I heard and I have read so many bhabhi stories but I never encountered one. I was scared and was also feeling very naughty with all those seducing ideas in my mind.

Then I thought like, “Let’s not make the move from my end.” I wanted my neighbour bhabhi to make her the move!

So what I did was I deliberately went close to the door, all nude, with my hard erect dick hanging in the air. I was just roaming around like that inside the room and then I just wore the pant and came out after opening the door. I saw my neighbour’s wife standing there.

I knew about it by then what she was doing. But she said that she was coming to knock on the door as I was taking so long.

I locked our house and asked her to come with me to the mall where my family was. While going in the car, I came to know that bhaiya was almost going out every night for night duty and he was also out doing overstays in the hospital He couldn’t give enough time for her.

While talking about her married life, my neighbour bhabhi also told me that she had always had bfs in her life who used to be younger than her, because she likes to dominate the guy. But she was missing all the fun and pleasure now.

She then suddenly asked me if we could just hang out together and drop the plan of going to the mall. I had no problem and so I said yes. We went to a cafe to have some coffee. I had never been there before but she said she liked the place so asked me to take her there.

I took out my card to pay the bill, but my neighbour bhabhi stopped me and she paid the bill. Back in her mind, she was fulfilling her dominating fantasies.

We took our coffees and sat at the corner. Now, let me tell you guys what we were wearing, I was wearing denim shorts, and a casual tee, and she was wearing a loose-fitted tee shirt and tightly fitted jeans. She was a very good-looking lady, with fair complexion and had black shiny hair which was not too long, probably it was till where the bra strap was.

We started talking and having our coffee. My neighbor bhabhi suddenly said in the middle of the conversation, “Adi, you are really a nice guy, you must have had a gf.”

I said to her, “Yeah, I had one but she broke up.”

Then she said, “Ohh Adi, I understand your pain. Don’t be sad. God must have had some other plans for you,” and she winked at me.

I felt a stream of current flowing through me and just with that, I could feel her toes touching mine. I thought it must have been a mistake, but she continued with her feet caressing on mine. It was turning me on and because I was a fair-complexioned guy, I was also turning red.

My neighbor bhabhi noticed that and she held my hand and said, “Don’t worry boy.”

She continued to move her feet higher on my leg. I could feel her cold feet and her nails scratching gently on my skin. I was sitting there staring at her like a dumb boy. She went on and on and then I felt her feet on my pants. She smirked and said, “Ohh Adi, did I make you hard!”

My heart was racing and I didn’t know what to say, then she asked me, “Are you comfortable with me, adi?” To that, I said, yes!

Then the married bhabhi said, “Do you want to be my secret boyfriend, Adi?” Surprisingly, I said yes without a second thought.

The very next moment, we came out of that cafe and headed towards our car. My neighbour bhabhi was in a different mood altogether. She asked me, “Can I call you my baby, Adi?”

I was shaking out of nervousness but I still said yes. She said, “Baby, then let’s go to an elite hotel and have some fun.”

We drove to hotel Americana (name changed). The horny neighbour bhabhi booked a room with her money and introduced me as her brother. We walked towards our room. In the lift, she suddenly came close to me and touched my neck.

She was looking at me and was touching my dick over the pant. She asked, “Is it still hard, baby? Just a few minutes more and I will help you get relaxed.”

By then I have also come out of my fear and said, “Babe, you are turning me on like anything” and we started smooching inside the lift itself!

As it was a self-check-in room, no hotel boy came with us. We checked into the room and as soon as we opened the door with our card and locked the door behind, my neighbour bhabhi came close to me and was holding my face in her hand. She started to smooch my lips, pushing me right on the door. OMG, the married woman was so horny!

She started with sucking my lower lips. I was pulling out her upper lip and she kept kissing me harder and harder. Her hands moving all over my head and face and my hair. She had long nails, nicely manicured, and maintained.

She was wearing black nail polish that day. I was getting turned on. The way she was scratching my head and hair, light and gentle but also very seducing. By then, even I was holding her long black hair and kissing her and sucking her lips.

My sexy neighbour bhabhi pushed her tongue in between my lips and I started sucking it too. Then she bit my lips. “Oh ahaaa babe..” I said out in excitement.

We broke the kiss there. Then she pushed me on the bed, made me sit on the edge of the bed. Then she turned around and sat on my lap, with her back facing towards me.

And she in a husky tone, asked, “Adi, don’t you wanna touch me?”

As I was sitting like a stiff rock, she then held my hand and put them over her breasts. My neighbour bhabhi’s boobs were pretty big, probably C-cup size. She then tied a bun and asked me to take off her tee. I followed her order!

She was wearing a black lace bra, and because it was her back facing me, her skin was so tempting. I so felt like kissing her back! It was white and smooth, but I didn’t do it because I was still a bit scared.

Then she was a little bit pissed off and said, “Now who will open the bra?! Don’t you know how to fuck a woman?” I opened her bra too.

Now I started caressing over my neighbour’s cheating wife’s big boobs and I started licking her back, and her neck. She started enjoying that.

I was licking her back with my tongue tip, to make it more sensual for her. She was really enjoying that and I knew that as she was also grinding her ass on my dick. Sitting on my lap, she had already felt my hard dick.

I was sucking her back, and pressing her boobs as hard as I can. She was grinding on my dick. Then I pulled out her nipples and she said, “Harder, Adi.” I did it harder. I was a lot wet below with my precum. She felt it and said, “I think I need to take off your shorts.”

My neighbour bhabhi suddenly got up and pulled out my shorts. She could see the hard dick which was already oozing the precum. She then started rubbing her hand on me. She bent down on her knees and sat. Then she was rubbing her sexy and beautiful hand with black nails on my underwear.

My neighbour bhabhi took out the dick in her hand, and oh boy, her warm hands felt so good on my dick. Then she took the precum from the dick with her finger and put it inside her mouth. After that, she spat on my dick. And spread her saliva all over my dick with her fingers.

Her beautiful black-nailed manicured hand looked so hot and sexy. She took out her tongue and swallowed my balls inside her lips and started sucking them.

My neighbour bhabhi was stroking my dick gently with her hands. I could feel her tongue playing with my balls inside her mouth. I was moaning in pleasure! I was on cloud nine. Then she left my balls, took her tongue, and licked my dick from the bottom to the top edge.

After that, she spat on my dick again and sucked out the upper red part of my dick. She took the entire dick inside her mouth and started to give me a deep throat. I knew by then what to do.

I stood up and held her bun in my hand, and started to fuck my neighbour bhabhi inside her mouth by pushing the dick as hard and as deep it could go. She was gagging out in pain and her eyes turned red. She was almost crying. I asked her if I should slow down but she didn’t say anything and kept on doing her thing.

I understood that she was enjoying it enough. So I went on and on. I said, “I am about to cum” but she then hold my waist with her hands, and sucked and pressed her lips harder on my dick. I cummed inside my neighbour bhabhi’s mouth!

She spat it out entirely on my dick and again massaged it with her hands on my dick. She then stood up, pushed me on the bed, and climbed on me. She took hold of my dick, and very smoothly, she slid it into her vagina, which was craving a good fuck. She said, “Fuck me hard, baby.”

I started to put my dick harder inside my married neighbour bhabhi and she started to moan, “Ahhhhh ahaaaaa..” in pain and pleasure. She was loving it.

I kept on pushing inside her pussy. By then, I had already cummed once, so now I could go on for a longer time.

She said, “Adi, a bit slow,” as I was pushing it really deeper and faster. I slowed down and after a while, we changed our positions. We went on to the edge of the bed and there I stood at the edge of the bed. Bhabhi hugged my waist with her beautifully shaved hot legs around me so that she could get a better hold of me.

I grabbed my neighbour bhabhi’s big boobs with my hand for a better grip and started to fuck the married pussy as fast as I could. I kept on pressing her boobs and kept on pulling it alternatively. She was enjoying it to the fullest. She was rubbing her clit with her hand. After 20 minutes or so, I cummed inside my neighbour bhabhi’s pussy.

We both felt so relaxed. I went down on my knees, and spread out her pussy, and started licking it for her. She was enjoying it so much. She was caressing her nails on my head, and that was turning me on and on again.

I was sucking her vagina, and licking the vaginal lips. Then I slid my tongue inside my neighbour bhabhi’s pussy, and with my fingers, I was rubbing her clit. I was also getting hard again and was ready to drill her once more! She saw my dick getting hard again and said, “Adi, put in your dick na.”

I immediately followed her orders and slid it inside my neighbour bhabi’s vagina and started fucking her again. She wanted me to grab her boobs like I did. She pulled my hands and placed them on her boobs.

We kept on fucking for longer and she kept moaning. It was a wonderful fuck!

After that, we both were tired. We laid naked with hugging each other. She was saying me how much she missed having these kinds of experiences that she had before her marriage. And now she was always home alone and lonely.

Suddenly, her phone rang and it was her husband calling. We quickly got up and dressed and left for our home. In the car, we made the plan of what would we say when we get back home.

Lastly my neighbor bhabhi said, “Adi, please come to my place whenever you are free.” I jokingly asked, “Even when bhaiya is home?” She smiled and said nothing. I got her answer.

We finally got home and she went to her flat and I went to my flat. 🙂

Thank you for reading my entire story, stay tuned for more!

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