Lockdown Bangbang With School Classmate

Hey Friends, Akki here, and I am back with my second story. I hope you have the first one, ‘The First Time Experience With A Relative’s Daughter.’

With the lockdown, there was little work in our segment. Hence I got too much free time to search for compatible partners. Initially, I tried OKC and Tinder. But the dating sites are of not much help for single guys looking for girls as per my experience. Hence, I went on the best platform for connections – Facebook.

I started wishing all the birthday girls regularly and checking who is online and active to chat up. One of my classmates, Sweetie (name changed), had her birthday in September. I wished her online. She lived in Thane and was a very shy and quiet girl in the school.

I don’t remember a single time that we might have spoken. As soon as I wished her, she sent a thank you with a kiss emoticon. I was surprised by that and checked that she had sent it to everyone who wished her. I started chatting with her, and she was very prompt replying online to the messages.

I understood that she is on a night shift and had weird sleeping schedules. So, she would be mostly online throughout the night chatting with some friends. Gradually, I was chatting with her for hours, talking about many things. I understood that she is unmarried and is all alone with no boyfriend.

Her last boyfriend had dumped her, and she did not get any good connections. After a couple of day nights of chatting, we decided to meet in a mall for a date at R-city mall Ghatkopar. It was the first meeting. I was planning how to take this to the next level and discuss getting cozy.

She reached late and apologized many times. Due to the lockdown, the mall did not allow seating in any restaurants. So we were just walking around the mall and sitting in the open area. We talked about all other things of office, work, salary, pandemic.

But the discussion was still not getting into the mode where I wanted to steer it. Suddenly, we saw a young couple along with one of their friends standing behind a pillar. The friend was looking out for any security guard or people approaching them. The couple was busy kissing each other.

The guy had one hand on the boobs and was indulging in deep kissing. We both were seated, and the whole action was in front of us. That was the exact opportunity that I was looking for. I started discussing how they are kissing with Sweetie. Initially, she was blushing, looking at them and shy to talk about it.

We left shortly and then continued our discussion on the chat later that night. From that day, I kept the whole topic of discussion around sex, and she started gradually telling about her experiences. She had a boyfriend during school days, and they used to meet and have sex every now and then.

After the break-up, she never connected with anyone and did not have sex for more than 15 years. I was amazed at that and asked her about how she managed. She shared that she felt the urge but never tried anything. Then I proposed and asked her to imagine if we both are having it and she was very happy to try that.

After a few days, we decided to meet again. But this time I asked her to meet in a hotel room. It will give us more privacy, and we can discuss things more openly. She readily agreed to the plan.

We decided to meet in the afternoon for a few hours. I was unsure if she was ready for the action. I did not tell her that my intention was to have sex with her. She came in a casual t-shirt and denim jeans. I could see her round boobs ready to pop out of the t-shirt.

I knew today I will get to bite them but had to wait for the moment. We met at the hotel and ordered some food. We started discussing life and partners and how to be happy. After having food, I decided to settle on the bed and pulled her beside me.

She was sharing how she was checking men in various portals and through relatives for marriage. I asked her to forget all her worries and focus on the present and be happy. She agreed to the same and started smiling. I took the opportunity and took her into my arms and started caressing her cheeks.

Then I rolled my fingers on her lips, and she closed her eyes. Immediately, I kissed her, and she responded back. I could feel her desperation of many years ready to come out. I made her lie down and was kissing her continuously.

I didn’t want to waste any time discussing if we could go ahead or not. I spread her legs and went on top of her kissing all the while. I started pressing her boobs over the t-shirt. She was enjoying the same and was kissing me back.

I suddenly got up, held her jeans at the waist, lifted her legs, and just pulled it off. She did not expect this and all of this happened in a fraction of a second. Her jeans and panty came out simultaneously, and I could see the clean, shaved soft pussy in front of me.

She was embarrassed and was trying to resist. I immediately planted a kiss on the pussy. It was already wet, and I knew she was ready. She held my face hard to the pussy, and I started licking it. Meanwhile, I was struggling to take out my shirt and pant and licking the pussy to mximise the pleasure at the same time.

I wanted her to suck my cock, by I didn’t want to break the flow. Being the first time, I was worried that it would take more time to get on track if I suddenly stopped. So I started fingering her and licking her at the same time. My cock was half hard with all this multi-tasking action.

I started to massage it with my other hand. I did not want to give her any chance to react and continued licking her pussy. She was flowing juices with the touch of my tongue. I spread the legs to have more access and put my tongue deep inside, and she was moaning crazily.

While her eyes were closed, I got up and thrust my semi-hard cock inside her pussy. She gave a loud shout. She said, “Go slow. I have not done it for long.” That was the indication that now she is ready for the deep fuck. I then started stroking it slowly, and while doing so, I started kissing her.

From slow kisses to deep hard kisses, she was sucking my tongue deep inside her mouth. Till now, she was naked from the bottom but was still in her T-shirt. I then made her sit and took off her top, and she was completely naked. I guess she had put a lot of weight with the lockdown, and her tummy was grown big.

But her boobs were even bigger. It was soft 36 size with big dark brown nipples. She was going crazy now and held my cock and was shaking it with her hands. I asked her to lie down and started licking her nipples. She was loving it and was asking me to bite them and press them hard.

I gave her a hard love bite, and her boobs became red like apples. I then asked her to change the position. I lay down on the bed and asked her to suck me. She was extremely good at sucking and went on going from slow to fast. She continued to suck me for the next 10 minutes.

I was enjoying the same and fingering her at the same time. Her juices were flowing so much that the bedsheet was wet with it. And then I just burst into her mouth. I held her head on my cock, not to waste any of my cum.

To my pleasant surprise, she drank each drop of all that came out of my cock. She held it directly till it didn’t drop down the throat. The whole thing took more than 45 minutes. I was full of excitement, and I was super tired. So we decided to take a nap and then go for one more round.

After around 30 minutes of the nap, I woke her up and put her face on my cock. She readily started to suck it again. I was hard again and ready for the next round. This time I decided to try all positions for another hour available in the room.

I made her stand facing the mirror and placed my cock in between her legs lying on the bed. She took the cock inside her pussy and watching herself nude in the mirror. I could see her lovely shaped ass hopping on my hard cock. Then she turned and sat on my cock. I started pressing her boobs and kissing the nipples.

After another 10-15 minutes, I made her suck me and lick all her juices, which had made my cock and even my balls wet. Then I made her into the doggy style and entered her from behind. She could feel me deep inside, and she was moaning all the time.

She wanted me to press her boobs and kept pulling my hands to press them. I went from slow to fast and deep inside. I tried to finger her asshole, which was a virgin. She jumped on the bed and said, “Not now.” I understood that maybe in the next few times, I can definitely fuck her ass as well.

After banging her in the position, I was again ready to shoot. I took out my cock and sprayed it all over her ass and back. I could see the juices dripping from the pussy onto the bed. We lay down finally after the action and rested for some time before we left.

We meet almost every alternate week in all the cheap hotels around Ghatkopar, Andheri, and Vashi, banging for a few hours until she gets married. I hope you liked the story of my secret sex with my classmate.

Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mumbai females and couples, please get in touch with me at [email protected] Do check out the next story about the other lockdown fun with my girlfriend’s sister.

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