Office Cab Driver Gives Bitch In Heat Dirty Sex

Hi readers, I am Priya, 25 years old, working in an IT company, and living alone in Chennai. I am 5.8 feet tall, curvy body, dusky, with perfect round tits with brown nipples and a plump ass.

I am quite a horny person. My sex life was active from my school days. I have had sex with all my boyfriends and even my friends over time. I like to have dirty rough sex. But, even after getting satisfied by my sex partners my rough and dirty sexual fantasies never came true.

My daily commuting to work was by my office cab. My cab driver was a 40-year-old male, divorced for some reason and he was living alone in a slum in Chennai in a house which was just about the size of one room in my house.

My cab driver was dark-skinned, 6 ft. tall with a well-built body. Every day he started his trip from my place and picked up others on the way and then completeed his trip by dropping me home last, at night. We both got a time of nearly 30 minutes alone every day during which we used to have small talk.

My cab driver shared that his marriage had fallen apart because his ex-wife couldn’t tolerate his sexual behavior as he was very rough and was too dirty for her to handle.

I was a bit uncomfortable when he shared this information, which I had never intended to know. But I got turned on when he mentioned that he was rough in bed. Of course, the guy was well built, it kind of made me curious.

From that day, he kept on throwing hints at me like how he was alone for 5 years and how he misses his sexual life. I was single when this happened and didn’t have sex for 6 months at that time. I never had a one-night stand before but I missed having sex very badly

One day, I asked my cab driver what his sexual fantasies were. He was shocked. I asked him to share his sexual fantasies that were never satisfied by his ex-wife.

He laughed and said, “It was everything.” He said he liked it raw and dirty like the primal sex of animals but she wanted only normal sex which was too boring for him. I realized that his fantasies were similar to mine and I was turned on.

I told him, “Anna, stop the car.”

He stopped, turned around, and asked, “What’s wrong?” I felt too ashamed to ask him if he would want to fuck me. But, I also felt so dirty and horny.

I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my shirt. I felt like a filthy whore. My mind was saying, “What the hell are you doing Priya?! Are you really getting this low to seduce a cab driver to get laid?” But my heart wanted to fulfill my fantasies.

My body turned really warm, my hands were shaking as I was unbuttoning the third button from the top. My cleavage was visible now. I asked him as my voice trembled, “What do you think about fulfilling your lustful fantasies?”

I was so ashamed. I was feeling so stupid. But, I was shocked to see him smile and say, “Finally!” I felt like I had fallen right into his trap.

The cab driver said he knew I was a horny girl who had multiple relationships and I was alone without a partner for 6months from our small talks. He was yearning for sex for 5 years and he wanted to know if my sexual orientations were the same. He said that it was he who planned on seducing me but he was surprised that I broke the wall first.

He understood that I was a horny bitch in heat who can’t even be without a dick for 6 months. I was ashamed but, I was also turned on. The cab driver said his fantasies were gonna come true that day and he started the car.

I was nervous. He didn’t take me home. He drove to a very far secluded place from my home. I was a bit scared. He stopped the car in an isolated spot. He locked the doors and he came to the backseat.

Even though I have had sex several times, I felt like it was going to be my first time. I was shaking and my body was warm. My cab driver slowly placed his hands on my thigh, his pant had a huge bulge. Just by seeing that bulge, I felt my nipples get erect and pussy getting wet.

My breathing started to become heavy. I also felt that he was nervous. But, I wanted it to be a lustful experience, a filthy one making me feel like a filthy, dirty whore. He asked me if I was sure about this.

I pushed him down on his back on the seat and I ripped his shirt off! I saw well-built muscles on his body. I started to kiss the cab driver’s bare hairy muscular chest.

I kissed all over his torso, his neck and I went up to his lip and kissed him so hard and passionately rolling my tongue over his exchanging saliva, “Mmmmmmmmmm”. So good.

I responded pretty well by breaking the kiss and gathering spit in my mouth and kissing again.

Oh yeah! So dirty, just what I wanted. He broke the kiss and said, “I wanted something like this for a very long time,” and I said, “Yes, me too.”

My cab driver ripped off my shirt and removed my bra – exposing my erect brown nipples.

He spat on my nipples and started to suck them so hard. I was moaning, “Aahhhmmmmm,” as he licked, sucked, spat, and bit my nipples. Ohh yesss!!! I was so hot!!

I asked him to turn off the AC in the car. Even though I was sweating, I wanted to get drenched in sweat. He smiled and turned it off. I pulled down my cab driver’s pants and underwear before he could turn back. I sniffed his balls from behind. It was hairy, sweaty, and smelled so dirty.

He said he was not expecting to get laid that day or else he would have kept it clean. I gave him a lustful smile and started to suck and lick his dirty stinking balls from behind as he was bent over to turn off the AC. He was moaning so loud in pleasure.

My mouth was so filthy after that. My cab driver turned around and saw me drooling after I sucked his balls. He kissed me hard and rolled his tongue over mine and said,

“Such a filthy whore you are,” and he spanked my right tit hard.

He was so big with an 8-inch dick. The biggest I ever had. I was so tempted to see that 8-inch black dirty rod. I pushed him back to the seat and shoved his dick in my mouth and started to suck it so hard. I was gagging on it, drooling all over his dick and balls. He was in heaven.

He pulled my hair hard and started to guide my head up and down his dick. My cab driver mouth-fucked me for 20 minutes. He deep throated me as tears rolled down my eyes.

He asked me, “Do you like it bitch?!!! Do you like sucking on this filthy dick?!!!” I simply nodded, “Yes.”

He slapped me so hard. Instead of pain, I felt pleasure from his slap. After all the mouth-fuck, that slap felt like a relief to my jaw.

He then pulled my hair hard forcing me to look up. I was drooling once he pulled my face off his dick. He collected all my slimy drool from my mouth and rubbed it all over my filthy face and he spat on me. It felt so good getting degraded like a whore.

He said, “You are the one I want.” I smiled as he made me lay on my back on the seat and he pulled my pants down, getting me totally naked. My horny cab driver shoved his dick deep into my cunt. I could see a bulge in my belly when he went deep in without any lube.

It hurt so badly at first. But once my dirty cab driver started to fuck me, I felt like I was in heaven. He grabbed my jumping tits in his hands and kneaded them as hard as he could. He was pinching and twisting my nipples.

His sweat fell on me like rain and mine were flowing down to the floor. He bent down and he started to lick my filthy drooled up face. “So tasty,” he said. He licked off the sweat flowing from my forehead.

My cab driver was licking me all over my face as he fucked me hard. He was getting ready to cum. I saw his expression and I asked him to cum on my face.

He unloaded a huge load of his warm salty, thick cum all over my face. I licked his dick clean. I thought it was over. But he jumped to the front seat and drove the car fast to his house. It was a very congested slum with a common vehicle parking outside the slum. His house was right next to the parking.

He said, “Don’t wear any clothes, stay just like this.”

I looked at the time, it was around 11:30 pm and it was a Friday night. I knew the next day was off for both of us. He wore a lungi he had in his car and got down. He checked if anyone was around. He opened his house and he pulled me out of the car.

I was naked, filled with sweat, saliva, and cum never been so filthy in my whole life.

My cab driver pushed me into his house and locked the door, took off his lungi, and got naked. He came near me and started to kiss me soo hard, I broke the kiss and I had a quick look around.

The house had no kitchen, it was just a room with a bed and a bathroom. The room itself smelled so filthy like the bathroom. He said he wanted to fuck me like a mad dog taking its bitch. I pushed him down on the floor and I sat on his face, “Suck my pussy and make me cum with your filthy tongue.”

The cab driver gave me a lustful smile and started to lick my pussy hard. I rubbed my clit and nipple as he was licking my dirty wet clean shaved cunt. I was hearing the slurpy sounds he made as he sucked my pussy dry. I was moaning loudly.

I turned around and bent down to suck his hard dick as he licked my pussy. He pushed his thumb in my ass as he was licking my pussy. It felt soo good, I had never done anything like this before. I lost all my senses and all I could think about was licking and sucking his dirty cock.

I was so sweaty. He had no cot and the room had just a mattress. He rolled my mindless sweat-drenched body onto the mattress. I begged him to fuck me. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I was begging my driver in his house to fuck me hard.

He held my hands over my head. He sniffed my sweaty clean-shaven armpit. He licked my left hand and he moved his tongue over my arm licking all the sweat as his tongue moved down. He reached my armpit and licked the sweat from my dirty armpit.

My cab driver kissed my armpit and he kissed my lips. I was so filthy. He did the same on the right side. He squeezed my sweaty breasts and licked my erect nipples. He moved down pushed his tongue deep into my belly button and rolled it in my belly button making me go crazy begging him to fill my holes with his hard dick.

He licked away all the sweat from my body making me feel hornier. He spread my legs wide, pushed his dick deep in, and started to fuck me hard. I rolled my eyes back in pleasure and then closed my eyes as he spat on my face and gave me a hard slap.

My cab driver then kept hitting my tits hard one after the other as he fucked me hard. I had his palm mark on both my tits and face now. I was cumming hard as he fucked me. As I came for the third time he pulled his dick out. I begged him, “Don’t stop now, please put it back in.”

He rolled me over and asked me to get on all fours. He asked me who am I? I said, “I am a filthy whore.” He spanked my ass hard again and again. He opened my ass cheek and spat on my ass hole and each butt cheek and gave a tight slap on each butt cheek and he pulled my hair so hard forcing me to look up.

He fell on top of me and said, “Tonight you are my bitch.” I nodded like a good dog and he pushed his 8-inch dick deep in my cunt from behind and fucked me for an hour like a mad dog taking his bitch. The mattress was soaked wet with sweat.

He said he is gonna cum. I was in no sense to reply to him. I was enjoying the pleasure of him fucking me so hard, treating me like a bitch. He pulled out his dick right before he was about to cum and before I regained my senses he pushed it deep in my ass making me scream in pain and he released his huge load there inside my tight ass.

I was crying in pain but he didn’t stop. He fucked me in my ass until the pain turned to pleasure and I came. Once I had cummed by anal, he dropped me on the floor. I fell on the floor tired, my pussy throbbing, sore, cum coming out of my ass hole, sweating like a pig.

I was filled with cum, sweat, and saliva. I crawled up to him. I kissed and sucked his dick and thanked him for fucking me so hard. I stayed on the floor for an hour until the cum and saliva in my face dried up. He got my dress from the car, as I wore it over my filthy body.

I was stinking with the dried cum and saliva and I liked it. The car smelled like us, making me feel like it had never ended. I kissed him hard and he dropped me at my home at 3:30 am. I slept without cleaning up and didn’t take a bath for the whole weekend to cherish that dirty night.

We had such dirty sessions every weekend in his car, but mostly at his house. Even in his filthy bathroom. That’s how my one-night stand plan turned out to be the best sex of my life.

This is my first story in ISS, forgive me if It was not up to the mark. I hope you all enjoyed it! Do give me your comments!! I will share my office gangbang experience in my next story. Stay tuned!

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