Fell In Love In Italy – Milan

Hi, my name is Zayan, a Bangalorean based in Europe. After going through many stories on this website, I decided to pen down one of my cutest love affairs. I had that when I was doing my masters in Milan, Italy. All names mentioned in the story are fake due to obvious reasons. But the story is 100% true.

I want to narrate my long story right from the beginning till the break-up. So you may have to wait for the continuation part. I am surely going to continue based on my free time. The first part is going to be more introductory. Feel free to jump to the next part or skip the first few paragraphs.

A few years back, I was doing my Italian MBA in one of the top-ranked universities in the world based in Milan, Italy. I had a wonderful life. We were 24 members of our class. Out of that 20 were girls, mostly from Europe, Russia, and Mexico.

Every weekend I was busy making trips with my class girls to beaches, mountains, etc. Sardinia, Amalfi coast, Barcelona, Rome to name a few destinations. I have seen most of them in bikinis and few of them even topless. Most of them were like picture-perfect supermodels.

One day I received a friend request on Facebook from an Indian guy. I checked his profile. I came to know that he had recently shifted to Milan and he is from Delhi. Let’s call him Gaurav. I accepted his request and he introduced himself. He asked me for details about Indian shops and restaurants.

I happily guided him through messages to ease his life in a new city. As he was connected to Facebook, he checked my pictures with my classmates from trips in bikinis and sexy dresses. He started to request constantly to include him for one of my trip plans.

I ignored it for a month as I don’t want my class friends to be uncomfortable. But, not to make him sad, I promised him that we both can make a trip to Venice together. He suggested we can go after 2 weeks, as 2 more colleagues will join him from India. Then we all can go together.

Also, that weekend is going to be his last weekend onsite in Milan. Therefore, he wanted a good trip before flying back. We finalized the date and plan. 2 days before the trip, I suggested that it will be nice to meet for a drink in the evening. Rather than meeting directly for the trip.

I suggested a good apertivo (Italian evening buffet) place to meet. He informed that he will come with his female colleagues who have just arrived from India. Till then I didn’t have a clue that it is going to be girls who are going to be part of the Venice trip.

I wanted to strike a good impression on Gaurav and his colleagues. So I asked my pretty Indonesian flatmate (Olya) if she is interested to join us for apertivo. She readily agreed. It was the month of June and it was hot and sunny in Milan. Accordingly, my flatmate was dressed in a spaghetti top and shorts.

That was her usual wear, but the first time I was seeing it from an Indian perspective. Her lacy bra was visible and even the pattern of her bra was evident on her boobs. Her top was body-hugging and it was neatly tucked into her shorts.

Describing her shorts, it was extremely short around 6 inches of length covering only her pelvic area. Followed by her glowing thighs and mesmerizing legs. Her figure was 32-26-30, slim and fit figure. I assumed her look may be too much for Gaurav. I wore a smart casual with a blazer and hat, the Italian way.

Finally, we all met at the decided restaurant. And as expected, Gaurav’s eyes were wide open seeing Olya. Gaurav introduced his colleagues. One was a married woman, so let me ignore her in this story. The other girl is the heroine of this story, Neha.

She was also from Delhi. She was in her early twenties, very cute with looks. She had worn jeans and kurta type shirt. It was not of my taste, but I liked her charm. She was a very soft-spoken, shy and typical girl next door. Gaurav had already started to flirt with Olya.

His eyes were glued to Olya’s cleavage, boobs, and thighs. I and Neha both noticed this together and were silently enjoying the desperation he was showing. He was trying to be over-friendly with Olya. He was showing something on his mobile and Olya was tilting to see it.

He was smartly trying to press her elbow on her boobs while accessing his mobile from his hands. He repeated this few times. But it seemed like Olya didn’t notice his act. Going further he pretended like dropping his phone. In the pretext of catching it, he intentionally brushed and pressed his palm into Olya’s soft thighs.

Neha noticed his deed and got angry. She looked at me to find that even I was not happy. I don’t want Olya to think or judge bad about Indians. I have struggled a lot to create a highly respectable image towards Indians. I knew about Olya that she is a very tough girl.

Gaurav should spend years to impress her. But he did get silly chances and I guess he was flying high with that. We decided to go back and meet at the train station to go to Venice at the weekend. I just spoke very limited to Neha.

On the way back Olya said that she liked my Indian friends. But also directly commented Gaurav is a bit of a creep. Then she started to tease me that I can think of making Neha a girlfriend as she looks very sweet and gorgeous. Though I didn’t have that thought, she softly imbibed that seed in my mind.

Stay tuned to have a little sexy Venice trip in my next part. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts and feedback at [email protected], I would love your valuable comments in my inbox. Please feel free to contact me, though I live in Germany, I visit India every 3-4 months.

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