Secret Sex With My Classmate

Hey guys, been a while since I wrote my last story. But things haven’t stopped happening in my active sexual life. I love hearing from you and getting your feedback on my earlier stories. Keep the love coming. It really helps!

Today, I am revisiting an older story about secret sex. It is from when I was in college, during my postgraduation days. I am privileged to be an alumnus of one of India’s best media colleges. It was one of the best for more reasons than one.

Apart from a beautiful campus, great infrastructure, and good teachers, the college also had a super active cultural life. I ended up meeting so many interesting people there.

Also, when you put up lots of young, sexy souls in one place, that place bustles with sexual energy and tension! And it was in this hotspot of sex that I had one of my most memorable fuck!

Meet Pratik. Pratik and I were classmates. We had this thing of fiercely debating in class about a particular subject. Intellectually, we operated on similar levels. Hence heated debates were pretty standard between us. People always thought we hated each other.

Well, in public, we seemed to behave like enemies. But what nobody knew was that secretly, Pratik and I were actually hooking up. We were having a no strings attached, steamy hot affair. I was single, and so was he. We both were not in love with each other.

I just wanted to enjoy life on that beautiful campus without having to think emotionally about people. That Pratik and I thought similarly only helped matters. Our chemistry in class and the intense vibe we gave each other was a huge turn on for me.

He could come up to my level. He could challenge me. I found that extremely attractive. It was only a matter of time before I told him how I really felt about him. That’s how I am, honest and straightforward. He was surprised initially. But after hearing me out, he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Our chemistry was undeniable. The feeling of making sexy hot love after an intense day in class was like nothing else. It felt awesome.

One day, Pratik and I had one of our usual debates in class. Only this time, it was much more intense than any of our previous debates. Ultimately, I prevailed, and the teacher sided with my opinion. I was happy. Pratik looked at me and passed me a sly smile.

To others, he seemed angry because he lost to me, but I knew the meaning of that smile. He was secretly happy for me. Later in the day, I was going to be suitably ‘rewarded’ by him.

After class, I received a message from him, ‘Meet me at our secret spot at 7 PM.’ I smiled, preparing myself for what was about to come. At 7 PM, I reached our secret spot. This was a place which I had discovered. It was deserted.

No one ever came there. It was perfect for Pratik and me to meet and make out. As I reached it, it was a little dark. I looked around but couldn’t see Pratik. I was wearing my blue denim shorts and a matching blue t-shirt. Despite searching, I couldn’t find him.

After a while, I suddenly felt a gush of air behind me. Before I could turn around, I felt strong, firm hands grab my waist and pull me in. An all too familiar set of lips touched my neck and earlobes and licked them, and then went down to my shoulders. It was Pratik.

“Hey, you startled me! Where were you?!” I whispered.

“Hiding. Looking at you looking for me!” he replied, still munching on my neck and shoulders.

“Take it easy, stop! Someone might see us here,” I whispered again. I really didn’t want anyone to see us.

“No one can see us here! This is our secret spot that you discovered, remember? I know my baby is smart! After all, she defeated me in a debate today,” he replied.

“Oh, that was easy! You think I am smart because I defeated you? That was a piece of cake,” I joked as I allowed him to enjoy me. He turned me around. I put my hands on his shoulders as he pulled me closer by my waist.

“Oh, is it? It was easy, huh? Okay. And speaking of a piece of cake, I think I want a bite right now. Well, I have a lot more than just a bite in mind! So, shall we?”

“You know just the right things to say, don’t you? Yes, you may enjoy your treat now,” I said, wrapping my arms around him. We smooched. Passionately. I moaned and caressed his hair as our tongues played with each other. After a while, we stopped and looked at each other. Yes, we were super horny!

We smooched a little more, enjoying each other’s taste. I pinned him against a wall and took off his shirt. His slightly hairy chest looked sexy. I started munching on him like a snack, licking and kissing him from his neck down to his shoulders, chest, and nipples. I licked my classmate passionately.

Then, going down further, I reached his waist. I unbuckled his jeans, and they dropped down instantly. Next came his underwear. I took it off as well and rejoiced at the sight of his hard, thick, and throbbing cock. It was all mine!

Pratik wrapped my hair in a nice ponytail as I started sucking and licking his wood. It was yummy. He always tasted yummy. He moaned in pleasure. I loved it when I made him moan. I spit on his cock, kissed its tip. I tapped it on my face and gobbled it up till as deep as it could go in my mouth.

It was all wet, owned by me. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it. By now, Pratik was lost in lust, just like me. He pulled me up as we looked into each other’s eyes romantically. I kissed him, making him taste himself. Then, he took off my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra as I knew it wasn’t needed anyway.

He started slurping on my body, starting from my neck, shoulders, and then my boobies. I could sense his hunger from the way he enjoyed me. He started sucking and drinking my milk like a beautiful baby. I loved it when he did that! He was my baby.

I caressed his hair and encouraged him to continue and drink more. He obliged dutifully. His saliva made my boobs all wet. I kissed his forehead in appreciation as he sucked and kissed them. Then he proceeded towards my navel. He circled his wet tongue around it and bit me. It made me moan hard.

It was my sensitive spot, and of course, he knew it. He licked and bit me all along my waist as I surrendered to him. He had to mark his property. Swiftly, he took off my shorts and my panties. He smelled my panties and put them in his pocket. He parted my legs and opened the door to my pussy.

It was already wet and waiting for him. He started by licking my inner thighs, which only increased my anticipation more. His tongue licked them nicely in clean sweeps. Then, he smelt my pussy. I loved it. I grabbed his hair and thrust his face in it.

He started performing his magic-licking, kissing, and sucking it dry. I shoved my pussy in his face, and he ate it beautifully. I knew he loved it when I kept it well-trimmed. He loved my short pubic hair. He ate me out till I came.
Then, I went on all fours as Pratik focused his attention on my ass.

Biting my ass cheeks first, he parted them and touched my anus. It sent shivers down my spine. He plowed his face in and started licking it passionately, rubbing my pussy with his hand at the same time. I was in sexual nirvana! I closed my eyes and savored every moment and every touch.

He made me feel like such a slut! I was well and truly his bitch, and a bitch deserves to be fucked like one. That’s exactly what he did next as he took me in the doggy style. He thrust his cock deep inside me as he grabbed my hair and rode me.

We were both moaning in lust in this different kind of game. Our sweaty bodies were in complete harmony with each other. After a while, we changed positions. Pratik sat down on the floor and parted his legs. I sat on his cock, my back facing him, as we went for a reverse cowgirl position.

I wrapped one of my arms around his head, bringing it beside my left boob, as he started pounding me again. His intense pounding made loud thumping sounds. Thankfully, no one was nearby to hear it. He enjoyed my boob as he pounded me.

Then we kissed till we were breathless as he fucked me nice and hard. It was getting too much, and soon he was about to cum.

“Babe, I’m about to cum,” he told me, breathing heavily.

“Yeah? Ahh! Wait,” I said. I got up from his cock and quickly lay below it. His cock was now just above my face. He stroked it furiously as I waited to taste him. Soon, he came hard and blessed me with his cum on my face and my boobs. Some of it even flew till my navel. It was awesome!

“Oh, yeah,” Pratik moaned as I enjoyed his warm cum. Some drops of cum were still leaking from his cock. I cleaned it up by taking it in my mouth and sucking it dry.

“God! You’re awesome, Akshata! You make me cum like nothing, and no one can!” Pratik said as I got up.

“I can’t help it. You make me behave the way I do when I see that body and especially that cock of yours,” I said as I winked at him.

We cuddled for a while as I saw my phone. It was 8:00! I had to go back.

“See you again soon, hottie,” Pratik said as we dressed up and left.

“You surely will!” I smiled as I walked away, feeling energized and tired at the same time after a memorable fuck.

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