Intense Break-up Sex With A Hot Girl Pooja

Hey everyone! I am back after so long with a new story. I am medium built with a 6’3 monster. This is a real encounter between me and my old colleague.

To describe her, she was lean and had a thin waist with a slightly large ass. She was perfect in her shape and I made sure to let her know subtly whenever I had the chance! Let’s call her Pooja (name changed for obvious reasons).

Pooja was a year elder than me and she was dating her college friend. Besides that, she used to be touchy with me and I also tried to make use of every opportunity that I got.

One such incident was during the ethnic day when she bent down her cleavage was visible and I kept staring at it which she saw. She naughtily smiled and playfully slapped whispering, “Don’t you like it?”

We knew that we both would hit it off anytime soon. But unfortunately, I had to leave that job and lost a few months of contact with her. I texted her after 2 months of replying to her Instagram story.

Me: Hey Pooja! How are you?! It’s been so long! How’s your relationship going?
Pooja: Hey! I’m okay, not that great. I recently broke up with Rahul, so it’s tough now.

Me: Oh, I am really sorry. I didn’t know that. Hope you aren’t worried so much?
Pooja: Haha no, so tell me; how’s it going for you? How’s your life been?

Me: Life’s been the same, just action. 😛 (if you know what I mean!)
Pooja: Haha, I know it. I sensed it through your Instagram stories and snaps. You are having so much fun. 😉

Me: Haha yes, so let’s catch up sometime.
Pooja: Sure. I am actually free the day after tomorrow, can we meet up for some drinks?

I knew where she was going and was loving it.

Me: Sure, why not. I’ll make you forget him. 😛
Pooja: I know you will. 😉

That night and the next day I knew what I had to do and was fantasizing about my hot ex-colleague a couple of times. I ran scenarios in my mind and was so excited to meet her.

The day finally arrived and I finally saw her in real life after so long. I was waiting outside the club and she came in her black dress (western, skirt revealing much of her thighs and legs). She was damn hot, hotter than before. I just ran through her body once and greeted her with a hug.

Me: Hello! You look beautiful today!
Pooja: Thanks yaar! It’s been a while since I dressed up.
Me: Glad you did, lets go in.

We went in and we chit-chatted for some time. We had a couple of drinks and she started talking about her bad break-up with Rahul. I consoled the recently broke-up hot girl by putting my hands over her shoulder.

I started massaging her shoulder. She loved it and didn’t want me to stop. We were in the corner of the club and the club was the right place to get naughty!

I switched my seats to sit beside her and by then, she knew what was going to happen and wanted me to make the move.

I slowly put my hands in her thighs and started doing circles while trying to maintain eye contact. She blushed and carried on with one more shot. I slowly tried to pull her skirt up and started touching her upper thighs and put my other hand in her waist. Pooja put her hands on top of mine and tried to bring them out of her skirt.

I went on and was able to reach her panties. I started to tickle her and I could hear her gasping. She then put her hands into her skirt and pulled me out and said, “Not here, can we go to my place? My roommate has gone to her hometown.”

Now I understood the shrewd plan of her wanting to meet that day!

We exited the club and got into the cab drunk and reached her place. Pooja opened the place and the moment we got inside, I pushed her to the wall and started kissing her lips. I licked her lips and kissed her cheeks and chin. She loved it and responded by sucking my tongue.

I pounded onto her neck and started to kiss and bite it. She started moaning right behind the main door.

We moved ourselves intertwined to the sofa where she pushed me to the sofa and sat on top of me and unbuttoned my shirt. I grabbed y hot ex-colleague girl’s boobies and started to squeeze them. I pulled her down to kiss her while squeezing her boobies.

Then I removed her dress and noticed that she didn’t even wear her bra! I put my hands right into her boobs and started squeezing it hard and played with her nipples which became harder. I put my mouth into it and started to suck it while my fingers were on her mouth trying to lower her moaning.

We reversed and I got on top of her now. I removed my pants and showed my 6.3-inch monster. Pooja immediately grabbed it and started to play with it by rubbing my balls and also gave a small handjob.

I then grabbed the condom and she helped me roll it. I asked her if she wanted really hard and intense break-up sex and Pooja responded by biting my lips which made me more horny.

We started with missionary, I put my dick into her and started to stroke it in and out! She started to moan so loud I had to kiss her continually to lessen the sound. I also sucked her tongue while going hard at her pussy.

We reversed again to her getting on top of me for, in the cowgirl position, I got access to all of her boobs which I played with as I went full throttle on her! I tickled her nipples and also slowed the pace a little bit to enjoy more. And then I pulled her down to kiss her back intensely. She started kissing my cheeks and neck.

I picked up my pace again and started to pound Pooja like no tomorrow. She started to moan loud and I put one hand on her mouth this time and the other hand on her waist.

I was about to cum and asked her if I can cum on her. She was up to anything that day and agreed to cum on her boobies.

I took off my condom and she started to stroke my hard dick for a few seconds after which I cummed all over her tits. She laid down on top of me with both of us still naked and kissed for some time.

We started at the erotic break-up sex again after some time. We experimented with something that both of us haven’t tried before which turned out to be the kinkiest stuff we have ever done. I will cover that in my consequent breakup sex experiences with Pooja!

Let me know if you want to hear the subsequent story by writing to me. Also, I am open to getting in touch with any woman who’d want to hit it off for something casual. Reach out to me at [email protected]

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