A Virgin Mistake Solved

Hey guys, I am back with the continuation of my first story, ‘A Virgin Mistake.’

As soon as I mouth fucked her, I released my complete load in her mouth. Then she was sitting there laughing. I, with my flaccid cock, staring her and asking “Why are you laughing?”

Poorva – Nothing baby, you look so great with this little dick hanging down. Hahaha.

Me – So now what, baby, what to do?

P- We can’t do anything more now except for sleeping.

I was so disappointed that I completely messed up by forgetting to bring condoms with me. Also, I had no option but to sleep with Poorva. I wanted to sleep with her. But I didn’t know that I would have slept with her without having my cock sleeping in her pussy.

So we slept. I had asked her to be nude while we sleep. I hugged her from behind with my hands over her round mounds. Her skin was so soft and smooth that I was getting an instant boner, and my cock was pocking at her ass.

It was about 2-3 hours after we slept. I was awakened by a heavenly feeling around my cock. I tried to open my eyes and see what was going on. But to my surprise, my eyes were blindfolded by Poorva. And there she was, lying over me with her mouth over my dick.

My dick was getting licked by a wild cat now. Her tongue felt so good that it was making my cock twitch. I could hear some porn noises. She was now licking me, as shown in the porn she was watching.

Me – Oh, ahem, baby, this is excellent.

I was now moaning as she now spat on my cock. She was blowing it and massaging it with her soft hands with her saliva, completely bathing my cock. She had now pulled my foreskin back and was kissing my mushroom tip and tasting it with her heavenly tongue. Suddenly she stopped blowing me.

Me – What happened baby, go on. It’s so hot inside your mouth.

P- Wait, baby, I have a surprise for you.

The next moment I was overjoyed and surprised. Now, I could feel my hard cock getting wrapped over by a condom.

Me – Oh, Poorva, you had a condom?

P – Baby, if you liked the surprise then enjoy it, you can ask me later about that, yes?

Me – Oh, baby, now don’t make me wait for more. My cock and I are dying to get inside that glory hole.

P- Lie back and just feel this moment, Abhi.

Saying that, she came over me and was now sitting over my crotch. She bent forward and kissed me deeply. Now she held my cock erect and started to guide it in her pussy.

P- Ah, Abhi, remember this moment. It’s about to get in.

Me – Oh, damn sure, Poorva, try. It’s going to get in soon.

I kept my hands over her bare thick fleshy thighs. Oh my god, that feeling of having my hands over her bare thighs and my girlfriend getting my cock in her pussy was just amazing.

Now, she had completely taken my cock in herself and was sitting over me. I was just so frustrated and annoyed that I couldn’t see my cock getting disappear in my girlfriend’s pussy.

P- Abhi, Abhi, it’s so hard and big.

Me – Ahh, baby, you’re so tight.

P- (pinching my nipples ) I am not a slut, idiot.

Me – Now, baby, your turn to do some work.

Now she had started getting up and down on my cock, I kept my hands over her waist and holding her. I could feel her tight pussy and its walls rubbing against my cock.

Me- Oh, baby, yes, yes fuck me, Poorva.

P- Ahm, ahm, ahm.

She was quite slow and steady initially. I pulled her towards me, kissing her juicy lips and sucking her nipples.

P- Abhi, hold these (referring to her boobs).

She took my hands to her boobs.

P- Enjoy the overdrive now, baby.

Saying that, she completely went crazy getting up and down on my dick. I could feel her boobs juggling in my hands as she got faster and faster with her movements.

Me – Oh, baby, yes, yes, that pussy’s so tight, Poorva. Oh, fuck!

She was just acting like a wild girl riding my cock. She was bouncing off my cock with her busty ass action as a launchpad for her movement. My tiny balls were just hitting her ass as she landed on me with her jumps. She was now moaning.

P- Oh, that’s a big one, Abhi! Not gonna let my pussy remain tight for long.

Me – Yes, baby, not gonna let that beautiful and sweet cunt of yours breath easy from now.

Me – Oh baby, let these panties off my eyes. I want to see that magnificent scene of you bouncing off me and those beautiful and perfectly round boobs juggling.

P- Oh, baby, what’s the hurry?

I was in too much pleasure to be asking her for a reason. I was lying on that bed and feeling my cock getting scratched by her pussy walls and hearing my sexy girlfriend moaning.

The room was filled with our lusty emotions and the moans that occurred as a result. (Trust me, guys, the cowgirl position is the best for the first-timers.)

Me – Oh, baby, I am going to cum soon. Love you so much.

P- Love you too Abhi, lets cum together and make this moment more memorable.

Now we held our hands together, she bent down. We were lost in a sensual smooch while she was going up and down over my cock.

P- I am cumming, Abhi.

Me – Me too, baby, oh faster baby.

P- Oh, yes, baby, Oh, yes.

She went faster now, and I was on the verge of cumming.

P- Oh, Abhi, release those hot juices, empty those balls.

Her words were seductive that I couldn’t hold anymore.

Me- Oh, Poorva, I am cumming, baby, ahh.

P – Abhi, yes, I am cumming as well.

With a couple of jerks, I had released my juices. I felt her cum over my crotch.

P- Ahh, Abhi, finally we did it. (Panting in exhaustion)

Me – Yes, baby, finally broken the zero. You were lovely today, absolutely fantastic. I was in heaven.

P – Thank you, baby. Now let’s sleep and let your cock get some rest. See if it could get me some more fun in the morning.

Me – Sure, Poorva, let’s see if I can see some dog barks in the morning (winking at her)

So, guys, that was it for this story of mine. I felt like a first-time fresher gaining sexual experience. Hoping that you enjoyed it. I am hoping to get a lot of comments from you.

Thanks for your support that you gave by personally contacting me for your feedback and suggestions. I am completely open to more suggestions. [email protected]

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