My Journey To Slutty Adventures

Hi all, I am Alka from Bhubaneswar. I am currently an Engineering student in a reputed engineering college in my first year. My origin is from Odisha, but my parents have a job in Delhi. So they are staying in Delhi. My grandparents and I are staying in Bhubaneswar.

I moved from Delhi to Bhubaneswar after 10th for my junior college. As I spent my teenage till 16 in Delhi, I am pretty much open-minded to adult things than other class students. Our college uniform was tunic and skirts, which is common in many schools.

When I joined my new college, I had already crossed my second base with my ex-boyfriends. So I already had a good figure of 34C-26-34. My ass and curves are really big, and I am proud of that. After joining my new college, boys used to check me out daily and even pass naughty comments towards me.

In very few days, I had many friends (mostly boys as girls used to be jealous). In less than 3 months in junior college, I have a boyfriend named Vikash. He had failed in one year. So he was elder to us by a year, and most of his friends were older.

Vikash was the college’s rich and stud student. I was really attracted to him and his muscular body. In less than one month, we had sex in his apartment. He and 3 of his friends used to stay in one big apartment in the same city, which belonged to the parents of Vikash.

Soon, it also used to be home for me as my parents were away and my grandparents are very innocent. I started to spend 3-4 nights weekly with Vikash at his apartment. It was a 4 BHK house with one room for Vikash and me, one for Raj and Ronit, one for Girish. One room was their gym.

Girish was the stud among them with a tight V shape body with abs and 6.5 feet height. I had a big crush on him from day one, and he was senior to all of them. I used to stare at him sometimes during his gym sessions.

So the main story started on a weekend. Only Vikash, me, and Girish were at home. Raj and Ronit were away for some reason. We were in junior college then. I was 18, and Vikas and Girish just joined Engineering that year.

So we were having a drinking session in the hall when Vikash proposed to let’s play truth and dare, and I agreed. We started playing normally and were drinking whiskey.

After 4 pegs, it was a truth question for me from Vikash. He asked if I had any crush on anyone except him. I was out of my mind, and I said I had one on Girish. I had even masturbated many times thinking of him. This was an icebreaker for them.

The next round was a dare for Girish from me. I was drunk and started flirting.

Me: Remove your T-shirt and start walking like a model across the hall.

Girish obeyed and removed his shirt. I got wet just by the look of his abs and muscles. Then the next round was a dare for Girish to Vikash.

Girish: It’s revenge time. Remove her T-shirt and give a hickey to her cleavage.

I don’t know if it was my luck or bad luck. I didn’t wear any bra that night. Even before I remembered that and resisted, Vikash removed my t-shirt, and my boobs were exposed.

There was a silence in the room for a minute. But I was wet and decided to go on. So I asked Vikash to carry on and complete the dare. He started to lick my cleavage and started to kiss my boobs too. I don’t know what was in my mind. I winked at Girish.

It was the green signal for him. He came to me and kissed me on the lips directly. It was going on for the next 5 minutes, and I was on cloud 9. I lowered the boxers of Girish, and my eyes were widened. It was a 7 inch dick and very thick at the mushroom.

Vikash’s dick was just 5 inches, but this was a monster itself. I looked at Girish, and the next moment he pushed his dick inside my mouth. It hardly went halfway inside. He gave another push, and it was till my throat, and I was gagging.

Meanwhile, Vikash removed my skirt and panties and started licking and fingering my pussy. I was in heaven. Vikash started fingering with three fingers. Girish held my hair and started fucking my mouth vigorously. In less than 10 minutes, I got a huge orgasm and got completely discharged.

They stopped, and Vikash carried me to our bedroom like I was a pillow. Without giving me any rest, Girish positioned himself at my pussy and started giving small jerks. It was the biggest cock I ever encountered, and I was moaning like hell.

He gave a large thrust, and it went inside fully. He held on for a minute to give small thrusts. Once I was comfortable, He started giving thrusts like there was no tomorrow. My boobs were dangling like nothing. Vikash took his dick near my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I orgasmed again in no time.

Girish stopped and turned me around. Like a good slut I went on my knees without any instruction. But Girish had other plans. He took some vaseline from the drawer and applied it to my ass. I was shivering with fear.

Girish: Randi, roj teri moans sunke itne muth maara hun. (I shag every day listening to your moans, you slut.) Today I should teach you a lesson.

Vikash: I never knew my girlfriend was such a slut.

And to my fear, Girish pushed hard inside my ass. It didn’t go inside. But he was a master fucker. He pushed again. I felt like fainting. He removed his dick and pushed again, and everything blacked out for me. He stopped for some time and started fucking.

It was a sight to remember for them. Girish with the monster dick hitting my ass from behind with constant spanks. Vikash with his dick fucking my mouth roughly. They continued for 10 minutes, and I had another orgasm, the third one of that night.

But the night was not over. Girish slept on the bed and commanded me to ride him. I obeyed like a good slut. He pulled me down from my tits and started kissing me. Vikash positioned him behind my ass. Even before resisting, Vikash pushed his dick inside.

It went in easily courtesy to Girish for the rough fucking earlier. They started fucking rhythmically and my moans turned to screams. After 10 minutes, Girish and I came together, and I fell on his chest without any energy.

They made me sleep on the bed, and Vikash came on my body and released his cum in my mouth. I drank all and slept like a small child cuddling him. They both slept beside me the whole night after the hardcore threesome.

This is not the end. Stay tuned to know what happened next and how I became their slave, literally. Thanks.

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