Unexpected Fuck In Aurangabad

A friend of mine was in Aurangabad at work. He was to be there for a week. One evening, while there, he called up, and we started chatting. Rajesh is tall and quite obese. He was having his dinner at the hotel when he had called.

He was narrating about the trip and mentioned a couple he met during the day at their residence. From what I understood, Rajesh knew the lady’s mother, who had invited him for lunch.

The lady, Vineeta, seemed disinterested while her hubby was around. But she seemed more at ease when he left for some work. Vineeta’s mother continued chatting with Rajesh while Vineeta sat and listened.

Rajesh was narrating all this to me. I asked him about Vineeta and how she looked etc. Rajesh mentioned that Vineeta was disinterested in her husband.

Friends, my name is Sunny. Please read my earlier narrative ‘Planning A Trip To Amritsar With Gayatri.’

While talking to Rajesh, I was aroused thinking of Vineeta, though I had never seen her. Rajesh described her as an average-looking lady in her mid-30s with a wheatish complexion and a slim body.

The next day, Rajesh was returning to Delhi. We met in the evening, and the conversation moved towards Vineeta.

Me: So, what’s the update on Vineeta?

Rajesh: Oh, I think she wants to have some fun as it seems her hubby does not satisfy her anymore. She has an 8-year-old child who goes to school. Thus she is home alone most of the day. Her mother has come to visit her for few days.

Me: (laughing) So why aren’t you doing anything about it?

Rajesh: Arrey, much though I would like to. But I know her mother, and I am way too fat to satisfy her needs. Why do you ask? Do you want to fuck her?

Me: How is she to look at? And how do you know that she is sex-starved?

Rajesh: Average to look at – but who knows how horny she might be (laughs aloud). I am going to Aurangabad next week. Why don’t you also come along?

The following week, we were in Aurangabad, and I was to go over to Vineeta’s house for lunch with my friend. I had the address. When I reached, I got an SMS from my friend that he was still stuck at work.

I went ahead and rang the bell. The door was answered by a woman in her mid 30’s – slim, wheatish complexion. Since she was expecting us, she invited me in. We introduced ourselves and had lunch. Rajesh came in just as we were finishing lunch.

We continued chatting at the dining table as Rajesh ate. Vineeta was a cheerful lady. Shoulder-length hair, average looking but with a cute smile. Her boobs seemed 32B, while her navel looked rather erotic in a saree. She was wearing a transparent sleeveless blouse, and her armpits looked quite inviting.

She insisted that we drop by for dinner as well, as her husband was out of town. We accepted her invite and left. At around 7 pm, Rajesh and I reached her place. Her son had gone to his grandmother’s house. So it was just the three of us. We had a couple of drinks.

Vineeta was wearing an off-white dress with straps. While her cleavage was not visible, the dress gave ample view of her sexy shoulders and her long neckline. Her shapely thighs were visible as she sat across me. She knew I was checking her out.

We got along well, and the evening was progressing well. When I asked for the washroom, she showed me her bedroom door. She said that there was a plumbing problem with the guest bathroom. I saw her saree neatly folded kept on a chair, the one that she had worn in the afternoon. Her petticoat was visible in a basket inside the bathroom.

I was aroused and rummaged through used clothes in the basket and found a panty and bra. I sniffed the panty at the crotch area – it was slightly wet. I licked it and sniffed it again. I was hard, and I put the crotch area of her panty against my hardening cock.

A little bit of pre-cum was oozing out. I rubbed that on the crotch area of her panty. I quickly put the panty back in the basket and came out. Her dress, her thighs, her shoulders and smooth arms, her long neckline, her smile. The smell of her pussy from her panty was quite intoxicating, and I had a hard-on.

We exchanged numbers and got back to our rooms at the hotel. I sent her a message thanking her for the lovely evening. I got a message almost immediately.

Vineeta: Hi, I am glad you enjoyed it too.

Me: Yeah, it was a great evening. The music, food, drinks were all good.

Vineeta: And me?

I was hard all through the evening, and now this flirty message was the final nail on the coffin.

Me: You were the icing on the cake, Vineeta.

Vineeta: Oh, someone is now flirting!

Me: Well, you asked for it. I thought it’s best, to be honest.

Vineeta: So what did you like most about me?

The chats soon turned into sexting. I was rubbing my cock and was naked on my bed when she made a video call to me. I was surprised but accepted the call. I pointed the camera towards my face.

Vineeta: I want to see your cock now!

Me: What! In return, what would you show me?

Vineeta: I want to see your cock just now. What do you want to see?

Me: What are you wearing now?

Vineeta: Show me your cock. Don’t make me beg, please

I turned the camera towards my naked torso and then towards my cock.

Vineeta: Wow! Get the camera a bit closer, please!

Me: God, I am so hard, Vineeta. I want you now.

Vineeta: What do you want to see, Sunny?

Me: What are you wearing?

Vineeta: Nothing. I am rubbing my pussy while talking to you. I haven’t had a cock in ages now. I want you so badly. You have got a nice thick cock.

Me: You think you could come here to the hotel or I could come over now to your place?

Vineeta: I don’t think I can come there at this hour. It is already 11 pm. Can you come here?

I switched off the camera, jumped off the bed, wore my jeans and a t-shirt, and walked down to the lobby. I knew Rajesh is a sound sleeper. So he wouldn’t call now.

In 20 minutes, we were kissing, hugging, sucking each other, playing with our tongues on her bed. She was wet. As soon as I licked her pussy, she raised her torso and let out a moan and came, holding my face tightly against her pussy.

I was licking her non-stop, and in a matter of 5 minutes, she had her second orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed my face hard against her hairy pussy. I was not through with her. I turned her around and spread her ass cheeks, and sniffed her asshole.

I started licking her while I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and kept moving it in and out. She had never been licked in her asshole, and my finger was driving her nuts. She turned around and asked me to fuck her hard.

She looked at my dick and started licking the tip and then sucking it gently till I was rock hard. She then sat on me and started riding me. I was fondling her tits and scratching her back. She fell on my chest and started kissing me hard. She bit my lips as she came again.

I was also nearing my climax. I turned her on her back and fucked her in missionary style. She could take it no more, and she was trying to stop me. I was near to my climax. I bit her on the crook of her shoulder and pulled out my dick, and came on her belly.

We lay back exhausted. I pulled her towards me and hugged her, and ran my hand through her hair. It was little past midnight. I came back to the hotel and slept till Rajesh’s call woke me up. It was 8 am. We were to go back to Delhi that afternoon.

I looked at my phone and found a message from Vineeta. She was checking if we could meet again. The flight was at 4 pm, and I didn’t want to tell Rajesh about our late-night rendezvous. After breakfast, Rajesh had to step out for a meeting which just worked out fine for me.

I told him that I would pick him up on the way to the airport. After a quick shower, I was at Vineeta’s place. She has dressed in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and as she walked towards the kitchen to get me water, I looked at her ass.

I couldn’t hold back and followed her. In no time, we were naked. I had lifted her and placed her on the kitchen slab with her legs wide open and me licking her hairy pussy. She was moaning and pushing my face in deeper into her pussy.

In a matter of minutes, she came on my face. I was so aroused that I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bathroom. I made her sit on my face while I licked her butt. She was feeling embarrassed and kept moving her pussy onto my face. I kept sliding her further on my face to eat her butt.

Her rectum was so tight that even my little finger couldn’t go in. We got up and got under the shower while I kept inserting my finger up her ass. Under the shower, the water and soap helped ease my finger into her hole.

Initially, she tried to stop me. But my kisses on her neck and shoulders were driving her crazy, so I kept prodding her butt hole.

Vineeta: Please don’t fuck my ass hole. I am a virgin there.

Me: Shit, I want to fuck you there right now, baby.

Vineeta: Please don’t. Your dick is quite thick. Please don’t.

Me: I shall be gentle. Please, I want to fuck you, Vineeta

With that, I applied a bit of cream lying in the bathroom on my dick. I made her thrust her juicy butt towards my dick. I then inserted some cream into her butt hole and started to push my dick in her gently.

Vineeta: God, Please stop, please, Sunny, don’t please.

Me: Easy baby, easy. Just stand still and spread your cheeks, baby. See, it’s going in now.

Vineeta: Stop, stop, please stop.

I stood still, allowing her to get used to my dick in her ass. Her pain started subsiding, and we started to fuck gently. I fondled her tits and kept fucking her gently. Her tight asshole made me cum quickly. I shot my load in her ass.

Exhausted, we dried ourselves and came and lie down on the bed. I had set up the alarm for 1 pm. We had been snuggling and relaxing for a while when the bell rang. She said it must be the vegetable seller. She wore a long skirt and wore her bra and a kurti over it.

I could see a couple of love bites on her body as she wore her kurti. The beige bra, the white kurti, and the red skirt were making me hard again. As she walked out of the room, her swaying hips with no panties made me harder. She came back in shortly and saw me with a hard-on.

As soon as she came towards me, I pulled her close to me and smooched her hard. Next, her skirt came off. I lifted her and put my dick into her pussy with her legs wrapped around me. I looked at the mirror in the room.

The sight of a lady with a white kurti on and naked legs wrapped around me with her butt crack visible and moving up and down turned me on. I adjusted myself to continue our fuck.

I moved towards the study table and sat on the chair with her still impaled on me. She was moving faster. Now I had her tits in my mouth as well. In a matter of minutes, she came first, and I shot on her legs after pulling out.

We cleaned up, and after a quick bite, I left for the airport with a promise to stay in touch. We have been fucking whenever we get the chance though it has not been as frequently as we wanted.

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