Fucked My Primary School Teacher Unknowingly

Hello all, myself Niranjan with my story. About myself, I’m Niranjan (aka Niru) from Bangalore, 22 years old, working with a 5’11 tall stature. I have an ok build but athletic, quite good looking and cute. I was born and brought up here in Bangalore.

I studied from class 1-3 in one of the schools in Bangalore and later shifted to another one. The lady of the story is my teacher Smitha (38 years now) from class 1 and 2 who used to teach social science. She left school when I was in the third standard.  But she used to teach really well and she was my favorite teacher.

She got married when the mid-term exams were going on and left the school when we came to third. Let me describe how she used to look after 14 years. She was wheatish to the fair in complexion, 5’2 in height with medium-sized boobs. A small tummy bulging out and a nice ass.

I created an account on some of the websites where people are interested in hookups, regular meets and one night stands. I was fed up of liking each and every profile who were interested in hook-ups. One day I saw her profile and I thought I had seen her somewhere. But did not recognize her.

I liked her profile and even she liked my profile and it all started. Texting on the app for a couple of weeks and she felt that I was genuine. She told me to share my number and I did the same and we continued texting on WhatsApp. We finally decided to at her place.

She lived in Bellandur and it was 10-12 km from my place. I reached her location at 10 on a Saturday morning. She welcomed me inside but she did not look horny or desperate. Else she would have pounced on me as soon as she closed the door. She gave me a cup of coffee and some biscuits to eat.

She lived in a 1 BHK flat but it was pretty big and classy. I washed my hands and came sat on the sofa in the living room. She came and sat on my lap and I was getting hornier because of it and her perfume smell. We started with some kisses on to her cheeks and mine and on to the lips.

I lifted her took her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I jumped on her and we started rolling all over the bed for some time. I unbuttoned her nighty and removed it. She ran to the corner of the room and stood to look at the wall as she was shy. I removed my clothes while she was turning towards the wall.

I went from behind and removed her bra hook and caught hold of her boobs. I started rubbing my dick over her ass crack while she was still wearing her undies. I could feel the breath rate increase. I moved her long hairs forward and kissed the back of her neck.

I made her turn towards me while she still covered her boobs with her hands. I asked her if she wanted to continue it or not. She answered with a big yes. I lifted her head and kissed her. I removed her hands off her boobs and removed her panties. I made her sleep on the corner of her bed.

I spread her legs and licked her juicy cunt. She did not agree to give me a BJ. I spat on my 5.5-inch dick and started rubbing her clit and pussy. I started to slide my tool inch by inch inside her vagina. I was really horny and started banging her harder and harder and she kept moaning pretty loudly.

This went on for a few minutes. I made her sleep on her belly and entered from the back. The sound of her ass hitting my thighs filled the room. I was humping her really hard and her moans were getting louder and louder. I made sit in the doggy style. I entered from the back and romped her for a while.

She said she wanted to ride my dick. So she fucked me in cowgirl position and was grinding at times. I told was about to cum and she increased her pace. I came in her pussy. She sat with my dick inside her pussy while I unloaded all my cum inside her hole. She fell on me as she was exhausted.

I was also a little tired. I fell asleep while she slept on me naked. After an hour or so she was ready. This time I made her sleep in a missionary position. I told her I wanted to try anal. She reluctantly agreed. It was a tough penetrating her ass. I tried it with a condom on with some coconut oil as a lube.

Finally, it went thru. It was tight and even my penis was hurting a little. Because of her tight ass, I came in 15 minutes in that position. This time I was tired as well. I slept beside her. I got up after a bit of sleep and she was still lying on me. I woke her up and told let’s have another session.

But she was too tired and told next week. I made her lie on my arms and asked more about her history. I wanted to know if I had seen her before. She told she married her lover and moved to another state. But unfortunately, her husband died in an accident after 8 months of her marriage. She was 6 months pregnant.

Both of them had no parents and loved each other very much. She did not get any job so she had to become a slut. She earned a good amount of money from that and she was forced to leave that place as no one respected her. It was heart touching and really emotional.

I asked where she was before marriage. Then she revealed she was working in ‘XYZ school as a school teacher. Then I realized she was my teacher in primary school. I was heartbroken as I felt really bad as I had sex with someone who gave me the knowledge.

I left her house in no time. I did not reply to her for a few days as I was sad as I had committed a sin by fucking my teacher. After a few days, I told her she was my teacher when I was a kid and this happened. She told she wanted to meet me. I went to her house on another Saturday morning.

I started to cry for the sin that I had committed and was in no mood to listen to her. She consoled me by showing some of the ‘Teacher sex stories’ on this website. But I said I will not do it again with you no matter what. After that night I did not have sex with her. We are good friends now.

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Ok, guys let’s get back into reality
1) It is a fictional story. I hope it comes to true if one of the readers wishes to do so.
2) I’m still a virgin and ready to give it up.

And people are asking me why do you reveal that it is not a true story at the end of the story.
Ans: 1) To be honest 2) Fantasy 3) It will be the same until I experience it.

Girls and ladies, please make up your mind to fulfill my hunger for sex.

So girls and aunties from Bangalore or other cities I’m a totally genuine person. I am not here to spoil anyone’s name or my name or character. Your name and identity are safe with me. If you don’t feel I’m a genuine person block me instantly. You can contact me through hangouts.

If you want to have one night stand or regularly meet up or on the phone, feel free to contact me. I want to lose my virginity and want to feel how it actually feels while having sex. Don’t hesitate to send me your feedback.

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