Hot Neighbour Girl With Teen Boy

I am John 19 years old. I am bisexual and enjoy the fun with both girls and boys. Please read my earlier stories. This incident happened during my vacation in a village near Madurai. I happened to enjoy the beautiful girl, who was our neighbor.

After the farm fun, I was too tired and was resting for a few days. Sam and his friends had gone on a road trip. So I got all the time to myself and was roaming around the streets. One morning I saw a beautiful girl next door drying the clothes. She had big firm boobs and perfect round ass.

Lips were so tender and looked fresh. I just smiled at her, she too smiled back. This became routine for me to wait for her to come out and we smile at each other. And slowly we started to chat, she told me she was from Chennai and had come for vacation.

She was actually 21, elder to me. We used to chat whenever we got time. No one had any issues, as she is elder to me. We used to sit on the terrace and talk. I was desperate to chew her mangoes but was scared.

After a couple of days, Sam came home to take my uncle and Aunt to go somewhere urgently for 2 days. He requested our neighbor’s family to take care of me.

The next day morning, I was sleeping topless wearing my boxer only. My Aunt has told them to open the house with a spare key and leave the food.  I normally get up late by 10. This is due to the night’s fondling by Sam, because of which we sleep very late. Now it is habitual.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand caressing my forehead and was about to remove my blanket. That’s when I realized Sneha was in my room. I quickly took hold of the blanket. I was shy to display my boobs to her. To add to my condition Stupid Sam who cam for a few hours, left a strong bite mark on my right nipples.

I just said hello. She told me to get ready and was pulling the blanket. I told her to wait in the living room and I will come. She said ok and turned. I left my hold on the blanket and she just pulled it away. I was blushing in embarrassment.

She was shocked to see me in boxer, boobs with bite marks. I thought she is going to leave. But she just tapped me and asked to brush and get freshen up.
I just got up like that and went to the bathroom. While brushing, I was thinking of what has happened a few minutes back and was getting a hard-on again.

That’s the time I realized Sneha was not wearing any bra and her big mangoes are visible. I took bath and came out naked with my thin long dick standing straight. Sneha called me for breakfast. So I just wore shorts and a shirt.

I was expecting her to come to my room so that accidentally I can exhibit my nudity.

While serving breakfast, I could see her cleavage, her boobs were soft, round and firm. The outline of the boobs was making me horny and my cock was hard. After breakfast, she was about to leave. I caught her hands and requested to stay. She said ok, as everyone in her house as well had gone out for the day.

I switched the TV on, and we both sat on the couch. I purposely sat close to her. While watching, she kept her hand on my head and was caressing my hairs and I reclined on her shoulder. While caressing my hair she asked me what is that red mark on your chest.

I was shocked and embarrassed. I was thinking about what to say. I just managed and said some insect bite. She smiled and said, “You naughty boy, tell me the truth.” I just smiled and she asked me to remove my shirt as she wanted to see it. I kept quiet, as I was shy to show her my boobs.

But whilst caressing she slowly started to unbutton my shirt one by one and just opened it. My face was red, as I have never been topless in front of a girl.
She gently touched my nipples and told me, “You have boobs like girls and its also soft.”

I kept quiet, she looked into me and again asked me the same. I told her I do know. I lied to her, saying how I will know about girls’ boobs. As I have not seen one. She just laughed and said, all girls have boobs. Again innocently I said, not seen anyone without dress.

She pinched my boobs and said I am a naughty boy. But still, she was moving her hands over my chest, mildly pinching, squeezing my boobs. The feel was great, as my cousin or his friends always handled my boobs rough. She came near my ear and whispered do you want to see now.

I got excited and said yes. She told me to wait. And continued caressing my chest and boobs, slowly her hand moved to my navel. And finally into my shorts, so slowly she was doing and I was in heaven. She touched my pubic hairs, played with it for some time finally caught my dick.

Her cold hand touching my dick was so awesome, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the movement. She lowered herself and gently kissed me, and opened the eyes. She told me to get up. I was sad as her smooth touchings were beautiful and I did not want it to end.

She sensed me and said, “Get up lazy boy, let me see your super sexy body properly.” I was confused and reluctantly got up. I stood like a slut, as my shirt is open displaying my girlish boobs. My shorts lowered with my long dick standing straight. I felt shy and tried to put the shirt buttons.

Sneha held my hand and said, “Beauty should not be hidden,” and removed my shirt completely. She pulled me closer by holding my dick and pulled my trousers down. I was standing naked in front of a girl for the first time. She took a closer look at my bite mark and said, “Who gave this?”

I kept quiet, she pulled my dick and pinched my nipple real hard and felt pain and pleasure. She again did and I said that it was Sam. She laughed and said, “Who will leave a chance to eat boobs?” I don’t know how I got courage. I just put my hands inside her t-shirt and caught her right boob.

She was not expecting this and left a moan and held my hands. In the process of pulling my hand out, her t-shirt tore and both mangoes were on display. She was shocked and was trying to cover with hands. I laughed and told her, beauty should not be hidden and lip locked her.

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