Romantic Escapade With Hotel Owner’s Wife Radhika

Hi, my name is Arjun and the story I am going to share is dated back to 2014. I was working in Hyderabad and residing in 3 BHK along with two other friends. We were normally doing our breakfast and lunch at our respective offices and dinner was an issue for us. We tried cooks, but their timings and food taste made us leave that option.

I was trying various nearby hotels and curry points, and one day I observed that a new hotel was established nearby. It was run by a couple and food was more homely than that of any other hotel.

The first time I visited the hotel, what attracted me more was the hotel owner’s wife Radhika and how she wore her saree in a perfect manner. It was more about the curiosity one gets at first sight rather than the feeling of doing her then and there.

I normally visited the hotel at night 9-10 and most of the time, I would be the only customer. Hence the husband used to have a small banter with me. Sometimes, some old lady served the food when the husband was not present.

Within months, I had become a good customer to them and every time I visited the hotel, I wished to see Radhika, a wish not fulfilled on the majority of the days.

More elusive a thing is more attractive it becomes, similarly my interest in the hotel owner’s wife Radhika was increasing day by day, but I had no idea how to talk to her and how to become close to her.

One fine day, the hotel owner asked me of my opinion about his son’s education and good schools in Hyderabad in that particular price range. As the discussion was going on, to my surprise, Radhika joined the conversation asking me to help them to join their son in a good school.

I talked to her few more times regarding this issue, but all in the presence of her husband. My help in this regard made her serve me the food one night in the absence of her husband and we had little chat about their life and hotel.

During payment, I asked her number on the pretext that I had only her husband’s number and it would be difficult to inquire about the availability of food when I am late and her husband is absent. Reluctantly, she shared her number.

The next day too I had a chance to get served by the hotel owner’s wife and I want to do something. So I gathered myself and asked whether I can call her sometime, to which she said I could about any inquiries about the hotel.

I clarified that I want to talk to her personally. She perplexed and said I could while still in confusion. Once I reached my apartment, I gave her a call. My heart was beating fast and I could hear the heartbeat, and she attended the call. I told her it was me. She replied with a long silence and asked her why was I making the call.

I told her I was impressed with how she carries herself from day one and was very curious to know more about her. In that 3 minutes long conversation, I somehow convinced her to talk to me.

The next day morning, after confirming the absence of the husband, I made a call that lasted nearly an hour that broke all the ice between us.

As expected, I used to see the lovely lady with a smile whenever I visited the place. She used to call when she was free and we shared all that can be shared. Each call made us closer and we both feel the tension building between us.

During one such a call, I mentioned how good she wears the saree and she told me how neat she maintains even after all the cooking work. I asked her whether I would have the honour to remove such a well wore saree sometime. She shyly said yes and that she needs time.

Later, when her husband was not in the city, I went for dinner late and after dinner, we were chatting sitting beside each other. I asked whether I could hug her, she went inside to check on her son and the old lady, and gestured me to come to a corner where no one can see us.

We went to the corner and I held her hands bringing her closer to finally hug her. Months of long wait to hold her in my hands was finally over and her trembling while in hug and while kissing made me realize what a precious gem I was holding and that made me decide to take it slow.

That day brought more intimacy in our conversations and in the next two months, we had few such situations and as the time is of the essence, we used that time to hugging, kissing and feeling each other. We wanted to take it to the next level and we waited for the opportunity as it would be difficult for her to come out of the hotel.

We decided to meet in my apartment on the day when her husband is out of station and she would use some excuse to close the hotel, which they would not do as it might drive away their customers.

The d-day arrived, my friends went to their offices and she came to the apartment after her son went to school. She arrived in pink saree as requested. We were meeting the first time in such a relaxed environment.

I welcomed her with a deep hug, then led her to the sofa and asked her to sit on my lap. After a satisfying hug, I started kissing all over her face and went for a tasting her beautiful lips. Within no time, we were exploring each other’s tongues and I started to feel her body.

After separating from the kiss, I told her that I would like to feel her body before seeing it and explained the idea of her going to the bedroom and lay naked on the bed and under the blankets, and later I would join her in the blankets.

Our intimacy conversations helped me to make her agree to it. She went to the bedroom and I went after some time. I saw all her in the blankets with only face visible and her clothes lying aside. The thought of her naked under the blanket made me excited and within no time, I became naked and went under the blankets.

I went beside her under the blanket and draw her for a tight hug. We started to feel each other’s bodies and her warmth in the chilling temperature maintained by AC and the soapy smell emanating from her body makes me go crazy.

I slowly started kissing her neck, then the whole face ultimately ending up in deep lip lock and a tongue fight that lasted minutes. Her breasts crushing to my chest, her legs intertwining with mine and my hands exploring all the unseen areas of her body was a great feeling.

As we depart from the deep kiss, it was time to explore her further. I slowly started kissing her neck and went down to uncover her breasts. She has medium but firm assets and I slowly started feeling them in my hands slowly pressing each.

I slowly brought my mouth near the areola of the left breast and started licking and sucking it. I switched between the two assets and was licking and pressing to my heart’s content. She started to moan with low hissing sounds, considering the heat she was on, I brought my right hand to the vaginal area that was clean shaved.

Radhika gave a resisting look and I gestured that it was fine. She had given me access to her pussy by slightly widening the legs. I slowly made circles with my hand in her vaginal area that was slightly wet while still sucking and licking her beautiful breasts. I entered my middle finger slightly stoking the finger in out.

I increased the pace and she responded with moving her hips accordingly. While still stroking her vagina, I went for lip kiss and we had a most passionate kiss in the act. After we lay in each other’s arms for some time, I removed the blanket completely to see the lady in the birthday suit.

I went out of the bed to see her in full glory and we were each exploring each other with our eyes, she began to shy once she realized that she laid there all naked. I went top on her and started kissing her neck. I found my way to the vagina by making a pitstop at her navel.

I saw her pussy that was clean and told her that I was going to lick it. She resisted that she had never done that before and again, I needed to convince her. I kissed on pussy to which she shivered a bit and I started exploring the area with my tongue. I was new to the skill and was doing my best to please her.

She started moaning and that gave me the confidence to do it more vigorously. Fluids started leaking and in the heat of the moment, I didn’t mind swallowing.

Once my heart was contended with licking her pussy, I went beside her to hug and feel her breasts. I came top on her to insert my penis into her pussy to do final honors. I entered into her hole and stayed some time to feel her warmth.

I started moving and we slowly drifted to another world of pleasure. While in motion, I kissed her, pressed and licked her boobs. She hugged me tightly caressing my back and started moving her hips in sync with my movement.

We rolled on the bed with my penis, her pussy hugging tightly as if there was a competition to who would hug more tightly. I changed the position and brought her legs over my shoulders to fuck her in that position while feeling her thighs.

We fucked until she asked me to change the position. I sat at the edge of the cot by keeping legs down and asked her to sit in my lap facing me. We hugged tightly and she started fucking me upon my instruction.

Finally, we came to missionary position and I fucked her with all my strength to ultimately cum in her.

We laid there for some time in each other’s arms with great satisfaction. That day onwards, we fucked whenever time permitted until she left for her native place because of some family issues.

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