Hot Massage To My Wife

During the first 3 years of our married life, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Both had a free mind to enjoy. I was fucking my wife Champa multiple times every day. Apart from that, we swapped with some couples.

We had done threesomes, wife-sharing with friends, wife-sharing with the boss, one night stands with her friends, whoring and FWB sex, etc. Through whoring and FWB, my wife was earning her pocket money. Though it was a small amount, she was happy with it. I permitted her to do it as long as she was happy with it.

During those 3 years, I was fucking Champa with a condom only to avoid any chance of pregnancy.

My favorite brand condom was Kohinoor, ribbed or dotted. When my brand was not available, I was buying Kamasutra dotted. I always prefer ribbed or dotted condoms. It was because ribbed or dotted condom rub is better inside the vagina and the lady gets more pleasure.

Gradually, my wife Champa was developing a desire for a child. One day, she expressed it to me. We decided to stop all extra-marital sex activities and plan for our child.

Now Champa became a true “pativrata”. She put a full stop to her glamourous life. She told me that she wanted a male child only. I could fuck her and give a child, but could not guarantee about the gender. She insisted that she wanted a boy child only.

I took her as well as my horoscopes and consulted one Kerala astrologer. He studied our horoscopes and advised as below:

“You have to do as I tell. From tomorrow onwards up to coming Wednesday (total 5 days), you should observe brahmacharya. You and your wife should sleep in different rooms. Both should sleep on a mat spread on the floor. No luxuries.

Wake up early morning at 4 am, take bath, wear simple traditional cloths like langot, dhoti, shawl only (for the lady langot and simple plain cotton saree of yellow or cream colour. No bra, no blouse, no panty) and perform pooja and bhajan at the time of sunrise. After the pooja, take prasad. Then you can change your dress and go to normal duties.

On Thursday after taking prasad, your wife should lie down on the mat spread on the floor and you fuck her. Allow the sperm to go deep inside.

After that, brahmacharya and pooja are not required. But continue to fuck daily at the sunrise time until your wife tells you that her periods are not taking place. Then she is sure to deliver a male baby.”

I returned home and told everything to Champa. My wife said, “Let us follow the advice of that astrologer.”

The next day onwards, we followed simple living like, sleeping on the mat and pillow on the floor instead of cot and mattress, waking up early, taking bath and performing pooja at the time of sunrise, wearing traditional clothes like langot, dhoti, and saree.

On Thursday, we performed Pooja, took prasad, and then fucking. Champa spread a mat and pillow on the floor. Lying down on it, she called me.

My wife was in her cream colour saree. I was wearing only langot. I sat on the mat close to her with love. I kissed her and touched all sensitive parts. She removed her saree. She had only a langot left.

I was feeling sexy and horny. My dick became hard. The strength of the loose langot was not enough to hold my erection. The erect penis pushed the langot. Langot came out from the naval thread.

I removed my wife’s langot and kissed her pussy. I licked it to make her horny. My tongue went inside the vagina and touched the clitoris. She was excited. She was ready to receive strokes. She widened her legs.

I kept the tip of my penis at the entrance of my wife’s vagina. She closed her eyes and prayed to God. While she was uttering God’s name, I slowly penetrated her vagina. My dick went inside completely. I gave a few powerful strokes and she was enjoying it.

With every shot, my energy was increasing. I fucked my wife like a bull and ejaculated a lot of semen inside her. That was my first fucking with my wife without a condom.

The game for the day was over. As the astrologer had advised, I fucked my wife like this every morning for 18 days. Then she told me, “4 days are over. My men’s cycle did not commence.”

We were extremely happy. She was pregnant. I took every care of her. After 9 months, she delivered a male baby. We thanked God and the astrologer.

Champa remained full busy for the next 5 years in child care. Leading him to LKG and UKG classes was her daily routine for 2 years. At age 6, our son was admitted to 1st std.

My wife had to send him to the school bus at 8 am and receive him at 4.30 pm. In between, for 8.5 hours she was alone at home. She was feeling lonely. She became very dull due to the boredom.

One day, she told me.

Champa: Dear, during day time, I am alone at home. I feel bored. Do something to remove my boredom.
Me: Sure, Champa. Tell me, what should I do?

Champa: Once we had a lot of extra-marital sex activities and then I was happy. 6 years back, we stopped it. Shall we re-start it?
Me: Sure.

I understood that her boredom was not because of loneliness during the daytime, not because she missed her son during the daytime, but because she was missing her alternate lifestyle. She had adjusted well to the alternate lifestyle 6 years back.

But because of the long gap of 6 years, none of our old friends were in touch with me. I had to go in search of new friends. But it was not easy to find genuine guys. In alternate sexual lifestyle, we find more fake guys than genuine guys. And I could not afford to share my wife with a fake guy.

I recollected that one friend had told me about a doctor who was a good masseur too. He was a doctor by profession and a masseur by hobby.

The next day, I contacted my friend and asked for that doctor’s details and collected his mobile number. My friend said that Dr. Chandan was a genuine guy. He gave massages to the ladies.

The ladies secretly called him to their houses when their husband was not home. He visited their house and gave a good quality massage. He gave optional fucking service also if demanded by the client.

I felt that Dr. Chandan was the right person for my wife. And I knew very well that she would ask for fucking also. Let her enjoy, I didn’t mind.

I passed on the doctor’s mobile number to Champa. Champa took the number but did not show any reaction. She did not utter a single word.

A few days passed. There was a stalemate in my wife’s mind. After a week or so, one day she called the doctor over the mobile.

Chandan: Hello, am I speaking to Dr. Chandan?

He: Yes, Chandan speaking. May I know who is at the other end?
She: I am Mrs. Champa. I am a married lady. My hubby is a CA.

He: Ok, glad to know. What made you call me?
She: I heard that you give very good quality body massages.

He: yes. I am a trained masseur. I give massage in the most scientific way.
She: What all types of massages do you give?

He: All types, all varieties. Full body massage, oil massage, herbal massage, cream massage, Thai massage, body wrap, body scrub, erotic massage, yoni massage, etc. You can choose the one you want. A combination of 2 or 3 types is also possible.

She: Is it true that you fuck the lady client after the massage?
He: Yes, but only if she requests. I do not do anything without her consent.

She: Ok
He: Ma’am, what service you need. Tell me frankly. I will give you what you want. The total secrecy will be maintained from my side. Even if your husband asks, I will not tell.

She: Do you have a place?
He: I don’t have a place for a massage service. I can visit your house and give service. Or else I can book one service apartment. But you have to bear the cost.

She: Ok.
He: Ma’am, tell me, when do you want to avail my service? Which service do you select?

She: I will decide the date shortly and come back to you. I may avail combo of full-body, erotic, and yoni massage.
He: Ok. But after erotic and yoni massage normally ladies ask for fucking.

She: Yes, I need it. I need a hardcore banging after the massage.
He: Fine. You will have it. You decide the date and inform me one day in advance.

She: Ok, sure. Bye

After 2 days, she called him again and told him to give her full body oil massage coupled with yoni massage and erotic massage. He asked about sex service. She said, “After the massage, let me take a hot water bath. After the bath, you fuck me. I need hardcore banging. I am missing that quality fucking for long.”

He booked a service apartment. She went there at 10 am. He had already arrived. He welcomed my wife and offered her some wine. Both sipped wine.

Chandan told her to get ready for massage and lie down on the massage table. She removed her clothes and came to the massage table. She was in a thong and bra only.
In the meantime, Chandan also undressed and came with just a trunk type thin soft jockey.

Champa lied down on the massage table. Chandan applied oil on her arms and started massaging. Arms, then legs, thighs, navel, belly, neck, face. He was continuously talking with her. He was asking her questions like, “Are you comfortable?”, “Is it ok?”, ” You like this?”, “Is more pressing required?” etc.

He: Ma’am, your bra should be removed. Otherwise, it may get wet with oil.
She: Ok.

He: Shall I remove it?
She: Ok.

Chandan unhooked and removed the bra. He applied oil on my wife’s boobs and gently massaged her boobs. She got the pleasure of boob-pressing.

Next, he asked –

He: Shall I remove the thong?
She: You are free to do anything

The masseur removed my wife’s thong and kept it carefully on the chair in the other corner, with a lot of respect for every piece of her cloth.

He started massaging my wife’s pussy. He inserted his finger into the vagina for a yoni massage. His finger touched her clitoris. My wife was excited. She felt very happy.

He rubbed and gave her a small orgasm, but not full. He reserved full orgasm for the fucking session. Then he turned her upside down and massaged her back. He pressed my wife’s butts well and she enjoyed it.

Then he inserted his finger into my wife’s ass hole and gave pleasure. Like this, the session continued for 90 minutes.

Then he stopped massaging. He took my wife to the bathroom and gave her a hot water bath. He rubbed her body with soap and cleaned her.

After the bath, she went to the room. The doctor told her to lie down and relax. He also took a bath and freshened his sexy body.

After the bath, he entered her room. He was fully naked. She too was naked. He kissed her and licked her pussy. He got a very good erection. He started fucking in missionary style. He fucked her with full strength – hardcore fucking for 20 minutes. My wife reached her orgasm. But he needed a few more minutes to ejaculate.

He opened the condom box, fixed a condom, again fucked with high speed like a bull, and finished the game.

After relaxing for some half an hour, she got up, put on her clothes, and got ready to go. The doctor also got ready. My wife thanked him and paid the service apartment bill. She drove her car back to home in a jovial mood.

Chandan returned to his clinic.

Champa narrated the whole thing to me in the night. She was very happy with Chandan. She availed his services regularly thereafter almost every month. She is his permanent client now.


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