Fun At My Best Friend’s Wedding

Hi friends, this is Nisha again with one more story. I will narrate a story about how Ritu and I got fucked by two rich brats during my best friend’s wedding.

This story happened six years back. One of my friends was getting married in Kerala. She invited us, and we all planned and visited her wedding. We landed there on Friday. The wedding was on Saturday. We got to meet Regina (our friend).

At the wedding, there were few boys. I feel they are the groom’s friend. Some of them were hitting on Ritu and me. We were purposely wearing some revealing dresses.

On her wedding day, Regina introduced me to her husband. And he, in turn, introduced us to a few of his friends. Ritu and I started talking with them. They asked us where we are staying. We told them we are staying in a resort booked by Regina. They were also staying in the same resort.

After the wedding, they invited us to go with them to few places around. We readily agreed. Their names were Anish and Pramod. Both were well built, and they were good-looking. Ritu came and whispered in my ears.

Ritu: Look at them. They were really good-looking. Let’s fuck them tonight.

Me: Hi, what are you saying? We don’t know who they are.

Ritu: That is perfect. It will just one time fuck. We enjoy this trip and they too. Meanwhile, we need company too.

Me: You are a fucking bitch.

Ritu laughed and said.

Ritu: I am. When you are with me, you also be like one.

Me: Fuck you. You only take both dicks.

Ritu: I wish I could. But Anish is clearly interested in you. He is waiting for your signal to talk to you.

Anish was staring at me. He seems to be too much interested.

Me: Ya, he is staring at me.

Ritu: See, I can sense them. So forget everything, just enjoy your holiday.

We both agreed to go with the flow and show the boys how slutty we are if the opportunity comes. I gave Anish a positive signal. Both Anish and Pramod came and started a conversation with us.

We all came back. Since we stayed in the same resort, we decided to get in one place and order food and drinks. By then, we got close with the boys. And already flirting. Ritu already had Pramod in a quick smooch. We then went to our room. We took a shower and changed dress.

Ritu said she wears a sexy nightdress. I wore a blue floral push-up bra and floral panty. On top, I wore cotton shorts and a sleeveless top. My shorts were too short, and it is barely covering my thighs. If I sat on the sofa, it was almost giving a glimpse of entire thighs.

Ritu wore a black thong and a black push-up bra. On top, she wore a short nightgown which also partially covers her thighs. We both were looking bomb, and no men wouldn’t let go of the chance to fuck us.

We went to their room. Pramod opened the door, and he was shocked to see us. His mouth was wide open. I made my way inside. Ritu just came and just rubbed his cock and asked.

Ritu: why are you looking at us?

P: Nothing.

R: Do you want to fuck?

They just smiled. I went and hugged Anish and wished him. I felt his macho body. I am sure he also felt my boobs pressing his chest. We ordered food. The boys asked if we want to drink. We said yes. They ordered beer and vodka too.

Food came, we started having food, and some music was going on in the background. We started drinks. Ritu was getting a little cozier with Pramod. I also started flirting with him. I used to purposely bend in front of Anish so that he can view my boobs.

After some time, we had few shots of vodka. We were getting high. We started some adult talks.

Ritu: You guys fucked any girl before?

Pramod: I did a few times.

Anish: Me two times.

Pramod: How about you guys?

Me: Ya had several times.

Anish: Oh.

Ritu: What is the craziest thing you did?

Anish: Nothing much, just made out at a friend’s place.

Pramod: Made out in the car with my senior. How about you guys?

Ritu: There are many. Threesome, group sex, lesbian, etc.

Pramod: You are an expert.

Ritu: Do you want to taste it?

We were almost high with few shots of vodka. Ritu leaned forward and started kissing me. We kissed for about 2 minutes. We broke the kiss. I went and sat next to Anish. Ritu pulled Pramod and started kissing him passionately. I started kissing Anish.

I took his hands and placed them on my butts. He started moving around it. Ritu started pressing Pramod’s head on her boobs. She sat on him and feeling his dick in between her thighs. She slowly started inserting her hands into his shorts. She is playing with his dick.

I also took some courage and moved my hands to feel his dick. Anish’s dick was hard. I just rubbed it. Ritu and I saw each other we parted apart and pulled both boys’ shorts. They were looking at each other’s penis, and they tried to hide. We removed their hands and took that in our mouth.

We gave them a nice blowjob. I slowly moved my mouth to gulp Anish’s dick. It was a nice size. I pushed his penis skin and started kissing its top. I also slowly moved my tongue over it. He started feeling it. I then took his whole dick in my mouth and started moving it. Once I took a deepthroat.

After some time, I stopped it, and I saw Ritu. She also stopped, and she started looking me in lustful eyes. We then came towards each other and started kissing. I slowly pulled her dress up and removed it. She was in her black bra and thong.

She also slowly removed my shorts, and I took off my top. I was in my floral panty and bra. She slowly opened my bra. I was standing in front of 2 amateur boys, topless.

Ritu came down and started kissing my boobs. She slowly moved down and put her hand inside my panty. She slowly rubbed my pussy. I was enjoying her kiss and handwork. I slowly moaned. The boys were enjoying the sex of their lives. I then pulled Ritu up and slowly unhooked her bra.

She had big 34D Boobs. Soon I unhook her bra. I then took them in my mouth. After some time, I came up, and we started kissing for a minute. Ritu slowly whispered, “Let’s do group sex.”

We then parted. I pulled Anish, and she pulled Pramod. We went inside the bedroom. We all four were in the same bed. Ritu and I slept on the bed next to each other, and we pulled boys down and asked them to eat our pussy. Anish slid my panty to one side then he slowly kissing my thighs.

Pramod was bang on. He took off Ritu’s black thong and started eating her pussy. We both shaved our pussy. I took off my panty and pushed Anish’s head to eat my pussy. Meanwhile, Ritu and I were kissing each other. That was the wonderful steamy moment.

After some time, we just turned ourselves into a doggy position. Two boys started fucking us. Ritu is moaning loud.

Ritu: Fuck me. Oh, Pramod. Fuck me, dear.

The room was filled with our moan and fucking sound. After some time, Anish cummed on my back. Pramod continued fucking. He cleaned my back, and he slept on the bed. I just joined Ritu. I slept below her and started kissing her boobs.

After some time, Pramod also cummed. Ritu and I went to the restroom to clean ourselves. When we came back. Boys already dressed up. We went and pulled off their shorts and told them that today no one wears clothes. We all were roaming naked.

We played songs and started dancing. We all were high and doing all sorts of naughty stuff. We partied and danced. Ritu was making Anish hornier. She was taking his dick and playing with it. Some time she kissed it, she put it between her ass crack.

Pramod was also getting aroused. He started spanking me, squeezing my boobs. After some time, we were tired. We sat on the sofa. Ritu still had that sex hunger. She pulled both boys next to her. She held both dick in her hand started stroking them.

At the same time, she was kissing them alternatively. I sat and enjoying tha act. She then moved down and started taking both dick in her mouth. Boys were having the sex of their life. By then, their dick was hard enough to go for another round.

Pramod pulled me and bent me over the sofa, and started fucking me hard. OMG, he was ferocious. I was feeling his dick deep inside my pussy. And Anish fucking Ritu. He was also getting hard on her looing at Pramod. We both (Ritu and me) were moaning.

After some time, they both cummed on our butts. We went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves. We came back and went to bed. We all slept on the same bed.

I got up in the morning, and I woke up Ritu. We went to the hall and looked for our dress. It was all over the place. I picked up my bra under the sofa and panty on the TV table. And my top was in the bedroom and shorts in the corner of the hall.

We dressed up, and then we woke up the boys. They were still in the mood. But we said we had a flight to catch, and we left their room.

Later we had breakfast together, and the boys dropped us off at the airport. They said that was the best night they had to date. We just smiled and walked away without turning back. Maybe they understood we just had fun for a day, and it was just about sexual freedom during the trip.

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