Dirty Bitch Sohini Found Her Entertainment!

Hi, it is Sohini again. Those who know me, I don’t have to give my introduction. But for those who are reading me the first time, let me tell you guys I am a dirty bitch. There is hardly any good habit in me that you will like in your life partner.

But I have the figure that you will want to have in every girl you sleep with. I am busty babe for sure. Having jugs of 36, 28 waist with a very deep navel. And yes I have a navel fetish. So if a guy can play with my navel properly then he has won my heart. I have a big ass too, of 34.

So during this quarantine, I was feeling bored like everyone else. So I thought of doing something wild. If I am craving to do something fun then at any cost I will find my entertainment. So as you guys know, there was nowhere to go. So, I decided to go for a walk in local lanes.

I had a clear intention to fuck someone who is 100% stranger to me so that he never gets a trace of me. I prepared myself for that. It was around 1 am of the night when I stepped out of my duplex house of SN Banerjee road, Esplanade. I am living here actually for my project.

The house is also provided by the office so just was enjoying the free luxury. I decided to go to Fort William. I knew there is a jungle kind of area between Fort William north gate and Strand road. I saw people drinking at night there and so that den was my target.

I was wearing a red velvet blouse with a matching petticoat and a red transparent saree. I am not going to hide my navel. No? My fucker should notice how big and deep my navel is.

So I started. I was aware that there may be cops on the road. But they usually stay on main roads, not in lanes like this. So I kept on walking. The road was empty and the city was asleep. For a moment I felt that I am not going to get any good guy tonight because I don’t think anyone is out there.

But I also had another thought that if I am already out so nothing wrong to check that place. When I reached the place, this jungle-like place near Strand road was completely dark. I could not see anything inside. But still, I stepped in the dark and there, in a distance, I saw a light!

An emergency lamp at some distance of around 300 meters or more. I walked towards that my heart was beating hard. Am I taking the wrong decision? They may be dangerous people. But I can’t go back tonight. I made up my mind to have it so I will have it.

I kept on walking. When the distance was almost 50 meters, the visibility increased. I saw 3 guys who were in their thirties having some drink and talking among themselves in low voice, very low voice.  I went near them and cleared my throat to make a sound. And all of them looked at me.

Their expression was like they can’t believe a girl in this place in this late night. They asked me who I am. I replied saying I was bored at home. So I thought of walking in the night road of Kolkata. I was just passing and seeing the light I came this way.

One of them said, “You are very beautiful.” His eyes were stuck in my navel. Another guy mumbled, “So deep,” and the other asked me. “You want some whiskey?” I nodded. They offered me the bottle. I could smell the whiskey and then took a sip. Another! And another!

They kept on staring at me. Then I looked in back to see the road by which I came and this was my idea to give them a good view of my backless blouse. Again I heard the sound of saying. “Gaand dekh sali ki. Kamar. Pith dekh. Isko chodna hai.”

I felt happy. Listening such dirty words from strangers after very very long.  Then I asked them. “Don’t you guys like to take your sips from a glass?” One of them replied, “We don’t have a glass. Can you make an arrangement?” I smiled and went near them.

I directly kissed that one guy and smooched him for like 10 seconds when the other two kept watching. Then I said, “You want to pour your drink here?” I pointed my navel. Their eyes were full of lust. They were good guys I must say because they were not that dirty. They were waiting for me to move.

I laid down in the center of them so that all of them get access to use my navel. The one guy who got kissed licked his lips and moved my saree. He made my big belly exposed. Then he started to finger my navel and kissed my navel very passionately for a good 1 minute.

The other two who were staring, I looked at them and winked at them. Both came nearer and now they got some courage. One started to pull my saree down and another started to unbutton my backless blouse. I was getting the feel of warmth which I was missing for long during this lockdown.

One thing I noticed in Kolkata people. They don’t care which girl they are enjoying with. They are ready to sleep with anybody without a question and the same happened tonight. Now the act got sexier. I noticed the guy pouring his drink in my navel.

Then he looked at me with a confused look as if he doesn’t know what he is doing. I just bit my lips and gave him a green signal with my horny look. I guess he got his boner with that and he just sucked my navel like anything. I could not stop myself from pulling his hair and adore him.

He was so deep sucking that I started to moan. By the time my blouse was falling aside. The other two were busy removing my bra. As soon as they achieved that target both of them jumped on my tits. It is the loveliest moment. Two boobs being taken by two hungry mouths and navel is also being sucked.

One guy started to bite my nipple. I moaned. He got more fun. He came near my mouth while pinching and pulling my nipple and kissed me deep inside my mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue while exchanging a lot of salivae. I could smell whiskey in his breath.

Intimate lovemaking kept on going but suddenly the sound of police siren was heard. The man who was sucking my navel immediately stood up and turned off the emergency light. “Police, police!” They all murmured. And then everywhere was only darkness.

A police car stopped at the end, from where I entered the part. The guys ran away in another direction. Some of them did not run and just grabbed me and pulled me in a bushy area. He asked me to stay silent and keep walking. I followed him. He hooked my bra and also carried my blouse in his hand.

It is the guy who had bitten my nipples a little time ago. Some policeman was standing on the road. I could see but none entered the jungle area. The guy took me where the building of Fort Willam was visible. Also here is a good shade of lots of trees and bushes.

And then I realized he has started to grope my belly and fingering my navel. I asked him to stop because the police are still there. But he said just to keep silent and kept on fingering my deep navel. He then smelled his finger and said whiskey smell is still there in my belly button.

He just sat down on his knees and buried his head in my tummy to suck my navel. He sucked it like a pro. He was sucking it rough sometimes. Sometimes slow licking and fingering a moment again was kissing. He had a really good mixture of works.

Then he stripped my boobs and sucked them with his heart content. He left lots of love bite on my big white boobs. And again sucked my boobs very well and slightly slipped his tongue over my nipples. He was a pro lovemaker I must say. Again there was the sound of a police siren.

Immediately he made me lie down on the dirty ground full of grass and bush. He was so horny he desperately started to suck my tits. I was feeling sensation inside my boobs as if I am going to lactate. I closed my eyes and ignored the car sound.

I smiled and he groped my boobs very roughly with both his hands. Then he pulled my saree up and pulled down my panty. Then he sucked my pussy. He was parting my pussy lips with his finger and was licking with the tip of his tongue.

He then inserted his tongue fully in my vagina. He sucked it with lots of intensity and made me fully wet. I was so turned on. I told him, “Now fuck me, baby. I can’t wait anymore.” He told me, “Ok but suck my penis and make it wet so that it can slide easily.”

I took his strong rod in hand. I jerked it for 2 minutes. Then swallowed it very deep and gave him a deep throat blowjob. He was moaning and I did not want him to cum in my mouth before penetration. So I asked him to fuck. He obliged and inserted his tool inside.

I gave a loud moan and he put his hand in my mouth and kept on fucking. His rod-like penis was so hard. I was very happy to take that. He made me satisfied during this lockdown. He told me he is about to cum. I knelt and told him to cum inside my mouth.

He did so and I just felt the warmth. He was such great and then I made him suck my boobs for some more minutes. He said he wants to suck my navel too which I accepted. He did his job as a pro obviously and then I left the place.

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