First Make Out Experience With A College Girl

Hello readers, this is my first time writing a story so please let me know your feedback.

I was 19 in my first year of college. There were a lot of pretty girls in college and even though they had to wear a salwar, their figure used to drive me crazy.

I started talking to this girl in my class, let’s call her Swathi. Swathi was from Chennai but she knew a little Telugu. We used to flirt a little bit but I never had the balls to kiss her. We used to sext and jerk off while listening to each other moan but didn’t get the opportunity to actually touch her.

One day, she called me home at 11 in the night telling me that no one was home. So I went to her place excited. I was having a hardon on the way itself!

I reached Swathi’s place. She was wearing boxers and a tank top. I couldn’t stop staring at her cleavage. I just wanted to touch them, they looked so soft and inviting. It wasn’t much cleavage but you know, just the top. She saw me and started making fun of me telling me she can see something in my pants!

In response, I started kissing her and my god, I can still remember how soft her lips felt against mine. I was biting her lips and she let out a small moan. I just went crazy! I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She pushed me away and said, “Go easy donga na kodaka”. I went mad, I thought it was super hot when she speaks in Telugu.

I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her lips, slowly moving to her ears. I flicked my tongue behind her ears. The hot college girl was breathing hard.

I slowly made my way down to her neck and started telling her the things I would like to do to her. I was moving my fingers down on her body just till the waistband of her shorts and stopped there.

Swathi held her breath thinking I was gonna stick my fingers into her shorts but I didn’t! I wanted to tease her more. I wanted to see her lust, I wanted her to ask me for more. There is nothing hotter than a girl wanting you to fuck her brains out and especially when she says that with her eyes.

I wanted to rip my college friend’s panties off and stick my hard dick into her and go wild but I held on.

I slowly moved my fingers up to her top and slid them to the side while continuously kissing her shoulders and neck. Then I moved down to her cleavage. I ran my fingers on her breasts, slowly flicking her nipples with my fingers. I could see them get erect and pointy.

I started softly nibbling them over her top. Swathi couldn’t take it anymore. She held my hair and pulled me closer and asked me to bite them and removed her top. I was blown.

Swathi’s breasts were soft, squishy and perky as fuck. She had dark nipples that stood up. I stared at them taking them all in and then slowly started circling my tongue around her nipples. Swathi was pulling my hair and making moaning noises.

I slowly slipped my hand into her shorts and into her panties without removing her shorts. She let out a gasp and looked deep into my eyes. I couldn’t go slow any longer, I wanted her I wanted to know how it feels to fuck her hard and watch her scream. I wanted her to dig her nails into my back.

I took one of her nipples is my mouth and made her sit on my lap facing me. I started sucking her nipples hard and she pushed my face into her breasts. She said she could feel my dick on her shorts and she wanted to feel me inside her.

Then we both couldn’t take it any further. Swathi pushed me on the bed and pulled down my pants and my boxers. My dick sprang out and Swathi wrapped her hand around it. (I still have no idea how I didn’t cum right then! Thinking about this, my cock is hard even now after 10 years of this incident).

I let out a gasp and she enjoyed the feeling of control. But I wasn’t done with this sexy girl’s body yet. I wanted to kiss her more and lick her pussy. I wanted to suck her dry.

I pushed her back on the bed, pulled her shorts down and slowly slipped a finger into her already wet and inviting pussy while staring at her. I wanted to see her face and make sure I miss none of those horny expressions. Those expressions were just driving me wild.

Swathi closed her eyes and let out a moan. I moved her panties to the side, folded her legs and put my face between her legs. I started kissing her inner thighs while I played with her nipples.

Swathi was moaning and twisting but I held her tightly and went into her pussy. It was warm and wet (I still can remember how my friend’s pussy tasted).

I spread her pussy lips, found her clit and started flicking it with my tongue. Swathi was moaning and clamping my head with her knees. I loved every bit of it.

Then I stuck one finger inside her pussy while I flicking her clit continuously. She was thrusting herself against my face as I was doing it. I removed my finger and slipped my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She gave a couple of long thrusts against my face and she said she was gonna climax.

I continued licking her till she was about to cum and then I stopped abruptly. She went mad, pulled me up and started kissing my lips. I was dry humping her wet pussy with my boxers on.

She pushed me down, removed my boxers and took all of my cock into her mouth at once! I was in fucking heaven!! She flicked the head of my cock with her tongue. Then slowly, she wrapped her lips around it and slowly started going up and down on my cock. I wanted to explode right then but I wasn’t done yet.

Swathi stopped and looking into my eyes, she said, “I want to suck you off until you cum in my mouth”. I lost it at that time. I grabbed her hair and facefucked her for a good 3 minutes and then I was about to explode. She stopped suddenly, lied down on the bed, spread her legs and started playing with herself.

I saw her and touched myself for about a minute and then I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed her hand away and put my cock near her vagina and slowly started rubbing it. Swathi was gasping and moaning. I slowly entered her pussy. It felt like nothing else I’ve experienced before. It was wet warm and it engulfed my cock completely. It was tight and felt better than any blowjob ever.

I thrust into her slowly and she gasped. I stuck my tongue into her and continued fucking. I was about to cum and then she pushed me away and started sucking my cock. Soon, I shot my cum all over her breasts. Being 19, I really didn’t need more time to start getting hard.

Meanwhile, she went to clean herself. I was playing with myself sniffing her panties until she came out. She saw me gave a wicked smile and bent over on the bed. I went behind her and thrust into her deep all at once. We did it doggy style until I felt her warm cum all over my cock.

I pulled out, jerked off and shot my cum into her mouth. She was surprised but said she liked it. I grabbed her hair and kissed her mouth passionately. I still think about this experience and jerk off once in a while.

Do let me know what you guys think of this experience.

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