Nurse Helped Me Enjoy A Hospital Stay

I was admitted to a hospital after I fractured my ankle. I had to undergo an operation and was forced to spend 3-4 days in the hospital. It was one of those swanky corporate hospitals where the hospital takes complete care of the patient. No one is allowed to accompany the patient inside.

I was shifted to a decent room, much better than a lot of hotel rooms, with all complete facilities. I was instructed that I would not move from the bed until the doctor advises me. And until such time, I have to execute all my routine chores on the bed only. A nurse was allotted exclusively to my care.

The nurse allotted to my care was a nuclear bomb, wrapped in the hospital dress. She was tall, in her mid-20s, fair and looked extremely erotic by all means. Her uniform comprised of a short skirt, ending halfway through her thighs and a shirt. She looked more of an air hostess than a nurse.

Her boobs were barely able to contain inside her blouse and it stretched a little between the buttons. From the top, cleavage was more than visible. Her name was Shabnam. She set everything for me in the room, informed me of the rules and the instructions of the doctor for me.

She took about 15 minutes to complete all the chores. All through this time, I was lost in her body, forgetting all the pain that I had. Once assured that I was comfortable and all my needs were taken care of, she stood in front of me.

She said with a smile, “I am in the duty room down the aisle. Should you need my help any time, kindly just press this buzzer. I will be here within a short while.” She went out and closed the door behind her. I began to watch television, but my thoughts were stuck to her body only.

I just could not get her body off my thoughts. The more I thought about her, the more I longed for her. But I knew it was next to impossible even if I dare to touch her. Shabnam came to my room several times to check if I was doing fine, or to give me the medicines, etc.

Every time she came into my room, my urge for her only increased. I busied myself talking to her, whenever she came to the room. We were now quite comfortable talking to each other. She was unmarried and had been working here for the last 5 years.

After some time, I felt an urge to pee. I pressed the buzzer. Within a minute, Shabnam walked in, “Yes sir! Do you need anything?” she asked.

“I need to use the toilet. I feel an urge to pee,” I said.

“Sir, you are not allowed to move out of the bed. I will put a urinary pot for you to pee,” Saying this, she took the urinary pot from under the bed.

“Can you use the pot on your own, or should I help you?” She inquired. This was a blessing in disguise. I was not prepared to let go of this opportunity.

“Sister, you help me once with this. Next time, I may use it on my own,” I replied.

She bolted the door from inside and walked over to me with the pot. She kept the pot down and gently pulled down my hospital pajama. My cock, which was totally limp so far, enlarged. She held it in her hand and slid the pot over it. The moment she touched my cock, it grew to its fullest, though still not erect.

She smiled mischievously looking at me. She went to the chair and sat there. After about a couple of minutes, she asked, “Are you finished?”

“Not yet,” I replied. I had a full erection by now and as a result, I was not able to pee.

After a few minutes, she asked me again, “Finished now?”

“Not yet,” I replied again.

After a while later, she asked me again, “Finished now?”

“Not yet,” I replied again.

Standing up, she said, “It’s too long for urination. Are you having a problem urinating?” Saying this, she bent to check. The moment she pulled out the pot, my fully erect 7 inch cock began to rock right in front of her. Smiling mischievously, she held my cock, sliding her palms up and down, and said, “How can you pee with such a hard cock?

“Sister, I am helpless with such a gorgeous woman like you holding my cock,” I replied.

“You need to loosen it to pee,” She said, smiling, yet continuing to fondle my cock.

“I can’t do that sister, without your help,” I said, winking at her.

She walked to the cabinet and took out some cotton. Dipped it in sanitizer and walked back to me. She cleaned my cock with the sanitizer. Holding it in her palms, she began running her palms up and down my cock, smiling mischievously, looking at me.

“Sister, you are absolutely gorgeous! No normal male could escape a terrible erection, seeing you,” I complimented.

Gently kissing on the tip of my cock, she said, “You too have a very charming and energetic tool!”

While still fondling my cock, she lowered her face over mine and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. Sliding her hand vigorously up and down my cock, she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock and then took it in her mouth. She began to suck it lovingly.

While still running her hand up and down, she was sucking my cock like a professional pornstar. I was rocking madly, forgetting all my pains.

“Sister, can I at least suck your nipples and fondle your boobs,” I urged her. She smiled and came to me. Unbuttoning her blouse, I pulled out her boobs and sucked her nipples one by one, kneading her milky boobs. While I was playing with her boobs, she was wildly rocking my stiff cock. I was about to cum.

“I am cumming, sister!” I said in a very low voice. She immediately put the urinary pot over the tip of my cock, while still running her hands up and down briskly. I shot my load into the pot. She cleaned my cock with the sanitizer. Holding her by the hand, I pulled her closer to me.

I pulled down her panty and inserted my finger into her cunt and began pumping it fast. She lowered her face on o mine sucking my lips madly. While pumping her cunt with three fingers, I was massaging her thighs and ass with the other hand. Within no time, she too had a wild orgasm.

She pulled her panty up, dressed up and went to the mirror to check if she looks okay. Once through, she walked over to me and holding my limp cock, she said, “Are you ready to pee now?”

“Oh yes, sister! I said smiling. She put the pot on my limp cock and I began to empty my bladder into it.

“Can you pee next time without my assistance?” She asked mischievously.

“Sister, I would always need your assistance,” I replied.

She kissed me and walked out, smiling. I was in the hospital for four days and I never wanted to get discharged. I fully enjoyed my hospitalization and thanked my stars for this injury. Every time she walked into my room, we kissed and touched each other. We helped cum each other several times a day.

Finally, at the time of my discharge from the hospital, I bid her goodbye and said, “Sister, I owe you a lot. Do let me pay it back, as soon as possible.”

“Get well soon, first! We will surely meet soon,” She replied.

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